Friday, February 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton claims ‘sexist’ NASA stopped her dream to become an astronaut!

Hillary: ‘Sexist’ NASA Destroyed My Astronaut Aspirations!

Clinton claims sexism stopped her dream to become an astronaut!!!!

Hillary Clinton, a high level practicing witch, is already out in space with her air force fighter bomber broomstick 

Kit Daniels | - February 23, 2016

“I wrote to NASA and said, "Well, how do you get the be an astronaut?” she said on the Steve Harvey Show which is airing Feb. 24. “They wrote me back saying, ‘Thank you very much for your interest. At this time we are not accepting women astronauts.' And it did, you know, it hurt my feelings.  But I could never have been an astronaut any way, but I was happy that Sally Ride and other women got to be astronauts later on.”

Clinton also recently blamed ‘sexist’ Americans for her inability to pull completely away from Bernie Sanders in the polls. “People are very convinced they want to vote for the right person and then… you know, you get little hints that maybe they’re not as comfortable with a woman being in an executive position,” she told Vogue Magazine. “Especially in a big, rough-and-tumble setting like New York City or the United States of America."

And in Nov. Clinton also claimed she was rejected from joining the Marines over her gender after she graduated law school.  “The Yale-educated lawyer who worked on the anti-war campaigns of McCarty and McGovern, who had just moved to Arkansas, whose husband was about to become the Attorney General of the state would decide to join the Marines?” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny pointed out.

But don’t worry!  Clinton said she doesn’t believe she has ever lied!  “I don’t believe I ever have.  I don’t believe I ever will.” she claimed during a CBS interview. “I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people.”  

Now THAT'S a LIE for you!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't let her become an astronaut. Maybe she would have been on the Challenger.