Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yellowstone has been struck by a noteworthy M4.0 earthquake


Yellowstone has been struck by a noteworthy M4.0 earthquake and the super-fracture location in Oklahoma has shown renewed movement…. the fracking operation was also struck by a M4.0.

Both M4.0 earthquakes occurred within hours of each other.

First Yellowstone was hit… then the pressure transferred Eastward, and caused an additional M4.0 in Oklahoma.

The “dutchsinse pressure transfer” theory is now proved.

The professionals said it was “impossible” for pressure to transfer across distances.

Professionals told me I didn’t understand geology OR seismology, and told me one smaller earthquake can NOT cause another smaller earthquake elsewhere.

Professionals called me a 'conspiracy theorist' for saying fracking causes earthquakes.

Professionals denied that Yellowstone's magma chamber reaches beyond the tetons to the South.

Professionals denied that the plate is moving from Northwest to Southeast.

All the aforementioned denials of my discoveries…. lol… now proved correct on all points.

Pressure IS transferring across distances. One smaller earthquake can cause another smaller earthquake very far away. Fracking injection DOES cause earthquakes of noteworthy size.

Yellowstone's magma chamber reaches South and West to mid Wyoming and West far into Idaho. The plate DOES move from the NW to the SE, proved via GPS measurements……

Oh, and they said it was impossible to forecast an earthquake, saying I was a fraud and just getting “lucky” by throwing quote “darts at a board.”

As everyone knows, we’ve nailed earthquake forecasts — last week was 17 areas hit out of 17 areas named.

Point of saying all this is:  Every concept I’ve discussed has been denied, XYZ concepts then studied, then confirmed.  Then, after it’s proved, other people show up and pretend they always knew XYZ, and even try to claim the discovery as their own.  Whatever.  What really blows my mind is that THEY ALL CAME TO my pages to harass...not just to say something...but professors personally harassing me while nothig is said to the other guy!!!

Published on Feb 26, 2016
Yellowstone has been struck by a noteworthy M4.0 earthquake

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