Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Muslim “Refugees” Take Turns Viciously Raping 12 year old boy

Adult Muslim “Refugees” Are Put In Shelter With 12-Year-Old Boy, They Take Turns Viciously Raping Him And Film A Porn Movie Out Of It

The men originally claimed to be 15 years old, but the fact that they were each over 6 feet tall and with full beards should have been a dead giveaway.

Nevertheless, Swedish authorities put the two men in the same room with a real 12-year-old boy, and chaos ensued. The men took turns gang raping the boy and then they filmed a pornographic movie out of it on their Smart Phones

A comprehensive medical exam proved the men were well over 18. The men deny raping the boy in spite of the fact that police have the full video from their phones with them in the act. 

Via Breitbart:

The 12 year old boy was made to share a room with two others who were said at the time to be 15 years old at the Alvesta asylum centre in Sweden. The child was subjected to at least one attempted rape, and a number of rapes by one of his room mates and another migrant at the centre, which the authorities became aware of in early January.

After police were called it become apparent the men had lied about their age — an increasingly common phenomenon in Europe as child migrants are given greater benefits than adults — and were, in fact, fully grown migrant males.

Prosecuting the case, Emma Berge told the court a dental x-ray proved one of the men was 18 to 19 years old, and the other was certainly over the age of 18.
The case is being treated as especially serious by the prosecutor as not only did the rapists film themselves attacking the boy, but they “exhibited particular ruthlessness and harshness”. As well as being prosecuted for the rapes, the men are suspected under child porn laws for making a recording.


To Jay W:  Is it OK if I am 'biased' on this one??  If you are NOT, you are no better than these muslim rapists.  NO CHILD much less adults should EVER be subjected to such inhumane cruelty. These muslim men should be castrated and hung upside down until dead. That boy's body will never be able to function properly, much less his psyche, emotions and spirit. 

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Anonymous said...

My God! What the f__k is wrong with these twisted people? Do they let prisoners have cell phones and outside connections while being locked up? I'm not a violent person, but these bastards should have their privates cut off shoved in their mouth and a bullet to their head along with all the others in this world who abuse, violate, harm and rape children. Exterminate em all period!