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Paul Revere follow up

A Document of Power and Authority
Bill of Rights

              On Friday, Friday February 23, 2018 a post on this website, nesaranews.blogspot seems to have struck a chord with many people.

              That the Corporate Body Politic has abused the offices of the people's national and state  government "has gone on long enough" is an observable fact. The people, beginning with the ending of the First World War or WW1 as it is referred to by the veterans of all subsequent armed conflicts, started to ignore what the District of Columbia was doing in the way of politic-ing.

              The offices where being filled by lawyers, attorneys and counselors at law, which was forbidden to hold public government offices by the original Bill of Rights and the removed 13th article. The brain washed masses have no idea of what the original documents of authority are, how they guide and direct the people in the management of their elected representation. A planned disparity by the government by removing relevant government curriculum from the educational system.

              This tract is presented to help the people that the "Paul Revere" article jogged to awareness of the possibility of what is at their thresholds. The people's power and authority document is the Bill of Rights. The first concept to clarify for your self is that the constitution would not have been ratified by the colonies had the Bill of Rights not been ratified also. Therefore the people's authority and rights are preserved by the Bill of Rights not the constitution. The 1st Article states:

                               Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
                             or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
                             or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to
                             petition the government for a redress of grievances.

              These preserved rights is what every man and woman the age of reason should have upper most in their thinking. This is how the people are to lawfully address the government and to require the abolishing of every statute, code, regulation and ordinance that does not protect and preserve the rights enumerated in these documents.

              The observable fact that all of the present fraudulent legislation is blatant acts of making these miscreants immune from redress, accountability and responsibility. We have been duped into acting in accord with their illusion of "if one doesn't like what the body politic is doing elect new ones." I think we can safely say that this has really worked well for the people, RIGHT? The people have failed to correctly assess the reality that there is no difference in the political parties nor is there any difference in whose elected as all who get into office works to preserve their status and to become permanent fixtures in the peoples government offices, especially lawyers, attorneys and counselors at law. Does no one see that these legal industry professionals all aspire to make the law and adjudicate the law as well. What say Ye? This is why we the people very seldom prevail in their judicial system even using case decisions that support our claims and position!

              Even though Donald Trump is presently occupying the position of President his acts are still in the realm of We THE People scrutiny. The present fiasco of Sex & the City not-with-standing the media has the general populace all mesmerized and fawning for all the juicy details that is the modern day version of old Roman government illusion of "bread and circus" to appease the masses and continue the brain washing of what the people of old Rome finally acted upon to clean or "drain the swamp." Television was and has been used as a government propaganda organ from the beginning. It has spun the people straight into a coma when it comes to monitoring the national and state governments.

              This paragraph from the original article calls forth  a procedure to address the problem of rogue government and government office holders:
What would work the best that is out of Trump's jurisdiction and control would be the people returning to self governance via the county and state assemblies so the entire machine can be overseen and dismantled with the assemblies stepping in at the appropriate time. That would make for a smooth transition with minimal catastrophe. It all hinges around all of us getting our county assemblies up and running! We had 59 callers on the conference call tonight! That is pathetically small number! We need to add a couple zeros to that number and fast!

              This paragraph in the original article posted on nesaranews.blogspot points to the crux of the people's purpose in embracing the 1st Article in the Bill of Rights that is establishment of county and state assemblies. Having done the necessary work of establishing an assembly and notifying the government offices of their "PEACFUL PRESENCE" and their purpose of requiring the office holders to be accountable and responsible for the protection of all their preserved rights is vital.

              These assemblies can investigate and point out the bars to access and the inability to have non-corrupt government rather than corrupt government. The assembly has the power and authority to evaluate legislation that has been implemented for the sole purpose of denying a preserved right at the expense of our God given right to have dominion over all things on earth. This includes government that is created by living breathing flesh and blood men and women to administer the people's wishes and public affairs. These assemblies can implement referendums to legislate the repeal abolishment and prohibition of such abusive legislation and to hold the offending parties accountable. They can in this fashion legislate "laws" that protect the rights and allows the people to actually remove offenders from office immediately till the offence can be addressed by the people not status quo protecting lawyers. These are the powers and authority that was preserved by the Bill of Rights that the people can call forth by peacefully assembled people.

              Once the state assembly is established the next step is for each state to join the national assembly call to discuss the national government abuses and to reign in the senators and representatives that are our "voice" in the national government seats. This is the strength of assemblies and the truest form of a Republic form of governance. Is it worth the effort? What do you think? Part of the solution or part of problem?

              A very important start is the postulation in the following paragraphs retained from the original article posted on nesaranews.blogspot:
If you want the power Trump is trying to return to the people then get it done so you can receive that power! www.1stmichiganassembly.info Conference calls for assistance is every Thursday evening at 9pm Eastern time.
1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#

If you cannot make that call then at least send an email to contentmanager1@yahoo.com with your state in the subject line. First name and email address is required. If you choose to include any additional contact info that is up to you. Your information will only be shared with coordinators for your county or state assembly. Nobody else will have access.

              This tract is for the edification of the weary masses that-were born on this continent and had their bodies and labor stolen and declared and enemy of the state and perpetual slave by unscrupulous politicians and lawyers.

Submitted by~
              Billy Rights

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