Sunday, February 28, 2016

66 year old grandma wins battle against home invader!

After 66-Year-Old Woman Furiously Wrestles Home Invader, She Grabs Something That Gives Her the Upper Hand

A 66-year-old woman from Morgan County, Indiana, won a scuffle with a robber who entered her home on Wednesday afternoon after she reached for her handgun and scared him away.

Karen Long, 66, told local deputies that she was in her home with her sick 7-year-old nephew when she saw a masked man walking towards her front door, according to WXIN-TV. Acting quickly, Long lunged for her door in an attempt to lock it, but she was too late.

“He yanked it out of my hand and he bulldogged me in,” Long told WXIN. “He shoved me, I stumbled and fell there, and then he started down the hall. My little nephew is there and that’s when I attacked him. I jumped on his back, he and I went down to the floor again."

As the struggle ensued between Long and the robber, she said that she never backed down and refused to let her age get in the way.

“I am 66, a lot of people consider that elderly but that’s the new 40,” Long said, WXIN reported. “I don’t believe in being a victim."

While Long and the man wrestled on the floor, she said that she could hear her nephew crying.

“[The robber] kept saying ‘Don’t look at me, don’t look at me. Just give me your money and don’t look at me and you won’t get hurt,’” Long said.

When the masked man attempted to tie her to a table, Long knew she needed to do something more to protect her home, her nephew and herself from the intruder.

That’s when she remembered her handgun.

“I had my gun up there and I reached for it and he heard me rack it,” Long told WXIN. “I was saying a few choice words at him, let me tell you. I did tell him, ‘you picked the wrong house buddy.’”
The robber took off seconds after she grabbed her gun. Although she sustained some bruising, Long told WXIN that she and her nephew are both fine, adding that she had one final message for the robber.  “They come back to this house they will not walk away,” Long threatened.

Although the masked intruder made off with some small belongings, Long believes that with the help of her community and a $1,000 reward for any leads, the police will catch him and the robber will be brought to justice soon.


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