Sunday, February 25, 2018

End of the Month Review - February 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

I am sitting here looking at my desk in what has been dubbed "The Toad Hole" and the piles of work in danger of sliding off into the Oblivion Beyond....what a month this has been.  I get tired just thinking about it.

Six major international court suits in process....

Over forty research groups reporting almost daily....

Three banks under development....

Fourteen diplomatic corps engaged....

About a tenth of all counties now up and in the process of assembling....

And only God knows how many Americans taking their own action to correct their political status records and reclaim their names and estates.....

In the midst of all this my almost-daily dispatches to my Reader's worldwide seem like The Calm Moment in the Day....breathe, breathe....

As a result of all this activity and an emergency appendectomy for one of the Living Law Firm members our always strained resources are at a breaking point.  All that has been accomplished so far has been done entirely by volunteers.  We don't have a single paid staff member.

Think about that. 

Nobody who is working on all this full time is getting a salary. And many of us are dipping into our retirement resources and other funds to carry on.  Apparently some people think I must be getting rich off my book sales or that major companies must be supporting this work and wanted me to publish my profits.  I laughed.

I have been at this over forty years and have yet to see a profit.  Every bit of profit is always whisked away into the thoroughly immense effort to restore our lawful government, and as the income streams increase, so does the scope of the effort expand.

We now have Asset Recovery Teams all over the world, Archivists preserving and organizing and scanning precious historical documents, Paralegals combing the General Session Laws of the State trust organizations, Historical Research Groups pouring through libraries all over this country, foreign governments recognizing that what we have said is true and reaching out to us to establish diplomatic relations, former Bar Attorneys undergoing the equivalent of de-programming, other non-Bar lawyers fighting the fight in courts from Rome to Philadelphia, three absolutely huge international trade banks under construction, nine planning and implementation committees--- and all this is being done without a payroll. 

A most, we are able to defray expenses for travel, supplies, court fees, light bills, and an occasional emergency "grant" when someone's car or water heater blows up, or sudden medical problem lays a worker low. 

People ask me--- The United States of America (unincorporated) is the richest business entity on the planet--- how come you are doing this all with volunteers and on Cookie Jar donations?  

I roll my eyes toward Heaven. 

Everyone knows or is finding out that The United States of America (unincorporated) is the Priority Creditor of all the Territorial and Municipal Governments and their franchise corporations worldwide.  Yes, it's true. All these bankrupt corporations were formed under our delegated powers, and because of the Great Fraud and Breaches of Trust involved, they are all forfeit.

We are in position to rule the entire planet, howbeit, a position we never sought and never planned for. Their debts are our credits and their debts are insurmountable. So here we are, the carpenters and housewives and Great-Grandmas scrabbling around dealing with a situation they could never expect in a hundred million years, and our disappointed Debtors are still holding the purse-strings to our assets and our credits.

You see, after 150 years of silence, they figured that the state republics and the people who once inhabited them were never coming back "from over the sea" where they shanghaied us.  They thought that they could simply charge all their debts against our undefended ACCOUNTS, and at the end of the day, make a claim of abandonment on our assets to pay their debts. That is, we became the Priority Creditors of the whole world precisely because they thought we would never figure it out and never show up and claim our assets.

But we did.

This situation will change and get resolved, as it has to; our credit will be freed up.  Facts will be faced and assets will be returned, debts discharged, debts forgiven, accounts cleared---but until they are, it's the chickens and a couple old sheepdogs and all of you manning the barricades in this "war" of paper.  We need every penny and peso we can gather together to support our guys in the field --- none of them are getting paid, but at least we can try to reimburse their out of pocket expenses.

I remain your faithful Paymaster for all this activity and ask only that you send whatever you can reasonably send in support.  As always, I can receive checks and money orders addressed to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652, and donations made via PayPal at 

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