Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pedophile Priest Who Was Forgiven by Church for Raping 26 Children, Found Dead - December 7th news

Body found stabbed and tortured after admitting to multiple child rape

The body of a pedophile priest, who was forgiven by the Catholic Church after he admitted to raping 26 children, was found in his Massachusetts home after being stabbed to death.

His body was found bound and gagged by his brother after he missed a scheduled Mass at a church, according to police records.Police believe he had been tortured before he died by “more than one assailant”, who had stabbed him several times in the chest and also “removed” his genitals.He is believed to have died of his injuries after a “very large blade” – most likely a machete – was inserted into his rectum in its entirety, fatally damaging several of his internal organs.

Father Archambault was accused of abusing 29 children on multiple occasions with victims ranging from 5 to 11-years-old.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield received a number of complaints against the priest prompting an investigation by the Vatican under Canon law.
Of the 29 complaints, the church only investigated 26 of them after deciding there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue 3 of the claims.Due to the Catholic Church’s internal investigation protocols, the case was tried under Canon law which operates outside of the boundaries of the regular law.

The Vatican decided this was a church matter, telling families there was “no need for the police.”

Father Archambault admitted to the remaining charges from 26 victims but claimed that he didn’t rape them as “they all consented to it.”

Despite the youngest child being just 5-years-old, the Cannon court accepted that the children consented to sex with the 42-year-old priest and ruled that he didn’t rape them.

Although he wasn’t charged with child abuse, the judge declared that having sex with all those children was a “grave sin” and “must not go unpunished.”As “punishment” for his crimes, the priest was forced to take paid leave and was sent to a retreat in Alabama for a month to seek forgiveness through “prayer and penance.”

He was killed shortly after returning from the retreat.

Families of the victims were outraged by the church’s handling of the case and tried to launch an appeal by writing a joint letter to the Pope in the hope the case could be turned over to law enforcement.

They didn’t receive a reply from Pope Francis, but did get a letter back from the church telling them that the “case is now closed.”

A police spokesperson said they are “following leads” in the case of Archambault’s death and believe the killing may be the work of vigilantes responding to the child abuse claims.

A statement released by the diocese said the Catholic Church expects the “full force of the law to be used” in bringing the priest’s killers to justice.


Freewill said...

God works in mysterious ways.. Like the Judge said.. "having sex with all those children was a “grave sin” and “must not go unpunished.”

If my child was a victim of a haneous crime like this by anyone, the body would not be found. Pigs will eat the belt buckle too!

Anonymous said...

That's the way it's done folks. Ken T.

just some dude with dsl said...

Leaving the body like that sends a message. Hey pope, now the case is closed.

Anonymous said...

This is just one man. There are thousands of people walking the earth who deserve fates like this. Thousands. Only thing protecting them is the secrecy - nobody knows about what they did so they can't go after them. Don't be surprised when you start hearing more like this.


Slaveman said...

Wake up Catholics,...the church that you 'support' is satanically involved in all manner of evil. She is the "whore of Babylon" spoken of in the very bible you hold in high esteem. What is wrong with you people! Aren't you all guilty by 'association'? Don't support this evil institution in ANY form.You don't need ANY intercessor to divine guidance. The priest cannot 'save' you, only you can do that.

just some dude with dsl said...

Hey if you are a priest and you want to have sex with a young boy, you may be a phedophile? Sorry if spelled that wrong, Im not into phedophiles? My cat has more morals then the average priest out there...

just some dude with dsl said...

Sucks to be a phedoplile, no pun intended,,,,

Anonymous said...

Here’s a link to the local news story. It states his death was a suicide by a gun shot. No clue who made up the story of multiple people involved in his death. Good movie plot though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a new trend starting and it's about time. All these sick bastards ALL need to be taken out one piece at a time starting with the POOP. Then we can begin with the cesspool in the District of Criminals.

Anonymous said...

This happened in 2011 and it was suicide. Pretty hard to keep gory details like that under wrap.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter, because all of this is really sick, but, before the year is out, I'll guarantee you'll hear and see a lot more about it, and THAT is when people are going to prison-First, it was J. Epstein, then the Clintons, and Now The Vatican- BUT, nobody heard or did anything about it 250 years ago-Trust me, they are going to pay, and some with their lives, one way or the other-