Sunday, February 28, 2016


Plan - A
1.                      Solve them?
2.                      Manage them?
Plan – B
There is no Plan-B.

Subject: Raccoons
I don't know who wrote this, but it is super-fantastic!  This is WHY Trump has such a following.
Many have asked me if I support the republican party?
Here is a letter someone sent to the RNC… You be the judge…
Dear Representative,
From the time I was able to vote I voted republican. I am 80 and have a great deal of respect and influence with hundreds of senior ball players who also network with thousands of others around the country. 
I received your questionnaire and request for money and strongly agree with every question as I have since Obama was elected. Unfortunately the one question that was missing is “What has the republicans done for the American people?” We gave you a majority in the house and senate and you never listened to us. Now you want our money. 
You should be more concerned about our votes not our money. You are the establishment which means all you want is to save your jobs and line your pockets… Well guess what? “It’s not going to happen” You can shake in your boots when I tell you our movement is for TRUMP and he hasn’t asked for a dime.
You might think we are fools because you feel Trump is on a self destruct course but look beyond Washington and listen to the masses.  Nobody has achieved what he has, especially in a state of New York. 
If you really want to know how the majority of people feel? And this applies to both democrats and republicans, read below, it says it all.
You've been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, and your basement is infested with raccoons. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement. You want them gone immediately… You call the city, 4 different exterminators but nobody could handle the job… But there is this one guy and he guarantees you to get rid of them, so you hire him. You don't care if the guy smells, you don't care if the guy swears, you don't care if he's an alcoholic, you don't care how many times he's been married, you don't care if he voted for Obama, you don't care if he has plumber's simply want those raccoons gone!  You want your problem fixed!  He's the guy. He's the best. Period 
Here’s why we want Trump, yes he's a bit of an ass, yes he's an egomaniac, but we don't care. The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, and illegals are everywhere. We want it all fixed! We don't care that Trump is crude, we don't care that he insults people, we don't care that he had been friendly with Hillary, we don't care that he has changed positions, we don't care that he's been married 3 times, we don't care that he fights with Megan Kelly and Rosie O'Donnell, we don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslin terrorist. This country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegal's, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hasid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in; "AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED" and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want.  We're sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and sick of illegals. We just want this thing fixed. Trump may not be a saint, but doesn't have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn't have political correctness restraining him, all you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he's also not a politician,  he's not a cowardly politician. And he says he'll fix it. And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.
Also we don't care if the guy has bad hair.  
 We just want those raccoons gone.  
Out of your house.  


Anonymous said...

I am 67 years old and I have never voted in my life and anyone who thinks I don't have the right to complain or protest the bs we live with everyday better get head out of rearend and wake up. Even though the voting dog and pony show which is really about selection, not election, I sure didn't vote for any of these treasonous self serving bastards who are now infringing upon my rights and life, but I have no right to say anything. How brain dead can Americans get?
This dog and pony show is better then any Hollywierd movie. Trump is not controlled by others fraud dollars or black mail like all the rest and if they had any thing on him, they would have brought it to the table long ago. Now they are trying to use the extortion fee, (taxes) card against him. They are getting pretty desperate and will expose themselves even more trying to crush this man. I have always said that as long as we have politicians, there will always be suffering, misery, death and wars.
Trump is not a politician, not yet anyway, and he actually has common sense to share.
I still have no plans to vote until we get a real voting system in place, but if I had to choose right now, it would be Trump. He is the only one who offer real positive change and has already proven his strength and power to do so. If you all want to keep believing in these spineless, coward, self serving, money and black mailed controlled puppets you call leaders and politicians, that is your choice, but you will certainly get what you want and what you deserve.
My vote is for Alferd E Neuman. If you ever want to learn some real truth about this giant slave plantation we call a country, read a Mad magazine or watch an episode of the Simpson's.

Anonymous said... ...... Alfred E. Neuman is the fictitious mascot and cover boy, of Mad, an American humor magazine. The face had drifted through U.S. pictography for decades, before being claimed by Mad editor Harvey Kurtzman, and later named by the magazine's second editor Al Feldstein. He appeared occasionally in the early seasons of MADtv during sketches and interstitials and briefly appeared in the animated TV series Mad. - - Content: 1 History 2 Genesis 3 Cultural impact 4 References 5 External links - - History : Since his debut in Mad, Neuman's likeness has appeared on the cover of all but a handful of the magazine's 500 issues, distinguished by jug ears, a missing front tooth, and one eye lower than the other. ... (...)