Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Gun Grabbing, Terrorism, Breaking down of the Christian families, Foreign corporations, and the intended destruction of America for globalism! Paul Revere continued!

The storm is here! It has begun! There are simply 2 ways to survive this storm, either with clean hands or bloody hands. The sleeping giant has awakened again. The Violent way is not desired as bloody hands and no interim structure of government is dangerous and an opening for foreign invasion. Many of our loved ones can be lost. The peaceful remedy is right in front of us and easily accomplished with a little due diligence effort and elbow grease.

The American colonies escaped the tyranny of the crown when they settled the new world called America. Our founding fathers were intelligent and created an American system of self-governance that worked. Wars were fought and people (settlors) died to preserve this new system of self-governance for future generations to live free of the tyranny of an oppressive ruler. America became a shining light to the rest of the world.

When the Declaration of Independence was written and notice was given to the crown the American people made their boldest move by determining their fate by declaring their liberty from the rule of King Henry. Our founding fathers were labeled as terrorists and warrants issued for their deaths by King Henry. Our founding fathers sacrificed everything for what we Americans are supposed to be enjoying now.

The Bill of Rights was written and ratified as a safeguard against tyranny of an oppressive federal government and to protect the American people and the Christian based American way of life and liberty.

From the moment the Declaration of Independence was noticed to the crown the satanic rule of the crown and the Vatican took an oath to destroy the American. The Christian based government and the life of liberty the people and founder wanted was being subverted by the crown and the pope to regain control of and enslave the people of the colonies. They have attacked our American shores and waged war against the American people and failed. They couldn't bring down America by force so the agents of the crown devised a scheme to infiltrate the young American government. The young American government was comprised of assemblies of people in body politic from the colonies that became settled states.

The assemblies were people (settlors) assembled to present the desires of the people in their local communities. Common interests of the people were deliberated and settled by the political will of the people in the local communities. Then carried forward to state level governance then to national level governance for redress of grievances and/or upholding natural law. Land settlements and boundaries were developed and recorded at each level. Trade was handled at each level. Grand juries were formed from each level for various issues to be resolved. The power and authority of the people started in the local community and was directed to each level assembly with the national level having no power but to follow the instruction from the state level assemblies which were instructed by the local community assemblies.

The vermin as Anna Von Reitz calls them referring to the crown and its army of lawyers infiltrated the assembly's at all three levels and caused much disruption. Known as provocateurs these vermin managed to get one of their own named Abraham Lincoln elected as president. Abraham Lincoln began acting on his own without instruction from the assemblies and created problems with division between the north and the south. In 1861 Abraham Lincoln caused the southern assembly members to walk out of quorum in 1861. The number of assembly members remaining was too small to hold quorum and adjourn the meeting and congress went sine die and has remained sine die to this day. The chain of record was broken. The Republic went into darkness and the seats were vacant and the record has remained in suspension to this day.

Abraham Lincoln being the lawyer that he was declared a national emergency and instituted martial law with the first executive order ever written. General Order 100, and Martial law was implemented to address the lack of a valid congress to function. General Order 100 introduced the Lieber Code as law in America and the military took over under Abraham Lincoln's direction.

The Lieber Code of April 24, 1863, also known as Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field, General Order № 100,[1] or Lieber Instructions, was an instruction signed by President Abraham Lincoln to the Union Forces of the United States during the American Civil War that dictated how soldiers should conduct themselves in wartime.

So this is how the crown took back the colonies and recaptured the American people back into slavery by taxation. The vermin couldn't defeat America by force so they defeated America by stealth. The last thing standing in the way of complete control of the American people is the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights has been attacked for so long and the American people have grown so weary and numb to it that it is almost gone.

Once the National level assembly is in established changes can start happening. We THE People in body politic will have the power and authority to challenge and nullify the power of the U.S. foreign bankrupt corporation. You all heard Donald Trump say it himself in his speech at the U.N. He was elected by the American people to Serve America and to return the power back to the American people. Reference this video: 

Newt Gingrich tipped his hat to the Assemblies. Reference this video and start at the 6 minute mark:

We THE People in assembly are a power and force the criminal Cartel in D.C. cannot reckon with. The Michigan General Jural Assembly has demonstrated this power and effectiveness on several occasions.

American Juris Prudence book 38a page 340 first line reads:
38A C.J.S.
There cannot be a grand jury de facto when there is a grand jury de jure.61 It has been held that the de facto officer doctrine applies to an improperly appointed grand juror.62
§ 10.

The Defacto Corporation hired in 1871 to provide 19 specific governmental services must step down and be dismissed when the Dejure rises. The Michigan General Jural Assembly has demonstrated this with due diligence and has set an example to the people of other states and are offering a blueprint and assistance to duplicate what has been done in history. The Michigan General Jural Assembly awaits the assemblies of other states and their counties to come forward and join us at a national level quorum. It up to you who are reading this to get up off your butt and become a member of your local county assembly. The rest of the American people and Donald Trump are awaiting you to do it! The sooner this happens, the sooner the attacks upon our rights, families, live, money, and wellbeing will end! This means no more attacks on our gun rights. No more attacks on our children in schools. No more taxation! No more victim-less crimes! No more fraudulent banking debt! The N.S.A.R.A. Act pretty much sums up what we will have when the National level Quorum has been completed. As of today's date several states have enough people to form their state level assemblies. Most of the remaining states have a handful pf people actively growing their numbers to form their assemblies. The ball is rolling. More and more people are needed to get on board and make this happen. 

If you cannot be active in doing the work then you can at least be counted as a number for your county assembly. Generally 1 tenth of members are active. But the numbers is what allows for the steps to become a settled county and state assembly. The Handbook and resettling of the counties is proven safe and effective. No goons or badge wearers will interfere or harm you in the process and guidelines outlined in the handbook. Nobody goes to jail for peacefully following the footsteps of our founding fathers. Feds are aware of it and declared it lawful. Your county, your family, your life, your freedom, your assembly.
So there is no excuse to not be involved.

Defacto to Dejure handbook:
Conference calls for assistance is every Thursday evening at 9pm Eastern time.
1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#

If you cannot make that call then at least send an email to with your state in the subject line. First name and email address is required. If you choose to include any additional contact info that is up to you. Your information will only be shared with coordinators for your county or state assembly. Nobody else will have access.


Anonymous said...

A black college professor at Arizona State University who teaches about white poverty in the south made two points in his lectures.

1) there is over 200 types of church in America.

2) those who fled Europe, British and Ireland for America were under order of the Anglican Church (catholic) and were not allowed to decipher the bible for themselves without risk of injury, harm or lock-up.

They couldn't get established in America during our 13 colonial period and they went to Mexico. Hence, Mexico a Catholic country.

The point is... In over two hundred years if American History...

The England/Great Britian rule of the Anglican Church has been that enemy...

That's why our forefathers fled!!! Just Saying.

Trust in 'Jesus Christ' but only seek wisdom in organized church as the church in itself has a history of harming Americans (Independence War).

Paul Revere... Thank you Sir for the write-up... Now lets turn one Paul Revere into thousands, then millions. 'God Speed' to you and yours for all the PAUL REVER'S.

just some dude with dsl said...

My guns are cold and hungry. yum yum...

just some dude with dsl said...

Come knock on my door, we will be waiting for you... 12 gauge slugs will answer the door. 3's company too! 12 gauge slugs are a bitch, even if your not an elephant in the room. boom!