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2 Diabetes Drugs Elevate Cancer Risk By 25X

2 Diabetes Drugs Elevate Cancer Risk By 25X

Another giant dark cloud recently began hovering over the pharmaceutical

Seems they again may be making fewer billions because some of their cash cows have been shown to cause an inconvenient, silly little side effect known as "pancreatitis" (a possibly FATAL inflammation of the pancreas).
The cash cows in question?
The drugs Januvia (Merck) and Byetta (Bristol-Myers Squibb), which are both used to treat type 2 diabetes.
Both of these medications "work" by increasing amounts of a hormone called GLP-1, which stimulates your pancreas to produce insulin and thereby reduce blood glucose levels.
But it appears they're also causing the pancreas to go completely haywire.
Here's the scoop:
Pancreatitis risk is 2x, pancreatic cancer risk 25X higher
According to a study published on February 25, 2013 in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, type 2 diabetes patients taking Januvia or Byetta were twice as likely as those who took other drugs to end up in the hospital with pancreatitis.
With pancreatitis, digestive enzymes produced in your pancreas become activated too soon--while they're still inside the pancreas!
Other reports showed these drugs to be 25 times likelier to increase pancreatic cancer rates compared to other diabetes drugs.
This is way not good.
You see, during normal digestion, your pancreas secretes INACTIVE enzymes. These enzymes travel to the small intestine, and in there they get activated to continue breaking down the foods that have just left your stomach.
But when the enzymes become activated too soon, they can actually digest the tissues of your pancreas!  This leads to the classic symptoms of pancreatitis--chronic inflammation, abdominal pain, fever and nausea.
And in this case, the researchers in the study above found that the pancreatitis was triggered by pancreatic lesions caused by the drugs!
Pancreatitis is especially dangerous because it can eventually be fatal in and of itself.
Yeah, I guess when your pancreas digests enough of itself you eventually can't live to tell about it.
It can also lead to pancreatic cancer (which is nearly always fatal) or kidney failure (which also has its share of fatalities).
So needless to say, lawsuits over these drugs are a-blazing this very moment.

So now what?
This is scary news for the 300+ million people worldwide with type 2 diabetes.
But the glimmer of hope here is that when you actually understand what's going on with type 2 diabetes, then look at its root causes and DO something about them, your chances of needing medication to begin with decreases dramatically!
And so can your risk of possibly-fatal pancreatitis.
Let's first take a peek at what's really going on with type 2 diabetes:

It all starts with a little resistance
Insulin resistance is where your body produces insulin but it doesn't have the desired effect.
You see, in a normal, healthy body, when food is eaten and broken down, glucose enters the bloodstream. That alerts the pancreas to secrete insulin, which tells your body's cells to absorb and use the glucose.
That way, your body has the fuel it needs and the level of sugar in your blood is regulated.
But with insulin resistance, your cells don't respond like they're supposed to--they "ignore" the insulin and "refuse" to absorb the glucose.
Consequently, you need MORE insulin to "force" the glucose to bully its way into your cells.
Your pancreas gets seriously overworked trying to keep up with this increasing need for insulin, and it can begin to fall short.
Then, excess glucose builds up in your bloodstream, and you become labeled a Type 2 diabetic.

So what causes or contributes to type 2 diabetes?
Here are a well-known and other not-so-well-known factors behind type 2 diabetes:
1) Eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates
This in number ONE.
Eating these foods packs on the pounds and creates a vicious cycle in your body that opens the door for type 2 diabetes.
Here's what's happening:
Most nutrient-poor processed foods and refined carbohydrates (sugars, white flour, white rice and all products made with them), basically turn to nothing but sugar (glucose) in your body.
If your body burns up the glucose for energy, that's fine. But the problem arises when there is SO much excess glucose over and above what you need for daily fuel.
Excess glucose not used by your body is stored as...
Fat. Blubber. Lots of you to love.
And most people are eating WAY too many processed, refined foods day in and day out, and packing on the pounds as a result.
Plus, you're taunting your pancreas. Having excessive amounts of glucose in your blood consistently is a great way to stress your pancreas because it has to operate in overdrive to keep up with your insulin needs.
And eventually you can find yourself in the insulin resistance scenario I described above.

