Friday, February 26, 2016

Bill of Rights Suspended

Bill of Rights Suspended in 
Georgetown County South Carolina 
4th Amendment GONE!


Georgetown County in violation of the SC State Constitution and the US Constitution has suspended the Fourth Amendment. Non-law enforcement Agents of the county claim the RIGHT (not privilege) to search you property and enter your home residence without permission and without warrants to look for bags of trash and rodents (among a plethora of other things to look for in order to find a violation of INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE)! They have also adopted thousands of pages of International Code as County ordinances without circulating it to the public and without using it for some time.
ACT NOW! SC citizens must check their local ordinances to see if their county has also adopted foreign legislation as law without their input or vote! This is PROPERTY MAINTENANCE NOT building and zoning. Regulations are given dictating how you must clean and order your home. Penalty for noncompliance is imprisonment and the crime is a misdemeanor but no Miranda or Bill of Rights is acknowledged or obeyed. DANGER, DANGER!!!

Here are the ordinances, codes, and web sites of Georgetown County to confirm this story.
Don't wait til they show up at your door, the first shot has been fired, act now. Demand obedience of the SC Constitution in YOUR county and in Georgetown County NOW!
Search by County Agents WITHOUT WARRANT or Due Process of Law: Article 15

Georgetown County Ordinance Adopting the International Codes

Downloads of the Code

Original Zoning Ordinances with NO reference to International Codes as presented to County Citizens

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