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Tom Lacovara-Stewart

WASHINGTON (Feb. 16, 2016)

For the 22nd time in his Administration, President Obama has improperly leveraged the Antiquities Act of 1906 to lock up millions of acres of the American West.

More "National Monuments" used as excuse to move boldly forward with United Nations Agenda 21 actions, and as to date, Obama locked off 265 million acres all within the last seven years.

“This president has misused and abused his executive power more than any of his predecessors in an attempt to distract from his true environmental legacy which will be one of mismanagement and undue economic hardship in rural communities,” 

Brenda Richards
Public Lands Council President


Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow countrymen and women, no matter what your political ideology, there comes a point in time where you must realize that the Federal Government you see, is not, nor has been for a long time, the one our ancestors fought to make Fred, handing to us a Republic, if we could keep it.

I did not agree with the Malheur Refuge action when I first heard of it, nor when I traveled to Oregon in what I felt was my responsibility to friends I lived to report, give them a voice, and if at all possible, prevent another Waco.

But as I learned the crimes and the DURESS that this and previous administration's have brought to bear upon the American people, I must say, that not only do I completly understand, but I can in no way now even to the slightest say that it was not a much needed event to awaken the people as to the true tyrannical nature that the defacto masquerading as the legitimate Republic has taken the level of absolute evil. 

As this defacto President has shown his public support for a Social Justice group I won't even mention as they boil my blood, who went far beyond what the protesters in Oregon did as they occupied a few empty buildings and took care to protect all important relic.

But the group Obama has supported burnt down buildings, and called for the execution of police, and people have acted upon those calls by murdering police, whereas, LaVoy Finicum and company were on their way to meet with a lawman, a Sheriff, and over 240 towns people from the next County to Malheur. 

If the 'FBI' had wanted a peaceful arrest, why did they not await their arrival? Instead, while on their way to a peaceful gathering, LaVoy and the rest were nailed in a military ambush.

And as we have not as of yet seen one body cam or sound of the murder, it has been floated as him reaching for a gun, that no one sees in the film, that turns out to be a stolen gun from 2 years ago with a shady history.....on a man who up until this event had followed the law to the letter and had all legal firearms.

Sheriff Palmer was disgusted, rightfully so, as he is being harassed in a political attack for what? Actually doing his job. And now the latest in the crimes against the people, and the continuing impoverishment of our people by people who only know how to take and redistribute while destroying the people that foot the bill.  Every empire that has gone this route in history have body counts due to democide in their wake.

For the 22nd time in his Administration, Obama has improperly leveraged the Antiquities Act of 1906 to lock up millions of acres of the American WestIn a press release touting the designation of Sand to Snow National Monument, Mojave Trails National Monument, and Castle Mountains National Monument - a total of 1.8 million acres - USDA celebrated this Administration’s prowess for these types of designations that have locked off 265 million acres in the last seven years without any formal review, economic analysis or public comment.

As Obama closes out his final term, a rash of last-minute designations totaling nearly 10 million acres in states like Oregon, Arizona and Utah is expected. Congress must rein this abuse of the Antiquities Act and ensure the American public is engaged whenever the 'federal government' makes sweeping decisions that impact such large areas of land.

Here we are again discussing the President’s abuse of a law intended to protect objects or artifacts, not large landscapes,” said Tracy Brunner, NCBA President and Kansas cattleman. “When designations like these take place, multiple-use and valid existing rights like grazing always lose. If this Administration believes this land is in need of protection, they should do so through the proper democratic channels, not a stroke of the pen that bypasses the American people."

Richards added, “It’s outrageous that the Administration would openly boast of side stepping the American public under the guise of protecting these lands when, in fact, they are eroding the multiple-use doctrine of the federal land management agencies.”  

And we here at RTRTruthMedia / ResurrectTheRepublic Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network agree.


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