Monday, February 19, 2018

Use Your Heads

By Anna Von Reitz

If you cannot look at the two names "Riezinger" and "Ratzinger" and see for yourself at a glance that they are two different names, there is no hope for you. You need to give up and cling to your shackles and pray that your masters don't eat you instead of a turkey next Christmas.
Presumably, you also have trouble and confuse "Johnson" and "Olson"? Or "Sanford" and "Sandeman"? Or can't see that "O'Brien" and "Bannon" are different, either?
God help us all --- what happens when I try to teach you that the "Wisconsin State" is not the same as the "State of Wisconsin" and that "Wisconsin" itself is different than either one of them?
Why, exactly, would I need anyone in the old, failed, nasty, corrupt banking system to issue bonds for me against assets that I control?
Why, exactly, would I ever need anyone to issue bonds in my behalf at all, since it is plain on the public record that I have issued sovereign bonds aplenty and made them stick?
Why would I, an American Common Law Justice of the Peace, threaten anyone's life? The Public Law is what establishes the penalties and juries are the ones that decide guilt or innocence in our system of things --- not individual judges.
It's in THEIR system that judges write private warrants against those unfortunate enough to be classified as "U.S. citizens".
I am not confused about my position or how our American system works, so why would I be doing something evil and unjust that only judges in their foreign system do? Eh?
Not very plausible, is it?
And let's see here.... I warned you all to turn on your Shinola Sensors, wake up, and start thinking for yourselves. Does that sound like advice from a guru seeking to lead you-- much less lead you astray?
And also, all that I promised anybody was a lot of hard work to reclaim your lawful political status and your good Name and Estate, followed by more hard work to restore the lawful government you are owed.
No piles of unimaginable wealth for free, no Easy Street, no Free Pie-in-the-Sky offered here. Yet I am supposedly the Pied Piper? Where's the "cheese" I am offering you? Where have I offered you anything but 500 hours in the trenches, with a hope of being able to recoup what you are lawfully owed at the end?
If you think about it for five seconds, don't those promising you riches-for-nothing fit that "Pied PIper" bill a lot better?
But if you needed me to point these things out to you, you might as well go home, shut the door, and pull the shades down tight. There's no likelihood that you will benefit from anything being said here.

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