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by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/12/01
Invoking War Power-like authority, the Younger Bush White House ordered the suppression of certain news under the disguise of plugging up leaks of so-called "military secrets". The details.
For a number of years the State of Michigan, through Michigan State University, owned and operated the Michigan Biologic Products Institute. They had the exclusive contract with the Department of Defense to, among other things, develop and produce an anthrax vaccine.
A strange and mysterious group, in 1998, bought out the state-owned Institute, calling themselves BIOPORT CORPORATION, and the Department of Defense became its only customer.
"The takeover itself is considered suspicious by some. 'The company acquired the Michigan Biologic Products Institute for the express purpose of taking over and acquiring a lucrative military contract', said a bio-warfare expert who asked not to be named and accused company officials of 'WAR PROFITEERING'". (Emphasis added.)
"Why Anthrax Vaccine is Scarce" by Kristen Philipkoski, WIREDNEWS, on-line 10/10/2001. The story went on to state "The FDA [Food and Drug Administration] repeatedly flunked BioPort in inspections in 1999 and 2000 because of contamination and suspicious changes made to expiration dates. The agency has barred the company from releasing any of the vaccine as a result." The story went on to assert that as to the company that an audit by the Pentagon's inspector general in April 2000 that BioPort had spent several million dollars inappropriately, and paid out unsubstantiated consulting costs.
WIREDNEWS further stated, "The anthrax vaccine was the subject of controversy even before it was in such high demand. Approximately 400 soldiers faced reprimands rather than take the vaccine because of side effects that some said were severe."
The Board of Directors of BioPort included Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr., former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former chairman of the President's FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY BOARD. Crowe is a member of the conspiratorial COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, CFR, and chairman of the New World Order group, Senior Advisory Board for GLOBAL OPTIONS. That group included five other CFR members such as the former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey. The administrations of Jimmy Carter, the Elder Bush, Bill Clinton, and the Younger Bush were and are absolutely riddled with CFR overlords.
The stockholders of BioPort Corporation reportedly include the following
===The CARLYLE GROUP that includes former cabinet members of the Elder Bush White House and other oil monopolists, such as James A. Baker 3rd, once Secretary of State. Some contend that Baker in part handled the 40 million dollars of secret dope loot that was used to corrupt and influence DEMOCRATS in Florida to stop the ballot recount even before the U.S. Supreme Court "Gang of Five" got into the picture and installed George W. Bush as the "occupant" and "resident" of the White House. The 40 million dollars was reportedly dope trafficking funds from U.S./Colombia Medellin Dope Cartel Co-Founder Carlos Lehder. According to outspoken drug enforcement current and former officials, Lehder is the private business partner of the Bush Family. Although extradited to the U.S., prosecuted and sent to a 55-year term in U.S. prison, Lehder has disappeared from the Federal Prison System. Uncovering these details was Chandra Levy. (Visit our website story, "The Chandra Levy Affair", Part Two. Also see my various stories on the Year 2000 Presidential election.) The Carlos Lehder matter could put members of the Bush Family in long federal prison terms.
The Carlyle Group, headquartered in the nation's capital, specializes in seizing control of shaky aerospace and defense contractors and then strong-arming, some say blackmailing, contracts out of the Department of Defense. An investor in the Carlyle Group has been George Herbert Walker Bush. The Elder Bush has been a paid consultant to the Bin Laden Group, helping them with his CIA links. Bush helped create Osama bin Laden as an American CIA bought and paid for alleged "terrorist", originally dubbed a "freedom fighter" to wear out the Soviets in their prolonged war, 1979-1989, in Afghanistan. The monopoly press falsely states that Osama is on the outs with his family, yet his family reportedly funnels tens of millions of dollars to Osama through banks such as Algemene Bank Nederland, now called ABN-AMRO, in part through their American flagship, Chicago-based La Salle National Bank.[We have identified La Salle as also having secret accounts for bribing state and federal judges.] To evade having their own secrets coming out linked to Osama, the Younger Bush White House flatly refuses to freeze Osama's numerous accounts, wire-transfers, and such through ABN-AMRO.
The Carlyle Group, in turn, is owned and supervised by a worldwide reputed money laundry for World Government, the BLACKSTONE GROUP.
===Another stockholder of BioPort Corp., is the Bin Laden Group, some 24 family members of which were whisked out of the U.S., on "safety" reasons by the secret political police, the FBI, following the September 11, 2001 events. Through the National Commerce Bank of Saudi, the Bin Laden Group reportedly also funnels large sums to Osama directly and as go-betweens of Saudi moneybags who are anti-American and support Osama bin Laden.
