Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trump Flip Flops on His Promise

Mainstream Media Now Praising Trump 
as Trump Flip Flops On His Promise 
The enemy within has been carrying out their false flags for years to bring about confiscation of the nations' guns, concentrating on the nation's children as the victims of GUNS.  Now, using PAID crisis actors professing to be 'survivors' with scripts, including those who also ACTED at the Sandy Hook false flag who have been CAUGHT several times since Sandy Hook - even a child sitting on Obama's lap,  it appears the leftists have succeeded in convincing Trump to respond to the scripted cries of children, parents and friends to 'protect the children via gun confiscation'.  
American's are falling prey to the enemy's contrived script to make ALL the people of these united States to be VICTIMS of the enemy's well carried out plan.  A full scale civil war is on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear a single complaint from any voter.

Eight years of obam and eight years of learning the corporate United States is not the original and that the people's government was usurped and like the treasonous people you are you voted in the election of a government that is not yours.

Then you expect the guy who was elected in a government that is not yours to save you out of it.

I'm laughing.

They know who voted and who didn't.

You think illegal people would be oppressed by a government they didn't elect? You get mad when the system works the way it's supposed to.

The consent to be governed will be governed.

You follow your leaders and anyone everyone else is following.

The Kingsman recent movie had me thinking what would happen if everybody followed the advice of their leaders not knowing what their leaders have planned for them.

You wouldn't follow me anywhere I told you to go but you'll follow people who get face time on t.v.

Shaking my head.
Carry on.
You can vote again in two more years.
Your registration may expire but it is always valid.
You are a member. First amendment member.
Freedom of association.

You are too stubborn to learn and you think killing or watching somosom else be killed is the answer.

You need to be governed.

Anonymous said...

Well, Trump could call them on their false flag BS but then they'd impeach him (on the grounds of insanity).

c said...

Trump is playing games with them. He gives in here and there to keep them moving further into their trap. Art of the deal.

Freewill said...

Interesting you referenced the Kingsman Golden Circle movie err.. Statesman. Both Kingsman movies pretty much lay it out.
Regardless of who or what is in control of the criminal corporation is what it is.
If you don't like it then do something about it. Take back our power by resettling our county assemblies so we can return to self governing and nullify the problem like a cancer. Addressing the symptoms does not cure the problem!