Sunday, February 28, 2016

Are the 'voters' in South Carolina REALLY this STUPID??!!

Hillary smokes Bernie in South Carolina primary

59 delegates up for grabs in Palmetto State's '1st in the South' Democrat primary

Hillary Clinton swept to a commanding victory over Bernie Sanders in South Carolina’s Democratic primary, with strong support from black voters who hope to see her carry on Obama’s legacy. ??!!

With results from 38 out of 46 counties counted so far, Hillary is showing 73.61 percent and Sanders 25.84 percent. Voter turnout was 11.27 percent. (Wonder how many of the'voters' were arranged by the Soros vote counting services.)

Clinton’s margin is poised to exceed Obama’s 2008 victory, with black voters favoring her over Sanders by a stunning margin of 87 to 13 according to exit polls. This positions her to sweep the South on Super Tuesday, which may result in asignificant and possibly irreversible lead.”  (These people have no idea that they will be targeted for extinction.  How sad that they have no discernment and wisdom.) 

Hillary sent out a grateful tweet to supporters after her 'win':

Coming on the heels of tense primaries in New Hampshire and Nevada, her win provides an important boost for her campaign and erases, in part, the bitter memories of her loss to Barack Obama eight years ago.
Polls showed Clinton with a strong lead over Sanders, 58.2% to 30.7%. Polling places closed at 7 p.m. EST. (Amazing what the poll and voting results can turn out to be when manipulated by sophisticated computer software by the Soros team. The actual physical turn out for the Hillary Clinton campaign speeches have been reported to be so small that the people have to be gathered together in a small group right behind her to take pictures that would make it look like large standing only crowds.  Once again Americans are being brain washed with lies - just like what comes out of her (and Obama's mouths) - LIES.) 

In Greenville, several voters cast Hillary Clinton as a practical choice while acknowledging the abstract appeal of Sanders’ values.

Hillary was expected to win South Carolina by the wide margin. However, Sanders continued to campaign, looking for a strong second-place finish.

“A blow-out win for Clinton won’t just be bad publicity for Sanders; it will drop him ever further behind in the delegate count,” noted OregonLive. “That’s why he kept campaigning in the state this week even though Clinton maintained a sizable lead in the preference polls.(??!!)

Sanders won by a wide margin in New Hampshire, but Clinton came back and won in Nevada. After Saturday’s primary, they’ll head to Super Tuesday when 11 states vote.

Sanders sent out an optimistic tweet looking to the future:

Still, Hillary carried a great deal of baggage into the election ranging from unanswered questions on Benghazi and her email scandals to health concerns after numerous coughing fits prevented her from finishing speeches.

The strain of campaigning on behalf of his wife appeared to catch up with Bill Clinton during an appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday. The ex-president lost his temper when a former Marine interrupted Clinton’s speech and asked him to address what Hillary was going to do about the VA. Another woman in the audience also jumped up and began shouting, “Hillary lied over four coffins!”  Clinton snapped, “Shut up and listen to my answer,” but sheriff’s deputies removed both people. The former president never did address the accusations.

Clinton and Sanders went into the South Carolina primary essentially tied in terms of earned delegates, the number they win at primaries and caucuses. Clinton had a big lead in "super delegates" who can change who they are supporting. There were 59 delegates up for grabs in South Carolina.

Job creation and economic growth are the most important issues facing voters, followed by health care and national security.

The State reported other primaries in that race ha on some voter opinions:
Lei Horne, 60, of Beaufort said she voted for Hillary Clinton on Saturday because "we've seen presidential politics from a man's perspective for long enough." And 73-year-old Bluffton resident Barry Rosen voted against Clinton, saying he preferred U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' wage equality policies.  "I voted for Sanders because I think his policies on wage equality will give my grandkids a chance at the American Dream I want for them," said Rosen, a retired museum director.
In Rock Hill, 49-year-old loan adjuster Michelle Roseborough voted for Hillary Clinton, citing her experience.  "I felt like she had the most experience with her being a former senator and she was also the Secretary of State," Roseborough said. "I feel like she has already developed relationships with presidents or other people who are in a presidential position, so I feel like she's the most experienced and most suited person for the job."
Lancaster real estate business owner Linda Blackmon-Brace said she had similar reasons for picking Clinton today. "I am a die-hard Hillary fan," Blackmon Brace, 60, said. "I think it is about her qualifications and experience. I've been out since 2015 campaigning for her. I think she's the most qualified for the position."
But in Chester County, 20-year-old college student Khalil Davis cast his first-ever vote for Sanders.  "I voted for Bernie Sanders because I feel like his political views fit what I want for the country, and I feel like he is going to make it better for me and my fellow peers," Davis said.
The Palmetto State differed from other primaries in that race has played a huge role in state politics in the past year, and was expected to be instrumental for voters deciding between Clinton and Sanders.

Eight years ago, black voters turned their back on Clinton in favor of Obama, who won the primary by 29 points. This time Hillary had the support of many black voters, but their votes were likely motivated less by her ability to mobilize them than by their trust that she'll continue Obama's legacy.  (So very sad that these people are so uninformed, so ignorant of the truth.)

Black voters in South Carolina told BuzzFeed News their enthusiasm for Clinton paled in comparison to the excitement they had for Obama in 2008.

"Voting for Obama was about this –" said Barbara F. Pettett, 72, patting her hand to indicate skin color. "It's just voting this time. It's voting for a Democrat."
Pettett placed her vote for Clinton.

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs. 



Anonymous said...

The dumbed down stupid ignorant and especially apathetic sheeple will get exactly what they wanted and deserve.


Anonymous said...

Voters do NOT pick the president. The Electoral College does. And the names of these 'delegates' of the EC never seem to be made known. Like the American Medical Association, American Dental Association... even the "Neilsen Family", who provide the info for tv rating seem to be unknown, un-named people - but they are manipulating the country. In the 70's Norman Lear created The American Way - not a govn't agency, but a private one - and though it did claim to support anti-racism and anti-bigotry, it was essentially, a pro-Jew, pro-Israel agency. All these delegates and faceless agencies have to be questioned if not the same. Veterans Today continues to report how the Israeli faction controls the WH and Congress through bribes and blackmail, and in turn Congress gives Israel and Israeli militay Billion in free Foreign Aid each year. Meanwhile, all NSA data is routed through Israel, as Israel designed the software. It is Israeli Mossad, Silverstein and Bush WH that did 9/11 attacks - bombing THREE buildings in NYC, to create the 'problem' of terrorism, in order for Bush/Cheney Klan to get their 'solution' of NSA, HLS, etc - essentially Hitler-esque Gestapo and SS agencies. Wake up, folks.

Anonymous said...

I live in South Carolina. I could count the people who support Lindsey Graham or Hillary Clinton. I think they are both being selected thru a state which is incapable of addressing voter fraud.