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Benjamin Fulford weekly report Feb 22 2016

Did a Chinese banker just announce the biggest event in human history?

by benjamin
February 22, 2016

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Last week Zhou Xiaochuan, the head of China’s central bank, announced, in a jargon
filled technical interview, that China would no longer be pegging its currency to the US dollar. Instead, the Chinese yuan will be linked to a broad basket of currencies, Zhou said.

This seemingly arcane shift could trigger a collapse in the US dollar, which, as economist Peter Schiff put it “will be the single largest event in human history.”

The fact is that 84% of the US work force is in the service sector (banking, government, retail, etc.), meaning they do not actually make anything. In other words, the Americans
do not make enough stuff to pay for the stuff they are getting from the rest of the world.
The corporate propaganda media still cling to the lie that the US is the world’s biggest economy and China is number two. That is outright fiction. The Chinese, for example, produce 11 times more steel than the US and, in the last 3 years alone, have produced more concrete than the US used during the entire 20th century. The Chinese have decided enough is enough and demanded real payment for their goods, not so-called US dollars.

The significance of the shift has been underlined by the double digit collapse in world trade in January and the shutting of US ports. Chinese exports in January fell by 11.2% year on year while imports fell 18.8%. Most of this was related to the US. The message was clear.  The US was not going to be allowed any more to pay for stuff with money printed out of thin air.

This Chinese move is what prompted 'US Corporate Government' presidential spokesperson Barack Obama to ask Chinese elders and the Rothschild family for permission to devalue the US dollar, which was, as reported here last week, denied. 
The failure to get permission to devalue the US dollar prompted Obama’s handlers to call an unscheduled emergency summit meeting of ASEAN heads of state last week in California.

In fact, the real meeting that took place in California was between General Joseph Dunford, head of the US military, and General Mulyono, chief of staff of the Indonesian armed forces. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss gold, lots of gold, according to US based Pentagon sources and Indonesian based CIA sources. As a result of this meeting, the US was given the right to finance itself by exporting gold to China from the gigantic Freeport McMoRan mine in Papua. According to the CIA source, the gold ore is turned into slurry and pumped straight into ships that take it to Hong Kong for refining. The amount is unknown but apparently enough to keep the US government functioning.

Furthermore, at this meeting the US military was given permission to develop a massive new platinum and gold deposit and set up bases on Indonesian islands near the South China Sea. The Indonesians will get a large piece of the action, plus protection, in exchange for their cooperation, the sources said.

The bigger story behind all of this is that the US military has been building a global military alliance to make sure we do not end up with a one China world.

On February 11th, before the meeting with the Indonesian army chief, General Dunford met with the heads of the Japanese and South Korean armed forces, ostensibly to discuss “North Korean missiles.”


The real point of the meeting was to ensure the Japanese and Korean armed forces aligned with the Russian, US and European military alliance that was sealed when the Pope met with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril on February 12th, White Dragon Society sources say.

This alliance, in addition to keeping China in check, is aiming to straighten out the Middle East. On that front Obama was instructed to tell the world that Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons. The message being sent, according to Pentagon sources, was that it would
be OK for the Russians to use nuclear weapons to attack Saudi Arabia. There is also a secret understanding that NATO will not defend Turkey if Russia attacks, the sources say.

The Turks and the Saudis, along with their Nazi allies in the Ukraine, have assembled an army over a million strong with up to 3500 tanks, over 3000 high performance
aircraft and advanced missile systems.


They also have at least 200 nuclear weapons supplied by Israel or stolen from NATO arsenals in Turkey. This army has been assembled to create an Islamic super state or caliphate. This state is intended to include Northern Africa, the Middle East and large
parts of central Asia. The floods of Muslim refugees being poured into Europe are almost certainly being used as pressure to get European acquiescence to this plan.

However, the Turkish and Saudi military brass have told their US counterparts they will overthrow their political leaders if they try to order them to use this vast army in a suicidal move against the US/Russian military alliance.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey are also feeling a financial pinch respectively from drops in oil prices and drops in trade and tourism. This pinch forced Saudi Arabia to cancel $4 billion worth of military aid to Lebanon, Pentagon sources. The losers in this case were, the Pentagon sources said: “the Jewish mafia behind the French arms companies.” In addition, the Iranian aligned Hezbollah is being armed by Russia and, the sources say, “may act as a proxy for Russia to nuke Israel.”

Furthermore, the Italians have started probing Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s son Bilal for money laundering. The message being sent to the Turkish leadership is that they are not above the law. Some sort of Muslim federation will arise when the dust settles
but it will arise through negotiations and plebiscites, not war, WDS sources say.

Meanwhile, the Pope’s airplane “was lasered by drug cartel operatives” in Mexico last week to signal their displeasure at his efforts to cut off drug money.

There also appears to be some serious X-files type of stuff going on in relationship to
all of this. Recall that the Vatican was hit by lighting during the deliberations that ended up in the selection of Pope Francis. Then Mecca in Saudi Arabia was hit by lightning leading to over 100 deaths last September.


Following that a Russian research vessel showed up in Jeddah, the Saudi port close to Mecca.


The Sorcha Faal news site run by US Naval intelligence wrote recently the vessel was there to transport some sort of secret weapon uncovered in Mecca and transport it to Antarctica.


This news site was described by British MI6 intelligence sources as being anywhere
from 90% to 10% true with disinformation mixed in. However, what brings our attention to this article at this time is the fact Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril last week went to Antarctica to meet the Russian ship.


Pentagon sources say Kiril went to Antarctica “to extend Russian claims like papal bulls that gave Spain much of the new world.” However, there is almost certainly more to this than a simple claim on frozen land.


Anonymous said...

A few weeks back you told your readers
That the US Military took over the Fed Reserve
And now you are telling us that the Rothschild
Family is still making calls on our currency?
Why are the Rothschilds still in control and
Why aren't they arrested? Why is everything
Focused on Bush/Clinton? This shit goes way
Back before Bush/Clinton. No arrests and
Rothschild running loose calling shots. It all
Sounds like a Jesuit New World Order taking
Place.Pope and Orthodox Church making secret
Deals. The Pentagon worried more about what's
Going elsewhere while Feds, BLM, Homeland
Security are trampling all over Americans.
When is our Military going to step in? You owe
Your readers an explanation regarding who is controlling the Fed. You have contradictions
In your reports. Explain?

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Anonymous said...

Jim Willie called Benjamin Fulford "a closet Satanist" not long ago in one of his interviews. While Fulford claims he is the White Dragon representative, he is deeply rooted in the Jesuits background, do I would say he is "by polar" in his associations. I am going to copy the article he wrote in 2013 about his father and their association and history with the pope.
I am sure Fulford is just another snake oil salesman who does not care about anything but the money he can collect from subscriptions and the proceeds from the by polar books he publishes. We need to allow a cup full of salt when we read his missives because he gives 20% truth while the rest of 80% is fiction aka entertainment.