2) Unbalanced estrogen

Having excess estrogen is a contributing factor in the development of diabetes.
This explains why menopausal women have five times more type 2 diabetes than men, since estrogen becomes more dominant during menopause.

3) The use of prednisone (synthetic cortisone)

Elevated cortisol commonly goes hand in hand with elevated blood sugar.

4) Enzyme deficiencies
Diabetics are commonly deficient in lipase (the enzyme that digests fats) which is needed for the metabolism of insulin and for the best chance of a "warm welcome" of the glucose by your cells.
Insulin metabolism can be hampered or markedly reduced depending on the amount of undigested fat you have floating around in your blood. So clearly, it's essential to have the enzymes you need to properly digest fats.

Safe, natural measures against type 2 diabetes
There are two safe, natural yet very effective measures you can take to help avoid stressing your pancreas and encourage your body to properly metabolize insulin and glucose:
1. Eat fewer processed foods and refined carbs
In the Great Taste No Pain health system, I show you delicious ways to enjoy REAL foods -- whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish. And the meals are all easily digested, so you get maximum nutrient absorption and more regular BMs and less gas!
These are foods that are nutrient-dense and don't result in the harmful onslaught of sugar in your body like processed and refined foods. That means less excess glucose to turn to fat, and less likelihood of insulin resistance and the resulting type 2 diabetes.
And ladies, better digestion also means that excess estrogen can be properly eliminated with your bowel movements, instead of being reabsorbed and contributing to diabetes like I mentioned in #2) above.
Plus, when you do what I tell you to do in GTNP, you feel fuller longer, so you'll eat less. That can mean a smaller number on the scale too--how's THAT sound just in time for bathing suit season?

2. Give your body a boost with enzymes
Unfortunately, when you're running low in enzymes, your body doesn't give you a nudge and say, "Hey, you better give me a hand here."
Instead it gives you subtle hints--like poor digestion, gas, bloating, acid reflux and...
A greater likelihood of type 2 diabetes.
That's right. If your body doesn't have the enzymes it needs to properly break down fats (and many people with a diet rich in fats and/or who have lost their gallbladder are prime candidates), you are reducing your body's ability to respond to insulin...
And just begging for type 2 diabetes.
That's why it's essential to eat lots of enzyme-containing foods like fresh vegetables and fruit.
And supplement with a high-quality enzyme supplement like Digestizol Max.
Digestizol Max contains a potent, effective blend of 14 plant-derived enzymes that will get to work immediately and help your body break down proteins, carbs and fats like it should.
When your digestion is accomplished efficiently, you can feel the difference from head to toe:
- Your body can eliminate wastes and toxins better, so you can have less overall inflammation and fewer aches and pains.
- Excess weight can come off more easily.
- You can have easy, regular bowel movements.
- You'll likely experience less gas, bloating and flatulence.
And: You become much less likely to develop type 2 diabetes!

If you have concerns about type 2 diabetes, don't think that dangerous (possibly fatal) drugs are your only option!
You can do SO much to help your body along and encourage it to work the way it's supposed to. With no possibility of side-effects whatsoever.
By eating real foods and giving your body some enzyme help if needed, you are taking HUGE steps toward a life free of type 2 diabetes.
Doesn't that sound nice?
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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PPS:  Sara's down 31 pounds and has almost given up her insulin!
Hi Sherry,
I'm so happy I found you on the internet.
My life was one wreck and I had just about given up on it completely. Then I read your book and immediately I loved it. I started on your plan right away to put what you said in action.
It works! I weighed 269 lbs. when I started and today I weigh 238 and have almost given up all of my insulin.
This is great and thank you so much for your help.
Again let me thank you for your help.
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