Monday, February 26, 2018

The Parkland Shooting. More Questions!

I want to see pictures of funerals!

I want to see videos of funerals!

I want to see Obituaries!

I have seen as much of these as what I have seen with Sandy Hook! 

Where is it all? 

Where is the news coverage of weeping families at burials?

Anyone with anything can you link it here?


c said...

I looked up two of the victims and found their obituaries on the funeral homes' websites. Names and ages matched. Could it be faked? Sure. But, you'd think the locals would pick up on it.

Slaveman said...

We have all seen on the news of Palestinian mothers screaming and crying holding their babies for the cameras to see, babies who were murdered by various 'fighters', USA included, I've seen this, you have seen this. I'm sure these distraught mothers,(or fathers), do this to show the reality of their grief. To SHOW THE WORLD what was done to their babies. Have we seen this? Or have we seen the replay of the parents of Sandy Hook? Where the o-bits? How could these parents go to the white house and confront the President if this were NOT true? I realize that they need to dis-arm us, but, that would be beyound the pale, no?

Investigative reporter said...

CIA source have reported that NO valid birth certificates have been found for any one of the 'shooting victims'! The county coroner would be required to file a report on each of the bodies. Any one come up with that? NO blood was seen ANY where at the 'scene'. The sheriff is/was a close 'friend' of Hillary Clinton. Dade and Broward Counties are 'Democrat' - filled to the brim with illegals. Question: Does the Florida 'Governor' support sanctuary counties/cities in Florida and, if so, are Dade and Broward Counties among those? Reports that the school system received a payment of $300,000 due to this shooting event! Anyone come up with WHO made that $300,000 payment and to EXACTLY WHAT account was it deposited, and the individual that accepted and deposited that payment? Kids interviewed volunteered that scripts were made available to them to read while being 'interviewed'. Others stated that they were not comfortable with the proceedings - perhaps finding out after they showed up for the job as 'crisis actors' just what it was that they had agreed to do at the school. How much did each of the crisis actors receiv for their part in staging this fraudulent activity? The 'shooter' could well have been set up as was the 'shooter' in the Las Vegas event a few weeks ago. Witnesses claimed there that there were MULTIPLE gun shots - not just one, and that the shooters were seen in multiple locations, including on hotel floors NOT where the shooter was supposedly to have been shooting from and where multiple guns, etc. had been stockpiled to be used against him as 'evidence.' This kid in Florida appears also to have been set up in several ways: multiple weapons found in his apartment, both his elderly parents had died of health related issues so he was alone; the known to be 'crooked' CPS (child protective services) in Florida were known to be involved in child trafficking, and had custody of the shooter; this kid was drugged up big time - just like Sandy Hook and Columbine. There are MANY similarities among these 3 'school shootings', including immediate reports on findings within the rooms of the 3 'shooters' plus the Vegas 'shooter,' and not only 'under the influence' when immediately taken to court by a female who carried out the exact same hearing on the shooter's 'behalf' as the others. Shooter appeared to be drugged and freshly programmed - thus the blank stare AND stating that he was 'guilty.' People, this is all about the enemy within and their push to take over our nation, doing away with the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments, and then genocide of all patriots, militia, Christians, and common law supporters and all others who are determined to be the 'enemies' of these leftists traitors - in BOTH houses of CON-gress and ALL 'government' departments and support agencies. We cannot allow all the lies and fraudulent information being broadcast by the media to continue misleading America. This MUST come to a full fledged IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY INVESTIGATION and EXPOSE the liars and the lies. ALL involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. THIS IS TREASON. Either we all stand up and fight this - making Trump and administration aware of the 'program' they are carrying out against us - or we will go down together or alone but we will go down. Do your own research, make comparisons of Columbine, Sandy Hook and Florida, and get it to the President and his staff via the White House email service.

just some dude with dsl said...

The biggest HELLO is the way the MSM is running this 24/7... Classic false flag!

Anonymous said...

Operation Parkland investigative journalism from Henry Makow's website

"(CIA's Anderson Cooper with Deep State operatives Kevin and David Hogg)

"Far from being a victim, David Hogg was one of the forward observers of the joint Israeli-CIA death squad sent to Parkland, ensuring that sufficient numbers of his classmates were killed.

"The Jewish-born Cruz was likely recruited by the Shomrim secret society to be a patsy for the commando raid and was brainwashed at Chabad House.



Anonymous said...

Real perpetrators vs captured alleged suspect
“FULL METAL GARB”! The Real Shooter(s) Was A Professionally Outfitted Military Commando
Read more:

Anonymous said...

Dead Hero Coach of Parkland Shooting Hoax Aaron Feis Found Alive at Funeral


Not to deflect focus from the role of a multitude of security agencies involved in the Parkland Shooting it is extremely urgent to study a particular ancient enemy and false flag hexagon Rothschild death cult within a.k.a. Chabad Lubavitch and its occult secretive central and leading role in the infiltration, destruction and coup of America and its peoples. Our security situation and primary responsibility is crying to be addressed by us. Publish all of its lies and sedition.

Prince said...

how about the pincpl that a new car on the day of the shooting what about him

Anonymous said...

The FL Shooting was all about money.  Go to the 26 min mark.  (25 min mark shows this 'sheriff' and buddy Hillary.) btw: where was the Principal and office staff that day?
The You Tube PURGE... & New #Q --