Saturday, February 27, 2016

Non-muslim Students Assigned to Write Essay

Non-muslim Students Assigned to Write Essay on Why They Converted to Islam

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Anonymous said...

The very problem with this is the fact that if anyone says they have converted to Islam, regardless of whether or not they actually meant it or even if it were just an exercise, if it happens in the presence of, or even within earshot of a Muslim, just uttering the words is conversion, and the penalty for not immediately following Islamic teachings is DEATH. So, if these students did this assignment, and a Muslim got hold of the papers, every single one who turned that paper in with their name on it would, in the eyes of any actual Muslim, be converted to Islam.
If a Muslim gets thos papers, finds the names of the students, and subsequently finds the students, the Muslim can require them to profess Islam, and if they don't, they can be killed, right then, right there, no questions asked.