Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False Charges? Judge Anna - with note from Freewill

From: Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 7:40 PM
Subject: Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False Charges?
In a word---- NO.   I am not worried by Daresh's desperate and wrong-headed accusations. Why am I not worried? 

1. Since when is it a "crime" amounting to the creation of a "shadow government" to fill vacant Public Offices?  

2. Show me where I have any kind of "organization" at all?  What's it's name?  Where are it's websites?  Where are it's meeting places?  Where is it's membership roster?  John Daresh is the one claiming to have an organization of over 5,000 members, and a stated goal of having at least four spies in every county in America.  Not me. 

3. Show me where I am wrong about any of the history and public records I have presented which lead inexorably to the conclusion that I am right and Daresh is wrong?   

Rod Class and I and others have provided the proof that all our state offices and laws have been "vacated" so far as the US Congress is concerned since 1976.  Read the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) and International Organizations Immunities Act  (IOIA).  

I have also explained HOW that "vacating" came about.  It happened when the state and county governments "reorganized" as franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. in order to receive federal revenue sharing kick-backs.  Any time you incorporate anything, it leaves the jurisdiction of the land and stops operating under the Law of the Land (including the Constitution) and operates under the international Law of the Sea instead.  So all our Public Offices were instantly vacated in that process and became private corporate offices instead.  

Nobody told us about it at the time it happened (1950's and 60's) and the actions of Congress were not publicized, but now that we know, there is nothing stopping us from informing our Trustees at the United Nations (which we have already done) and going ahead and adopting our birthright political status, filling the vacant Public Offices and restoring our unincorporated government on the land. 

There is no endangerment, insurrection, or subversion of any form of government owed the United States of America on my part, and our actions on the land are certainly not any of the business of the federal government operating on the jurisdiction of the sea. We have two separate organizations with separate jurisdictions, just as they always have been---one on the sea, one on the land, one private, one public, one federal and one state.  This has been cut and dried for over 200 years, taught in every civics class and history class in America.  

4.  Show me where the "federal government" dba The United States of America, Inc., has any lawful jurisdiction related to me, other than being under contract to provide me and my unincorporated state with essential governmental services?  Two decades ago and on the public record I declared that I am an American born on the land of Wisconsin and not any sort of Federal United States Citizen at all.  This Matter of Fact has been blatted all over the planet for two decades and formally recorded in the Vatican Chancery Court. It is a Matter of Fact in international law. 

What does Mr. Daresh THINK The United States of America, Inc, has to say about my political status?   Let me inform Mr. Daresh----- they dare not say one word.   They are bound by the actual Constitution, the United States Statutes-at-Large, and the United Nations Treaties they have signed to regard my choice of political status as sacrosanct and mine alone.  And if they fail to honor my choice, they shall be brought to trial as war criminals senselessly attacking an unarmed friendly vessel as pirates on the High Seas. 

At the same time I declared my political status I also revoked my election to pay federal income taxes in 1998 and by law CANNOT ever pay them again.  At the same time, I informed the Social Security Administration that there had been a mistake, that I am not a federal employee, not a ward of any STATE, not  seeking welfare benefits of any kind, not seeking political asylum, nor any other such rot.

Since then I have reconveyed my property, including my name and vessels in commerce,  to the land jurisdiction of the United States.  I operate my private bank accounts using funds denominated in lawful money and function under complete commercial liability at all times as the naked owner of everything I am.  

If the federal corporation or any of its franchises or subcontractors address me when they are not spoken to, they will be in violation of both the actual Constitution and the United Nations Treaties they have signed onto.  

As I have recently learned the secrets of acting as a Bounty Hunter under their own 14th Amendment, I can operate my own Court of Record to fine them to the moon if they trespass against me and they cannot say or do a thing against my process because---guess what? On the land jurisdiction of this country, I really am sovereign.   

5. NLA is in fact unknowingly acting in insurrection against the government of the people, by the people, and for the people--- exactly what they have accused me of doing.   Having not properly declared their political status, having not formed a jural society, having not formed any kind of unincorporated county government to operate the land jurisdiction, and having not taken any kind of jural oath, the NLA is operating in limbo as a rogue entity, neither fish nor fowl, neither federal nor state. 

There is no "General Common Law" available to the federal government --- as freely admitted by the U.S. Supreme Court in Thompkins v. Erie Railroad.  The only form of "Common Law" that is available to the federal government is international Martial Common Law, and that cannot be mistaken or misrepresented as American Common Law. Apples are not oranges.  

No Common Law Grand Juries operating at the county or state levels can operate as federal corporate franchise entities and at the same time pretend to invoke the Fourth Branch of our land-based  
government. Such actions are neither lawful nor legal---- not lawful because only people actually possessing and declaring their birthright political status can operate our government on the land and invoke American Common Law Grand Juries, and not legal, either because PERSONS are not allowed to operate our government on the land and they commit acts of fraud and insurrection by pretending that they do. 

Put another way--- the Fourth Branch of our lawful government is operated by living people under American Common Law.  It is not operated by PERSONS operating under international Martial Common Law----and in the absence of a proper declaration of political status, this is the only option available to members of the NLA. 

Thus from either side of the fence, the NLA is not operating in any proper or honest capacity. NLA is bound to get into trouble as a result. Either the federal corporation will crack down on them for not being legal, or the actual government will crack down on them for pretending to be lawful. 

And in no case can they fulfill the rightful function of the Fourth Branch of our government going at it as they have, which no doubt accounts for the fact that they have been unable to gain traction and recognize and prosecute actual crimes.   

