Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Obama tossing it


marie said...

HMMMMM marie do not say what you really want to say because the men in black might visit you. WHEW! THAT SAYS IT ALL. WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES FROM THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD WHEN YOU NEED THEM???

Anonymous said...

Get ready for it, Trump is clearly on his way.

Like him or hate him, there is no doubt Trump will prosecute the war criminals from the Cheneys, Bushes, Clinton's, Rockefellers right down to the Warners and Bronfman's. He'll shut them down which happens with or without him. He'll shove NAFTA out the door.

He will come right out and audit the Fed during the early months of his term. Now for some, they think that's enough and they figure that it is worth a shot at this point. Just let some capo do all the thinking for them.

Truth is trusting in the arm of flesh especially in this age is fatal. While Trump will put brakes on a lot of the crap, wide awake blokes know this only buys them time. Gives these knuckle draggers extra time to figure out what the angle is for these commie types like the NESARA propagandists, what their agenda is and who the United Nations truly serves.

No doubt that is when the one world currency will hit and it will come down to having nerves of steel to get past the FEMA keepers. This shit show is no game, no way any election ever changes that.