Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Strongman Chases Down Gangs Of Muslim Border Jumpers

HERO - Bulgarian Strongman Chases Down Gangs Of Muslim Border Jumpers On His ATV, Beats Them Up And Arrests Them With Nothing More Than His Bare Hands

Dinko “The Destroyer” Valev lives in Yambol, Bulgaria near the Turkish border. After seeing hordes of Muslim refugees crossing illegally from Turkey and how the local authorities could not or did not want to stop them, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Armed with nothing more than his fists, Dinko patrols his property and the surrounding areas on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, chasing down Muslim border jumpers and performing citizen’s arrests before notifying Bulgarian police to come and take away the perpetrators.

Recently, Dinko arrested 20 people and held them for police.

This man is an example for Europeans and Americans. Protests are good, but actions are better and more effective.

Dinko Valev from the city of Yambol has caught 20+ migrants in the last few months while driving his ATV in the rural areas near the city. The latest and biggest group he faced yesterday.

The spot in near the border with Turkey. Dinko and his friend went to ride their ATVs, “Suddenly someone jumped out of the bushes in front of me. I did not know he was a migrant at first. I stopped and got off the ATV to see what’s going on.  He rushed me trying to take me down, possibly to steal the ATV.  I punched him a couple of times and he went down.  I kicked him 3 times for good measure and he started yelling some “allah-mallah". He was dressed with torn shoes, jacket, jeans and a backpack.”

11 more men come out of the woods, plus 3 women and 1 child. All of them from Syria by their own words. Dinko continues his story “All of the men coming out of the woods started rushing me aggressively to fight, to crush.  I fought the first 3 and put them on the ground bleeding.  The others gave up after seeing that. One of them had a sharp object, maybe a screwdriver. I know English perfectly.  I told them that if they do not lay on the ground immediately, I will kill one of them”…. (reported asks him if they followed the order)… “of course they did!  Wouldn’t you do it if you knew you would die otherwise?"

All of the three groups he has caught so far were young men exclusively.I chased one of them for 2 kilometers.
The others gave up quickly.  They were scrawny physically, but this one guy ran away, eventually falling into a big puddle, almost drowned himself."

"Those people are very aggressive.  They have nothing to lose.  They have left family and home behind.  We are in serious danger to be wiped out if we let them in.”

Published on Feb 18, 2016


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