6. Last but not least, no federal corporate officer in his right mind at any level is going to address me.  As they are all operating in private corporate offices, they are all subject to the Clearfield Doctrine and international Law of the Sea.  They have no immunity and don't operate the sovereign unincorporated State of Alaska on the land--- a fact that they would be forced to admit under cross-examination. The Bar Members among them, which is most of them, are especially vulnerable and accountable, because they are provably and objectively foreigners on our soil and if they take any part in prosecuting me via mischaracterization of my declared political status they will be subject to very, very serious international war crimes charges before the World Court including press-ganging, fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, breach of trust, enslavement and kidnapping. 

Venal as many lawyers and politicians are, I don't know any who would care to face those counter charges in my Court of Record nor any of the international venues at my disposal. 

NLA like THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. itself is an evil organization that is staffed almost entirely by good people ---good people who don't know that they are doing anything wrong and who aren't being properly informed or guided. 

Please take it to heart---- it is I who am worried for NLA members.   NLA Members are sitting ducks because they don't have their ducks in order and their leadership won't learn enough to lead them in the way they need to go. 

The Pied Piper responsible for this is John Daresh, not me. 

My advice to NLA and all the various Common Law Grand Jury organizers and members remains the same---- check out the information available from the Michigan General Jural Assembly as regards organizing your grand juries properly. Their process has been vetted by the military and in use for many years. As soon as they finish tweaking their latest Handbook it will be widely distributed and available. 

As for straightening out your own political status issues I suggest that everyone go first to www.freesovereignandindependent.com for a bird's eye view of how this mess got started and why your separate birthright political status matters, then go to Kurt Kallenbach's website to learn how to reclaim and reconvey your name and other assets back to the land of your birth. 

This is a peaceful, non-violent and proper matter of learning how your government is supposed to operate and then operating it, not anything revolutionary or even controversial.  

The United States Congress (as opposed to the United States in Congress Assembled) made the United Nations the Trustee responsible for safeguarding our security and our Public Offices and our state law and our assets.  As beneficiaries of our national trust, it is our responsibility to inform these Trustees of our wishes and to make it clear that administrators of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and the UNITED STATES, INC. have acted in criminal deceit, collusion, and breach of trust to mischaracterize us and defraud us of our birthright, that we are the Priority Creditors of these corporations, and that we insist that our Organic and Public Law be honored with respect to us and our property.  

Start there and go forward.  If Mr. Daresh goes mad with frustrated desire to control everyone and everything and suffers an inability to read --- that's his problem. If he wants to mistake the lawful government owed to the land jurisdiction of this country as a "shadow government" while attempting to operate a national spy ring and a "national grand jury" himself, let him. 

If he wants to tell lies about me all day long, let him, too.  It won't avail him any more than it has availed many others. 

I personally gave John Daresh the county settlement documents and other documents contained in the  fromdefactotodejure.pdf document four years ago. John was heading up the New York Committeemen at the time. John was instructed exactly how to properly assemble a petite grand jury of at least 12+1 in each county. John chose to ignore the instruction and build his own personally designed grand jury scheme knowingly putting good people in danger. Several times John has been contacted by a few members of the Michigan Assembly with attempts to get him on the right path. John never made an attempt to correct his error. I now feel John intentionally wronged many people and needs to be held accountable for his actions.


Anonymous said...

"Any time you incorporate anything, it leaves the jurisdiction of the land and stops operating under the Law of the Land (including the Constitution) and operates under the international Law of the Sea instead."

There is where you are 100% wrong. Corporate law and maritime law are 2 totally different animals. You do not come under admiralty jurisdiction simply because you incorporate. That is just plain ridiculous. You have not presented one single valid argument to support this statement. To me, that proves you have no concept of actual law, and all of the rest of your claims have no validity. Unfortunately, very few people here actually take the time to READ AND VERIFY. You make them feel good, just like a preacher teaching feel good religions, but it is a total fantasy.

As I pointed out on a previous comment, if what you are saying is true, NESARA only applies to corporate citizens under maritime jurisdiction. After all, it was decided by a corporate supreme court, or passed into law by a corporate congress and signed by a corporate ceo president. depending on which part of the fantasy you believe. Therefore it only applies to member/citizens of the corporation, and only they can be a part of the new republic it creates. Those who have 'left' the corporation cannot receive its benefits.

Those who have left the corporate jurisdiction are therefore wanderers/trespassers on the land. As criminal trespassers, they can be rounded up and sent to concentration camps or deported.

Hey, this all comes from what you say you have proven, "judge". That is, assuming your interpretation of the law is properly applied. Are we a nation of laws or just your whimsical views of the law?

Anonymous said...

Which website of Kurt Kallenbach's would that be? All I found was forums and a PAC website. . . And the PAC website wanted money. . .


Anonymous said...

WOW! It is so awesome to know that there are others on this planet that are wide awake trying to awaken the masses. I have never heard it put so plain and simple. Thank you for this post

Here it is again in a nut shell,

Article I: No person, group of persons or government shall initiate force, or threat of force or fraud against any individual's self, property or contract.

Article II: Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article I

Article III: No exceptions shall exist for Article I and II

Anonymous said...


It casts no doubt on the type of people who swallow it! Honestly folks, if you believe this con-job or NLA and anything else you do deserve to lose it all. Your judge gets one thing right you should pay attention to, that is every county has their own common law jurisdiction. AS FOR THE REST OF IT, THESE PHONY NESARA LAWS ARE FOR ONLY ONE PURPOSE..TO OWN YOUR LIFE. ONLY THE MOST MORALLY BANKRUPT COULD BUY THIS LOAD OF SCUD NOWADAYS, ODD ENUFF....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well now, you seem so hell bent on calling everyone a fool!
Where is your solutions?
Are you with the alphabet soup corps?
In that case, We The People need to take a vowel movement all over DC!