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Florida Victims : What They Watched Get Covered Up !


Florida Victims Just Made Shocking Admission
of What They Watched Get Covered Up !

Libs Cry Gun Control After Shooting
Then Two Survivors Shut Them Up in One Sentence 

Published on Feb 16, 2018
Local and national media outlets had barely finished issuing their initial reports on a tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday when liberals immediately launched into their tired and predictable “we need more gun control and this is the GOP/NRA’s fault” screed that gets trotted out after each incident.

MSNBC host Brian Williams may have thought he could help bolster the left’s gun control narrative with emotional testimonies from two survivors of the mass shooting, but things didn’t exactly play out as Williams may have hoped for.

Williams was joined on his program by brothers Brandon and Aiden Minoff, a senior and freshman respectively at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who instead of becoming emotional during the interview, remained calm and made clear that more gun control wasn’t the answer to prevent future school shootings.

“If you were a lawmaker, an adult in a decision-making position, how would you stop, do you think, the kind of thing that happened today?” asked Williams, according to The Daily Caller. “A kid who’d been thrown out, he comes back with a weapon, and takes out whatever grievance he’s been walking around with in his head.”

“Gun-wise, I don’t think there’s any way to prevent it. You outlaw guns it just creates a higher demand for it,” replied the elder brother matter-of-factly.

“I think it has to do with mental health, though,” he added. “If he’s been expelled three different times from three different schools, I think he needs to be helped out.”

Prior to that statement which totally undercut the narrative Williams was presumably hoping to drive at, Brandon noted how he had been a classmate of the shooter during their sophomore year, how the shooter had bragged about being expelled from two different private schools — he had also been expelled from the public school as well — and that he himself “wasn’t surprised” the “unusual and strange” guy had become a crazed mass shooter, according to Mediaite.

Younger brother Aiden described how he had “heard a few pops” in the hallway that he had initially dismissed only to find out moments later from a frantic classmate returning from the restroom that the “pops” were indeed gunshots. He further described how the door to the classroom was locked and lights turned off as everyone “went into hiding.”

Asked what it feel like when he eventually returned to the school, Aiden replied that it would feel like a “brand new” school, though not in a good way.

“Everyone’s going to walk in knowing what happened and there’s no way of changing that. They’re trying to go back,” Aiden continued. “Really, it’s just going to be a grieving and really depressing time. But we should unify as a community and a society from this tragedy.”

MSNBC host Brian Williams probably thought these two brothers would join in on the emotional pleas for authorities to “do something” about gun violence, as in impose more gun control laws, but that isn’t what happened at all.

Instead, both of the boys remained calm and exhibited a refreshing rationality in regard to the matter, as the eldest noted that the mental issues and known troubled past of the shooter had far more bearing on preventing future tragedies than any sort of stricter gun control measures might.

Sorry anti-gun liberals, but more and more people have realized that your tired and unconstitutional proposals are not the solution to stopping school shootings.

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