Friday, February 26, 2016

BIDEN TO MEXICO: "Only the violent crazy outcasts of American society...

Feb 26 2016

BIDEN TO MEXICO: "Only the violent crazy outcasts of American society think there is an immigrant problem."

Biden was on Mexican television last night, and he made my gut churn. It was like a hypnotizing horror show, I could not turn it off. And during that show, I learned that:
Americans who think there is an immigration problem are extremely fringe people who have little to no education, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
Trump is an irresponsible psychopath who is dangerous, likely to be a murderer, and probably escaped from Bellview to subsequently receive a new identity, from which he terrorizes much of the civilized world.
All Americans who should not be in prison love the immigrants and welcome them with open arms. Absolutely every American who is not both insane and illiterate wants 5 times as many illegal immigrants, and also wants to hand them everything, so they do not even need to work when they get to the U.S.
Biden kept repeating over and over again these exact lines: "The American people love Mexicans, except for an extremely dangerous radical fringe" "The American people love Mexicans and Mexico, exept for an extremely dangerous tiny minority" "The ONLY Americans who do not love Mexicans are dangerous and illiterate"
It went on and on and on, and I was absolutely blown away. Biden actually scared me last night, because he said these things in a way which implied that they would soon be enforced as law. And the magnitude of the lie - I do not even need to mention that. The attitude, where "if you do not like losing your job to an illegal, you are violent and illiterate" is exactly the type of attitude you get from enemy soldiers who are ripping your society apart for the final takedown, "If you disagree you are dangerous." 
Yes I'd say, only to an enemy that might be afraid of being shot for destroying the nation.
Biden clearly displayed the depths to which the communist/leftist faction of America has already sunk to. They actually have the audacity to marginalize main street America as dangerous, illiterate, and violent. And that is who the prison camps would obviously be for, RIGHT?

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slaveman said...

General Dunford? We might need a little help here. For, we are dumbed down by the various attacks on our persons. T. V. Programming , flouride in our water,... coal ash sprayed as chemtrails,... GMO food,... pussification of our male population,... Vaccine poisons,... dependence on gov't for our food,... big pharma poisoning,... need I go on? the populace,(generally), reminds me of a child being taken advantage of by an adult- we have let them put us in a stupor. But, hey, it's not all our fault. The ones who are responsible for this are the very ones that we look to for 'guidance'. So, clearly we are fu+ked. We are like children trying to stand up to an adult who is abusing us. Collectively,... we need assistance,... can we count on you General Dunford, when or if we find the fire to address this 'beast from hell' that has come to be our government. And,... thank you J. Biden, for putting it so clearly, how the 'plan' is being laid out,... you POS.