Monday, February 22, 2016

Build your own 10,000 bullet stockpile.

Information recommended by a loyal NESARA reader.  Thank you KT ........

Ex-Army scout Sam McCoy just released his "down and dirty" blueprint to build your own 10,000 bullet stockpile.

This is information that will no doubt be offensive to the anti-gun lobby. If you're easily offended by firearms and ammo then you'll want to avoid this presentation...

Watch this short video and in just 4 minutes you'll discover his techniques.

In the video, you'll learn how to build your own stockpile of 10k bullets for pennies on the dollar (even in our current ammo shortage economy).

Plus you'll learn a backwoods technique to turn matches into bullets (yes...real bullets!).

Mr. McCoy is ticked off at the recent attempts by the Obama administration to limit gun owners access to ammo. This is why he decided to release his ammo hoarding secrets to the masses.

Here's the link again to review the video today:

There's a good chance this video will get knocked offline before long. From what I understand, it's already been under attack by gun grabbing groups.

Watch it today in case it's gone tomorrow!

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