Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Human Clone Malfunctions


Maybe one of the most unbelievable 'conspiracies' on our page about a high level secret cloning program involving major world leaders, celebrities and wealthy old people where they engage in murder, torture, sex and pedophilia with cloned people and reptilian entities in deep underground military facilities.

Clones are very easy to (mind) control because they don´t have the natural ability of a inner integrity. They are absolutely defenseless.  Scientists create clones of models, actors, singers and all kinds of famous people. They need multiple celebrity clones in case one is unable to perform or gets killed. In the below video you can see the clone malfunctioning.

Ex-Illuminati insider Donald Marshall speaks out and exposes the truth.  Marshall claims to have seen human cloning first hand as an unwilling participant in human cloning since early childhood.

Here's Donald Marshall!

"THIS IS NO HOAX!  THIS IS NO JOKE!   My name is Donald Marshall.  I have been cloned by a large secretive cult known as the "Free Masons" and "The Vrill Society" and "Scientologists," together called the Illuminati. They make replicated bodies of people to victimize in terrible ways.  They clone children for men with under developed penises to have sex with. Some very famous and politically powerful people all get together for a disgusting time. 

Most of the G20 gather there to discuss worldly matters and watch gruesome things done to innocent people for sport. I have seen this firsthand and will tell all as it must be stopped. The political people started bringing movie stars and musicians there to hang around with them. They can control who remembers the cloning facility and who will remain oblivious, even though not remembering still damages you. I know who is involved, the ring leaders and everything they do."



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Anonymous said...

Hospital Maddigan at Fort Lewis in Washington State, where you never see a car in the huge parking lot, reportedly is used by the 'greys' for cloning.