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August 7, 2013, 8:30 P.M., EDT


There is no doubt that Tom Heneghan, a Chicago Democrat transplanted to Progressive Los Angeles whose support for former Vice President Al Gore (of carbon footprint and global warming fame) is legendary and Heneghan is taking a stand in opposition to Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta and V.K. Durham.  The question is:  “Why?”

Anyone who has followed Heneghan’s newsletters over the years knows that he often appears to be a bomb with a pre-set time to go off.  His views are often radical.  Over the years, many of his views have been accurate… but if one looks at Heneghan claims of “done deals” versus what has really proven to be the case, Heneghan has also provided much misinformation.  How many times has he told us the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols have been paid – and Wanta still awaits a checkbook making it possible to pay the Protocols?

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta and V.K. Durham, widow of Colonel Russell Herrman/HERMAN (who held the $17 trillion in a gold bullion Contra account which was the reason for an inexplicably cruel and inhumanely torturous death) have only rarely stood together publicly.  Each has quietly supported the other because their end objectives have always been the same.  Both Wanta and Durham are American patriots whose primary concern is to save the nation they both love.  Each has his or her own objectives as to how that should be done and their means of achieving the objective to save America sometimes collide.  That happens even in the best of marriages – compatible objectives (regarding good parenting of kids, for example) but different means of achieving the objective.

It is rare that the two, Wanta and Durham, have taken a public and united stand against what each of them view as dangerous incitement to civil unrest contained in Tom Heneghan’s recent postings to his blog.

The primary objection of both Wanta and Durham focuses on Heneghan’s encouragement of the American people to start a new American “revolution.”

“To encourage people to turn to unlawful violence gives the government precisely what it wants,” says Wanta.  “It gives them the opportunity to implement Martial Law – to completely remove the constitutional civil rights of all Americans.

“You cannot on the one hand say you support the Rule of Law while at the same time encouraging people to violate that very Rule of Law… yet that is what Tom Heneghan is doing.  You cannot suggest that because ‘they’ – in Heneghan’s words, Nazis and George H.W. Bush and others – you cannot say because ‘they’ abused your constitutional rights that it justifies others in violating the constitutional rights of innocent people who would end up being victims of the ‘revolutionary’ and violent tactics Heneghan appears to be recommending,” said V.K. Durham.  “Tom Heneghan is as adept at inciting Civil Unrest in his attacking of true American  patriots as he exhibits in his talents on his blog for Yellow Journalism”..

Heneghan has, for example, spoken and misspoken about the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocols on so many occasions, it is like getting whiplash from watching a tennis match.  One ball gets shot over Heneghan’s net saying First Lady Nancy Reagan is talking with Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts (in support of Protocol payments), yet when questioned on various radio shows, Heneghan doesn’t even know which nations are involved in the Protocol payments or which nations are getting how much money.  It makes it very clear that Tom Heneghan (who seems incapable of saying a single sentence without the assistance of vile language) doesn’t know much regarding the subjects about which he writes.

The next ball shot over the net says that a tiny Principality’s central bank, that of Snake Hill (located near the Australia Commonwealth city of Sydney and which has no affiliation with any other central banks in the world – it barely has the ability to handle Snake Hill credit card charges), is involved with huge dollar amounts of unlawful (and worthless) derivatives exchanged around the world.  It was such an out-and-out lie that radio hosts laughed at Heneghan when discussing his faux pas.  It was obvious to them that he knows little or nothing about commercial banking and the Federal Reserve System.  Oh, he knows what most informed American citizens know… that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation which is not a government entity.  Beyond that, every time Heneghan opens his mouth to discuss the Fed, the comments made make apparent the case for his lack of knowledge about how the financial markets really work.

Because Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta stopped accepting telephone calls from Heneghan, he (like a spoiled child) became more than just a little petulant and began writing totally irresponsible things about Wanta.  His comments, never known for their accuracy, included material that angered V.K. Durham, a woman known for her patriotism and legal holder of The Durham (Intl. Ltd) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 which is the Duly Constituted Outstanding Primary Creditor of the United States of America and “ALL” Debtor Nations.

Both responded to Heneghan in writing.  Heneghan made threatening and vile telephone calls to Ambassador Wanta which were of course recorded.  If your ears are sensitive to the “f” word, you won’t want to listen to the message, but you can find what Heneghan had to say to Wanta HERE and HERE and HERE. Would you block any further calls from this kind of invasion of your telephone privacy (especially since the NSA is recording everyone’s calls)?  Wanta decided to do just that and it obviously infuriated Tom Heneghan into making some very stupid and provably untrue statements.  In these statements, Heneghan “outs” one of the people whose emails he used to attack Wanta… a woman named Mary.  It is Heneghan, not Wanta, who makes clear that Miss Mary is DHS – Department of Homeland Security.  It is Heneghan, not Wanta and not Durham, who has chosen to make the misinformation being distributed by DHS public.  People might want to go back to the Heneghan release of today (yesterday) and re-read Mary’s comments with the knowledge that she works for the Department of Homeland Security.  It may change their reaction to this entire communiqué from Heneghan.

There are many things in the Heneghan newsletter that are untrue.  For example:

“Reference: Wanta’s credibility is now in question (I have been dealing with him since 1995, and it was myself, Tom Heneghan, and then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. that saved his life in Syre, Oklahoma).”

