Monday, February 29, 2016

Student opens fire in cafeteria, injures 4 at Madison High School Butler County Ohio

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A shooting inside the cafeteria at Madison Jr./Sr. High School Monday left four students injured and a suspect in custody, police said.
Gunfire injured two of the students and flying shrapnel may have hurt the two others, Butler County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said.

All injuries were considered non-life threatening. The school district has notified the injured students' parents, and all other students were released around 1 p.m.
One suspect was taken into custody.
When asked to describe what she felt when she was notified, parent Mandy Yates said, "Terrified, you're terrified. There's no other word for it. You kind of just go numb and just think about getting there (to your kids)."
At least 10 sheriff's office cruisers were on the scene, dozens of cars were lined up at the nearby Sunoco station and the Pleasant Ridge United Methodist Church on S.R. 122. Most of those cars were concerned parents and residents trying to gather information and reunite with their children.
Photo by Nick Graham | Journal-News
Yates said she felt parents were kept "pretty well informed" throughout the process, as deputies conducted their investigation.
Another parent, Ken Gairland, who has four sons in the district, told reporters that when he first got word of the incident, he thought "everything bad."
"You always think it won't happen to you, and this is kind of an eye-opener," he said.
A.J. Huff, the district's coordinator of school and community relations, said parents were notified twice by automated phone call messages with following updates communicated on the district's website and social media channels.
Huff emphasized the school staff's extensive training in handling such an incident, describing their response in the aftermath of the shooting as "calm, collected, quiet."
Madison Elementary School was scheduled to dismiss students one hour early Monday.

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