===BioPort Corporation Board Chairman and CEO and a sizeable stockholder, directly and as nominee for Saudi and other Mid-East interests, many reportedly supportive of Osama bin Laden, is FUAD EL-HIBRI.
Under the disguise of invoking national emergency provisions, George W. Bush has ordered National Guard sentries to guard the BioPort facility in Lansing, Michigan. Bush has ordered, under pretext of "national security", that employees and officials of BioPort are forbidden to discuss with reporters, commentators, and researchers, the nature of the ownership of BioPort Corporation. This was done to preclude details of this private corporation from being publicly disclosed. This presidential edict was quietly put through just prior to the beginning of bombing by the U.S. of Afghanistan. Despite this clamp-down on disclosure, some very patriotic employees of BioPort have informed independent-minded commentators of the reputed ownership and operations details of BioPort Corporation.
As part of an apparent blackmail effort against the Younger Bush White House, the Washington Post began inquiring into some of the ownership and other details mentioned herein about BioPort. Targeted to shut up by George W. Bush, has been, in particular, Post official Bob Woodward. Having no background in journalism, his stories about Watergate and such were handed to him on a silver platter by the espionage community to depose Nixon, for treason, without resorting to political assassination. Woodward's espionage background is mentioned in the book "Silent Coup"---see my website story, "The Late Grand Dragon of the Washington Post".
To unsuccessfully try to block the mass media from heckling him about Watergate, Nixon threatened to prosecute some of the major news outlets for Anti-Trust violations. Similarly, the Younger Bush White House, to deter the press whores from asking real questions about anthrax vaccine and BioPort, is also raising behind the scenes threats to prosecute the six major communications empires for monopoly violations.
Being basically blackmailers, the monopoly press is really not ready to scandalize the Bush Family on matters mentioned here and in related stories. The British press, however, has expressed an interest into inquiring into BioPort. After all, the Brits relish the idea of wrecking the war-mongering, often criminal American presidency as a way to destroy the American Republic. Since the War of 1812, the Brits have vowed to somehow take back this Continent as puppet colonies and to have so-called "Americans" as mere docile subjects of the British Crown.
[One of the private details the Younger Bush White House is prepared to use to shut up Bob Woodward on the BioPort and the Anthrax Commissars matter is a subject most usually not to be made into a scandal subject. To some it is either a forbidden topic or laughable. Woodward's first wife, once a secretary to a long-time White House press correspondent, was reportedly divorcd from Woodward because Woodward had a vicious private disposition. Snickering commentators from grocery tabloid magazines might call such a husband a "wife-beater". Whether or not Bob Woodward is privately brutal, he is most certainly a fraudulent "reporter" easy for George W. Bush to pull on Bob Woodward's chain.]
===Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., reportedly participates in BioPort's affairs. [Cynics wonder about the firm's convenient address, 3500 N. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd., Lansing, Michigan 48906; Phone [(517) 327-1500, FAX (517) 327-1501.] In any case, accidental or not, convenient. An accomplished reputed blackmailer and shake-down artist, the Reverend strong-armed his way apparently into the strange anthrax deal. Since private citizens are forbidden by federal statute from negotiating U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, someone in the White House perhaps reminded Jesse to stay out of the Afghanistan matter where he tried to stick in his nose. Getting a piece of the action is part of Jesse's expertise. [Visit our website story, "The Jesse Jackson Affair.]
Poking into the Anthrax Commissars, such as Carlyle Group, the Blackstone Group, the Bush Family, Admiral Crowe and others, might open up many prior tragedies. Before the forming of BioPort, a supposed anthrax vaccine or substance was forced upon the U.S. Military (not the brass) in the Persian Gulf War. Some claim that such a purported "vaccine" did not have FDA approval when given and is, at least in part, responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome. In a full-scale battlefield war, the Military expects twenty per cent casualties. Some 15 thousand GI's died prematurely after the Gulf War ended, and some 85 thousand more are very sick, some terminally so, together with their wives, their childen, even their dogs and cats. Of the 500 thousand that served in that war, that means the U.S. has been afflicted with 100 thousand casualties, which the Defense Department covers up or denies, just as if the Gulf War had been a set-piece, typical war of yesteryear.
At the time of this story, we common Americans are beset with statements by the Washington dictators that an anthrax "terror" attack is coming. Are the matters as simple as using uncontrollable fear to just promoting the business of the Anthrax Commissars, including the Bush Family?
More coming. Stay tuned.

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