Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For The Legal Eagles -- Certificate of Live Birth Synopsis

By Anna Von Reitz

Here's the full-boat legalese explanation of the Diagram of the Fraud I provided to all of you either directly or via my website:

A Certificate of Live Birth synopsis: the COLB is a private placement security for a landed mineral estate in expectancy that became a escheated alien estate initiated from a bifurcation of the title in a co-terminus adoption; this now incidental adoption created an incidental beneficiary/ heir: me, myself and I. To become the protected purchaser as an inevitable necessity as the acting special executer, the alienation/surrender by jus dispondi becoming the spoilated/naked owner to assign the reversionary interest over of the final accounting ledger to execute the livery of the siesen and thus release the expectancy

The "private placement" happened when your Mother was deceived and/or coerced into turning your "landed mineral estate in expectancy" (you were a minor and therefore in expectancy) over for "adoption" by the State of State/STATE OF STATE, which split (bifurcated) title to your "landed mineral estate in expectancy" between themselves, with the State of State keeping the equitable title and the STATE OF STATE keeping legal title to "You".  They then created the NAMES to occupy the capacities of "me, myself and I"--- and have run those PERSONS for their own profit.  Your Estate is alienated/surrendered to the vermin to become the ESTATE, with your "missing, lost at sea, presumed dead" Trade Name becoming the despoiled owner.  In order to assign the reversionary trust interest you have to come back from the dead by re-conveying your Trade Name to the land and soil of the actual state and reclaim your escheated estate. 

And all this crappola has been going on behind your backs for generations, all cooked up by the Hired Help, promoted and enforced by the members of the Bar Associations, and all allowed by the Popes and British Monarchs operating in Gross Breach of Trust. 

The Truth is that your states and their union known as The United States of America were never part of the so-called Civil War.  You and your states and your Union are innocent Third Parties and Protected Persons who should have been unaffected by all the in-fighting among the Hired Help. 

Instead, by fraud, by similar names deceits, by unlawful conversion, by conspiracy against the Constitution(s), by identity theft, by racketeering against babies, by kidnapping and trafficking, by inland piracy, by "genocide on paper" the Hired Help has contrived to rob you of your identity, property, and heritage, while relieving themselves of their moral and contractual obligations to each and every one of you. 

Are you mad yet? 


Anonymous said...

This is all anecdotal conjecture without any legal authorities to prove it is true. Just because someone took the time to write something and put it on the internet does not make it true. If those who operate this blog really wanted you to know the truth, they would list these connections with every fake judge anna post:

But they like to hide the truth here, which is further evidenced by the way they cut off Tom Heneghan's fake news reports by leaving off the part about his love affair with Al Gore.

Also every report posted here from Sorcha Faal should reference this article which states that site is operated by US Intelligence, which should tell you about the fake news there.

Wake up and free yourself from the fake judge anna brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

No one really gives a big rats ass what that SPLC attorn Becraft Has to say!!!!

Anonymous said...

well you take flak when over target! and your claims are a joke you proved you know nothing lol

Anonymous said...

So why are Americans abused, trafficked and killed on their own land by agents of the Federal (federal=feudal, research it) Government. This is in reference to the research and some of it quoting from Wikipedia that you posted.

Now then you will have to do much better than that when taking on straight shooting Judge Anna. Many of the topics touched on by her are confirmed by other independent research, much of it predating her own, by international scholars valuing the sovereignty of mankind.

Follow the money, its destination a particular complex of swamp-inhabiting bloodlines operated by the satanic elite cabal and fronted by City States and the Vatican hasn't changed in hundreds of years.

Al Gore, a blood-line (global warming carbon tax) charlatan, lost his mind and won't be joining any conversation pertaining to the work of Judge Anna anytime soon. He's irrelevant to the main topic and thus serves no purpose in support of your comments. Why mention him?

Freewill said...

Trolls Trolls! Trolls! My God they are everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Then prove him wrong. I would like to hear it.

Anonymous said...

SPLC says it all! do not waste time on link! loonicy is there answer for already proven and recorded facts! yea name calling wins the argument, not!

Anonymous said...

You research it. Feudal means 1610s, from Medieval Latin feudalis, from feudum "feudal estate," of Germanic origin (cf. Gothic faihu "property," Old High German fihu "cattle;" see fee ). Related to Middle English feodary "one who holds lands of an overlord in exchange for service" (late 14c.). Feudal means cattle,which were used as a fee. Federal comes from the Latin word foeder- (stem of foedus) 'league'. There is no connection. You are a perfect example of why you fake judge anna cultists need to learn to read and stop listening to her.

I challenge anyone to show Larry Becraft is working with/for the SPLC. He has won more court cases for patriots than anyone, although I agree he has not won 100%. Fake judge anna has ZERO!!! Her only claim to fame is to fill the internet with 1 million meaningless words to misdirect cult followers like you away from the real solutions. She thinks herself as a divine messenger, and you cultists eat up all her words without question. You may as well stay in the so-called "corporate" world, you are just as brain dead.

I noticed you did not provide any proof that what fake judge anna is saying. You just accept her baseless ramblings without proof. Why don't you prove Becraft is wrong? With real law and legal arguments? It is quite easy to prove fake judge anna wrong as she constantly contradicts her jurisdictions. She says it is good the supreme court overturned Class' case, but what difference does it make because according to her it is a "corporate" court and does not apply to her. She is constantly mixing these things showing herself to be mentally unsound.

As for Al Gore, once again you need to learn to read. I was saying that censorship goes on here and this is an example (I suspect this will be censored too). At the end of every Heneghan post he says the following, which is always cut off here (you decide why, if you are able to think for yourself):

"DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr. awaits inauguration, the Supreme Law of the United States, our U.S. Constitution, demands it. As we live free or die, Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000, U.S. Constitution DULY ELECTED, non-inaugurated, natural born REAL President of the United States.

Al Gore on Restoring the Rule of Law

And yet they continue to post his nonsense. Why?

P.S. I never quoted from Wikipedia or I would have referenced it. I don't waste time there.

Anonymous said...

Only the ability to think and prove what I say. What was the substance of your post? You are a true leftist fake news professional, you are unable to address the message so you deflect and attack the messenger. Typical occult brainwashed mind. And thanks for proving me right.

Anonymous said...

You just don't just get it. Go home. Wherever that is.

Anonymous said...

What is there to get? That your savior is a PROVEN fraud and a con artist and you just don't want to admit it or prove it's not true?

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about the SPLC?

Anonymous said...

do not be scared. send in the birth cert and get your trade names. you have nothing to lose, just freedom to gain! its easy and lawful! the gov even supplies the forms for you. it feels good to owne the trade names and get your authentication from state det me and my wife did it all easy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming here and looking out for everyone! such a pal! no agenda right? lol give me some facts not your opinion

Anonymous said...

talking about your crown agents winning record in a crown court proves you do not get it!

Anonymous said...

how can she be a proven fraud and con artist? she asked for nothing just gave free advice? everything she said you can do is true and a fact! i did it in under 60 days. so what was the fraud? or scam ? freedom? the state dept even helps? so what is the fraud you claim?