Wednesday, February 28, 2018

For Dick Cheney, aka, "The Black Dragon"

By Anna Von Reitz

No doubt, Mr. Cheney, you have noticed that things are changing whether or not you like the change.  People you have known for years are changing. Or disappearing. You can no longer count on their support.  Bullying has to take on a whole new dimension to work.  It seems that their very hearts have changed, either gone soft or quailed within them, so that they are reduced to broken, blithering men.  Even the tried and true methods of bribery and forbidden sexual pleasures are running down and out. Something is happening. You know that, but what is it?

It's the Kingdom of Heaven, Mr. Cheney.

You can't stop it.  You can't change it.  You can't blow it up.  You can't threaten it.  The best you can do is face facts.

The days of the dragons are over.  Their rule is ended.

Certainly, you have seen Satan led off stage in chains.  Certainly, you have seen that your "power" is everywhere eroded and reduced to nothing more than a power to obstruct. Even in that, you can feel the building pressure, like water backing up behind a dam.

Water is quiet and made of little insignificant drops, yet, somehow, it collects and coalesces and forms up and pushes relentlessly. You can feel that relentless pressure now, focusing slowly and inexorably inward upon your companies---- "Homeland Security" and the "United States Government".

It's only a matter of time.  Surely, you know that?  The shattering of images? The discovery of the counterfeits?  Do you think this is all coincidence?

I am laughing the way a child laughs.

The monster is made of paper, and the only thing worse than sand to build upon, is fraud. 

Good-bye to the Triple Crown of infamy.  Good-bye to the last 800 years of enslavement by the British Crown as well.  Farewell to commercial feudalism.

If that discomfits you, I am sorry, but everything has its season and the season for these evils has come and gone.  You might as well try to make winter into summer or contest with the moon and stars.

The technology you are now facing is millions of years older than yours, and millions of years more advanced. Those you are trying to overcome are not enemies of anyone, but gifted as they are to discern every lie your servants tell, what use is it to lie? 

I tell you openly there is no hope in secrets and darkness. As easily as walking into another room, all that you feel and all that you intend and all that you plan is exposed to those who care to look. 

So, think then, of how pathetic it is, that you continue to obstruct and kick against the goads and refuse to embrace the forward motion of the Universe?  Ask yourself what you can possibly hope to gain? More guilt? More money, which is to say, more worthless debt? 

It may be Big News to many people that all the nuclear arsenals are worthless and have been worthless for many years, but you know that. You know the threats of "full scale thermonuclear war" on this planet are more empty than threats of rain in the central Sahara.

Even the "concern" about the proliferation of nuclear arms being used as an excuse to pick fights with Iran and North Korea is pure fakery, an abuse of the ignorant who don't know that the entire subject is already moot.

So you and Harry Reid and the rest of the Bad Boys dug the purportedly spent nuclear waste out of the salt mines and packed it in artillery shells and blasted it all over the Middle East, planning on killing and maiming people for the next 65,000 years, and killing a couple hundred thousand innocent U.S. soldiers as well---but see, that isn't going to be allowed. 

All that damage, all that pollution is already being remediated, the people you exposed to all that harmful radiation are being located and healed.  The MKUltra program is being discerned with each exposure of it, and cut off at the roots. All the vampires are disconsolate, defeated, reduced to weeping and blubbering. They can't even win a footrace. 

The Kingdom of Heaven rolls onward.

Go stand on the seashore, Mr. Cheney, and tell the waves to cease.  Perhaps then you will directly experience the truth and stop trying to obstruct what is meant to be-- a new age of plenty and peace and health and happiness for all Mankind.

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Anonymous said...

On the conspiracy theory front, it is promoted that 'Q' has had our good guys chasing the bad guys on the Idaho & Wyoming border.

You know who lives on the South Fork if the Snake River outside of Swan Valley, Id? Also outside of Ririe, Id? Also chairs the 'big guy's forum in Jackson Hole, Wy.?


So the bad guys are being chased... The old good guys just happen to live where they are being chased...

No coincidence.

I speak out, NO COINCIDENCE!!!

See, as a young man in college I took this campground cleaning position and was also a 'surveyor' doing public survey for research (summer internship). The feds by the thousands would land anytime this get went fishing, World Class Outfitters is the 'suck-up' liason and it must have cost the American tax payers millions and millions for Cheney to run black hawk choppers down the river so him and his enterouge could fish.

Now throw in the Rockefellers... Also land owners in Swan Valley...

Now, truth be known, hidden cliff forts with armed gunmen for Cheney's protection.

Those hidden cliff forts, some on Rockefeller land as well...

Is where these new bad guys are likely living... And at that, living a life of pure luxury...

Who wears $1000 loafers and wears $1000 worth of outdoor fishing outerwear but has no fishing pole?



Look Here... The cabal is headquartered in Eastern Idaho just outside of Jackson Hole.

Go get em boys!!! Go get em'!!!

May 'God' bless America and those guys working in behalf of truth, justice and 'our' way... They put their lives on the line frequently and this Idaho/Wyoming battle of the cabal has BIG MONEY backing... 'God speed' to the good guys!!!


Anonymous said...

My God Judge Anna we needed that verification regarding Heaven and the destruction of the cabal
Please keep exposing GODS TRUTH to us all.After all the lies and destruction it is spiritual balm
and hope for our soul.I for one will not allow another slave system to replace the old one,
There are no more intermediaries. It is only us and God making our reality from now on.WE ARE THE CHANGE.WE do not need aby ETS to help us. That is how we got into trouble in the past. They are deceivers and you will never kniw their true intentions.So Children of God let us move
forward with the Jural Assemblies.We have to have them all finished by Nov.Judge Anna you and the oeople that work with you have saved yhus planet and I want to thank you.Now we the people must do our part. Love you all so much

Anonymous said...

Time to invest in the rope manufacturing industry.

just some dude with dsl said...

cheney's pacemaker goes to 11.

Anonymous said...

I did all judge anna said, then it changed to do a another step? then the fake god crap guess i was fooled! I Will not worship a fake god that hides and has its followers drop bombs to cover for his weakness! he can not even stop a camel! the fake god then blames the follower, for his weakness and the never showing up!