Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Highest Administrative Authority in America Recognizes “We the People,” are Sovereign! -- Anna von Reitz

It is the people resettling their county assemblies across the nation that is being recognized! www.1stmichiganassembly.info

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) While so many people were going crazy over Trump's hint about war with Korea during last week's United Nations address, I found different clip as interesting as Anna von Reitz did. If you value truth, justice, and the rule of law, likely you will too. 

Trump clearly states the people of "America" (to use Reitz's terminology) are sovereign. 

This is accurate given how the constitution was written—a testamentary estate created by the founders—which says there are no titles of nobility in America, and as such, all people are sovereign.

But here's the rub. 

Just because we have innate sovereignty, doesn't mean we're sovereign in law—that we have achieved sovereign status. 

A sovereign manages their house and affairs precisely, with honor and grace. As sovereigns, we need to work hard to understand the law, know how to conduct our affairs without harming others, to the best of our ability, and most importantly, deal with the defunct criminal system in honor

In other words, the dream of the founders, as advertised by history, suggests a society based on self-governance, which has yet to be realized. 

That doesn't mean Trump's words are meaningless, nor does it mean the idea is worthless. What it means is that we have to live up to our end of the bargain, working hard to gain competence through study and honest truth-seeking. If we did this as individuals, the powers that should not be would quickly lose power.

 I'm curious if Trump really knows what he's talking about, or if he's just paying lip-service to constitutionalists. 

Given that the Southern Poverty Law center declared sovereign citizens domestic terrorists, I find it puzzling why Trump would make light of the innate sovereignty of Americans. If he really is just another Cabal puppet, why bother mentioning this? Conversely, if he really is working for the good, what might he be suggesting?

I, for one, can't know for certain what Trump's intentions are, or whether he is good or bad. But I find things like this worthy of consideration—something to place on our mental bookshelf for later.

- Justin

Source - Scanned Retina

by Anna von Reitz, September 22nd, 2017

In this one small clip, the undisputed leader of the free world, a man chosen by a mandate of the people, themselves, gave public notice to the world that the true nature and his official recognition of the legitimate and true standing of every American, man, woman and child…

We as the people, have been officially recognized and our “legal,” and “lawful,” standing recognized and authenticated by the only true recognized civil/incorporated, administrative authority in America. Mr. Trump, by the mandate of the American people, was delegated lawful and legal authority to act and speak for the people. Mr Trump also acknowledges this recognition is consistent with the will and direction of the Creator of all men and women.



Freewill said...

It is the people resettling their county assemblies across the nation that is being recognized!

Anonymous said...

Is it the www.pulitzer.org that accepts Nominations for Writing Awards of Excellency?

Imho this article has substance supported by more then two decades of Eempirical Exploratory Research and is defined well in the social media forum through the teaching models with the article in itself leading the viewer to form their own opinions through Explanatory Knowledge.

Hear ye, Hear ye... Come All of Faith and Knowledge and Hear THE MESSAGE!!!

Nomination Given To Judge Anna Von Dietz of Alaska, a www.pulitzer.org

Anonymous said...

There are people that know this sovereignty, it's everywhere, if we would look, remember, and hold accountable those that pretend it isn't true.

Findings of fact, conclusions at law.

Before it disappears off talkshoe...it's recorded two years ago, but the constitution, statutes, codes, case law has not changed in two years...as accurate today as then, but I find that more than 2 years, these audios are disappearing from these hosts sites, and all you download is nothing..
Listen while you can, these audios are being purged at two years for some reason, and learn to pause and take a break - information overload

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