Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quatloos the CIA owned and controlled forum has been posting nesaranews content and I thanked them.

I am not surprised at all with those troll breeding cabal owned forums. I have discovered their copied content from nesaranews is actually promoting nesaranews with the search engines.

I decided to thank them for it with a post for 2 pages of publicity:
I wanted to thank this CIA controlled troll breeding platform for posting my content from nesaranews. I am honored for the publicity. Though you may do it for a negative way, it still further promotes exposure and causes more visitors for me. I check several search engines for many keywords and the results for quatlost point viewers to nesaranews. So thanks again for the publicity! :haha: ~Freewill

I will not ridicule or pester them as their reputation precedes them already. But decided to be a nice guy and thank them.

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