Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Democrats/Communists and the Anti-Gun Movement

Democrats Admit To Running 
Student Anti-Gun Movement 

Just Like Hitler, Democrats Call For Gun Control 

Militia Act Of 1903 Makes Gun Control Illegal  


just some dude with dsl said...

Any guns in that black panther film?I wouldnt know cause im not a big disney superhero fan.

Anonymous said...

Think about this. We see the geoengineering in our skies. Our food has Toxic things in it. Our water has problems. Theft of money in gov and more. Bundy, Hammons, uranium one, Levoy killed in real time. Wars being created. People and Children being trafficked for sex and more. Rioters paid by Soros. Nazi war shoved down our through our growing in school. This is just a small sample of what Americans have seen in a short span of yr's since 9/11. I think we get what time it is. Never have I seen a President threatened in office out right. Now our schools are being used for these traitors to use to take guns. I think if our children keep being used and killed the gun issue won't be the problem. At what point do you think Americans will say enough when our children are being killed False Flags or not. Trafficking of people and children. We still have questions about Las Vegas,Texas floods and where are the people? The ships with dead Americans.Depopulation being talked about out right on news and in schools. Agenda 21-30.We see, we understand. Yes I have felt like the twilight zone was unleashed on us. That's how ya feel dealing with someone on Meth.Stop thinking we don't get what is happening. Its in our face. I left out a great deal, I don't have to draw it all out.