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Dutchsinse: Multiple areas set to move


2/28/2016 — Past 7 days of seismic activity — Multiple areas set to move

by Michael Janitch
This graphic shows the past 7 days of M4.0+ earthquake activity globally - up to 10:00am CT, February 28, 2016.
past  7 days of earthquake feb 28 2016
Several of the areas we were watching in this weeks Earthquake Forecast have already been hit, including Central America, California, Argentina, and North Japan.
We are still watching MULTIPLE areas for larger movement to strike this week - be on watch in the areas named in the video, and shown in this graphic.
In addition to the areas which have already been hit, we can add Yellowstone, and Oklahoma back into the mix, both struck with M4.0 earthquakes 1 day ago (Feb 27) - both locations directly upon the edge of the craton.
Full post on the Yellowstone earthquake here:
The Western edge of the craton was put under serious pressure due to the borderline M5.0 (M4.9) earthquake which struck Central California at a fracking / pumping operation 3 days prior (February 23, 2016).
The seismic pressure from the movement in California then pushed the craton edge to the East , which ultimately caused a M4.0 at Yellowstone, and M4.0 at the fracking operations in Oklahoma.
See the most recent earthquake forecast video here:
See the video on the California M4.9 at the fracking operations , which then caused the two M4.0 at Yellowstone + Oklahoma here:
Now that several areas have moved with M4.0+ earthquake activity inside the continental United States, we need to be on watch in the warned area to the NW and SW along the West coast of the US.
The international "silent areas" named in the above video(es), and also shown in the top graphic on this post need to be on watch for additional days beyond the 7 day earthquake forecast time allotted for this movement to occur.
MULTIPLE new deep earthquakes have struck with ZERO followup shallow large movement (nothing over M6.0 yet).  This means we are most likely on the cusp of a much larger earthquake in one of the few warned areas shown in this graphic at the top of this post.
Of course I am hoping for smaller events, and swarms instead of single large release earthquakes... but we plan for larger events just in case.
This amount of silence (absent from larger seismic events) in the face of dozens of deep earthquakes, and multiple M4.0+ across the United States at the same time as this international "silence" in Papua New Guinea , Japan, and the Mideast (Iran / Turkey) means something is most likely building in one of the areas adjacent to the areas currently showing all the movement.
Keep watch for the next 3-5 days, at the end of this week we may be looking at a new round of volcanic eruptions to top it all off.
Right now, it really feels like the silence before the storm.  After what we've seen in the past, there is no way can we see this amount of deep movement, and not see shallow follow up movement occur in the nearby areas.
Michael Janitch | February 28, 2016 at 11:20 am  

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