In the first place, the correct spelling of the prison to which Ambassador Wanta was driven in the middle of the night from Kettle Moraine prison in Wisconsin to Oklahoma (on a bus with no stops for anything but fuel) is Sayre, not Syre.  Heneghan may consider this a “typo” and of no significance, but both Wanta and Durham agree that “Truth is always found in small details… as is untruth.”  A call was placed to Wanta’s case manager while he was at North Fork Prison in Sayre, OK to verify that this was a totally untrue statement and it was verified as being untrue.
Heneghan’s newsletter is filled with vitriol against (Veterans Today) Senior Editor Gordon Duff who is a big boy and quite capable of answering the offensive Heneghan comments for himself.

However, regarding Heneghan’s remarks that because Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta is on the Editorial Board at Veterans Today that somehow means he gives input or somehow has control of commentary made by the writers of the publication is a totally fraudulent statement.

One of Wanta’s and Durham’s primary concerns is for America’s veterans.  Anyone who has followed Wanta’s history knows of his deepest desire to provide the American people with a national high-speed rail system at no cost to American taxpayers.  It is one of the things he wants to pay for himself… and at age 73, it is not something Wanta will live long enough to see profits from – of any kind.

Wanta’s affiliation with Veterans Today is based on his commitment to providing training and jobs for America’s returning veterans via the high-speed rail project.  Additionally, Wanta has committed to providing housing for families of injured veterans who must spend long periods of time receiving various long-term therapies in Veterans Administration hospitals.  It is for those reasons Wanta sits on the Editorial Board of Veterans Today.  As a believer in the First Amendment and freedom of the press, he would not (as apparently Heneghan, himself a “journalist,” would) limit Gordon Duff or any other writer from freely expressing his or her opinion.

That’s another thing that both Wanta and Durham have complete confidence in:  The common sense of the American people to recognize misinformation versus truth when presented with them.

“Give the American people the truth and they will always find the best, most constitutional answer to any problem,” said V.K. Durham.

“And we need to remember that it was the insistent demand for accurate information about global warming and costly carbon footprint fees that resulted in investigations that identified Vice President Al Gore, who was promoting the global warming faulty science, as the owner of the company on the Chicago Exchange that would receive all of those carbon footprint fees paid by American businesses and taxpayers. The insistent demands for truth came from common sense Americans who, though being deluged with disinformation about global warming, saw something wrong with what they were being told.  I expect them to do nothing less with this disinformation effort launched by Tom Heneghan for some unknown reason.  Pillow talk, perhaps?” Wanta suggested.

Now that last question is a comment Wanta would answer only with a laugh and encouragement to do some investigative reporting to find an answer.

As V.K. Durham said in an email to Ambassador Wanta 8/7/2013:

“When this ‘character assassination’ on individuals/staunch American patriots such as evidenced in Tom Heneghan’s articles which are ‘smoke screens’ for those with whom he associates who are deathly afraid of the Wanta Funds [which Heneghan says have been paid; Wanta assures he has not received one cent], and The Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 the Duly Constituted (authorized by Constitution), Outstanding, Primary Creditor of the U.S.A. and “ALL” Debtor Nations holding CERTIFIED, RECORDED OF PUBLIC RECORD SOVEREIGN DEBT INSTRUMENTS which THE BUSH/CLINTON group have used without Authorization of the Owner i.e. Durham “Trust”… being these very instruments also claimed by Jamie Diamon/JP Morgan since 2004 as owned by JP MORGAN i.e., DOCUMENTATION/VALIDATION OF Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 Documents of Recorded Record complete with Chain of Title filed of Public Record many years before Jamie Diamon/JP Morgan backdating records to deliberately indulge in Economic Espionage and Financial Terrorism to stay off the end of Term of the Receivership of the Federal Reserve Banking System here in the United States of America.

“Here is the Chain of Title.. Read it.. this is what is making everyone so bloody nervous.” .”  So said V.K. Durham in a personal email to Ambassador Lee Wanta on Wednesday morning, August 7, 2013.

And so it goes… the exchange of information regarding highly sensitive and important policies and actions that will lead the American people either to a better world – or slavery.

It is for the reader to decide which path he or she wishes to follow.


Freewill said...

Yes this is over 2 years old. I have been wondering what happened to my friend V.K. Durham. To this day I have not heard of why she disappeared.

jay w said...

hmm hmm hmm , I read she passed away on some blog , He may (henneghen) be stoking some fires but revolution does NOT MEAN VIOLENCE , he wants americans to wake up , wise up , learn who we are , and what we can do the declaration of Independence , does that sound like it could be violent ???? They will bring violence on us in a heart beat...................

Anonymous said...

The most logical answer why she disappeared is in the Article "legal holder of The Durham (Intl. Ltd) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 which is the Duly Constituted Outstanding Primary Creditor of the United States of America and 'ALL' Debtor Nations." Find the threat and eliminate it. Or was that sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

We don't want any Martial law.

Anonymous said...

Links are in Japanese to Durham's website????

Freewill said...

Her website does not exist anymore. That is the apache page on the server.

Anonymous said...

There are some differing ideas about
Durhams whereabouts listed on page 19 of
www.rumor mill news reading
from mid December 2015.