Saturday, February 24, 2018

Google on massive censor and deletion epidemic and how it can effect nesaranews

Nesaranews is hosted on the blogger platform owned by Google. John Machaffie set it up that way. I am downloading backups of this blog every few days. The backups are around a gigabyte in size each. This is a large blog with a lot of data. When John passed away January 2015 I was able to move nesaranews out from John's email account and keep it under my email account. If Google does delete this blog most likely my email account will also be deleted. I do have the ability to convert blogger backup files to many other blogging programs. It may take some time to get things right but it is possible to restore every last post and comment in this blog into a new private hosted blog.

for several years I have owned the domain and have an email to replace this blog and email if deletion happens. is hosted on a private server out of reach of Google and the other giants. I encourage our readers and contributors to bookmark and/or write down and to remain a part of nesaranews.

I have not done anything with for some time due to time needed elsewhere. But I can pick up immediately on it if this one gets deleted.


Slaveman said...

Thanks Freewill, for the 'heads up', and your efforts to keep this site going. Will bookmark.

marie said...

I second that comment and raise you with this: May God bless you, including Olive Oyl, Popeye, and all others who spend a h*ll of a lot of time to bring awareness to people who are seeking it; and even those with the ever annoying, very irritating cognitive dissidence, and even to those who have a little evil in their heart. We know how much time and energy it takes to do this everyday. So thank you and God bless you all!

Olive Oyl said...

Good morning Marie! Thank you for your comment including Popeye and me! We sure can use the appreciation! ha ha Always look forward to comments from you, Terry and Jody, and Slaveman - not that the others are not appreciated! It DOES take allot of work and is done for FREE for our readers! Have a wonderful weekend to all, and may our good Lord continue to bless us all!

Anonymous said...

it is always good to hear from you. You are very welcome.

c said...

I'm so ready to see these corporate control freaks taken down. They are so freaking arrogant. Get off of our planet or go to jail!!