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Do You Make These Mistakes in Exercise/Nutrition?

Do You Make These Mistakes in Exercise/Nutrition?
I don't think you'll be shocked if I tell you it's important to eat right and
exercise to be healthy and stay at a normal body weight.

But what you may not realize is that there are a whole lotta ways that good-intentioned people screw up that magic formula...
And end up sicker and fatter as a result.
What doesn't help this situation is that the mainstream medical community is not well-versed in exercise physiology, and their education in nutrition is basically non-existent.
So, many people are left on their own, and fall victim to fads or exaggerated claims by food company advertisements.
Here are five common exercise & nutrition "boo-boos" that people make, as well as ways to turn them around so your good habits start showing on YOUR body!

Mistake #1: Not enough good fats
Yes, exercise does help burn fat...the excess fat that makes up your muffin top or spare tire.
But that does NOT mean that you don't need fat in your diet! It's important to understand the difference here.
The excess fat stored in your adipose tissue (common areas are around the middle and on the hips and thighs), is most commonly the result of these 3 things:
1- Eating too many refined carbohydrates such as white flour, processed grains, sweets, and other sugar-containing foods;
2- Eating trans-fats (the health-wrecking fats found in margarine and processed and fast foods);
3- Having too few antioxidants in your system.
In other words, (good) fat does NOT make you fat! On the contrary, your body NEEDS good fats.
Here are some of the important roles fats serve in your body:
- They provide energy and help increase your metabolic rate (so you burn MORE calories--not less!)
- Fats carry the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K
- They delay stomach emptying, so you feel fuller longer (and are more likely to take OFF weight!)
- They supply the fatty acids needed for cell growth and smooth, young-looking skin
- Fats form the structural components of brain cells and myelin, the insulating sheath that surrounds nerve fibers
- They cushion and protect your organs
- They are essential for proper brain function

Sources of good fats include fatty fish, lean meats, eggs, butter, nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil.

Mistake #2: "I've earned it!"
I used to teach aerobic dance in the 80's (yes, complete with headband, tights and leg warmers) and I remember a group of (overweight) women who would come to my classes, work hard for an hour, then go to Friendly's for an ice cream sundae afterwards because "they earned it."
Yes, and as you would suspect, none of them lost an ounce.
While regular exercise does give you a little more leeway to enjoy an occasional "treat" without worrying about packing on the pounds, it is not a license to indulge in dessert every night or start piling the food a mile high on your plate.

Mistake #3: Gatorade and other "sports" drinks
Sports drinks are designed to help replace carbs and electrolytes that you sweat out through a long, intense workout (90 minutes or more), or when you are exercising in very hot, humid weather, or when you are sweating profusely.
But thanks to creative marketing and yummy flavors, people gulp these drinks FAR more often than they're needed.
Consider this: A one-cup (8 oz.) serving of Gatorade has about 50 calories and 107 mg. of sodium. But what many people don't realize is the average bottle holds 20 oz., or 2-1/2 servings.
So just one "small" bottle of Gatorade has 125 calories and a whopping 268 mg. of sodium.
If it follows an intense workout like I described above, that's one thing. But if you've just taken a stroll around the block, you haven't even come close to burning 125 calories and you're pumping sodium into your body that it doesn't need (and increasing your high blood pressure risk).
For lighter or shorter workouts, water is best.

Mistake #4: Recovery chow
It's true that you should help your body recover by replacing nutrients after a workout, especially if you've had an intense training session.
But note that "recovery" does not mean "chow down."
Many people completely negate the health benefits and calorie burning of their workout by eating "sports bars," then a meal that could choke a horse.
Sports bars are fine, but only if you're not going to be having a meal for a few hours and you need something substantial to tide you over.
If you will be eating a meal soon, having a piece of fruit or a small handful of almonds post-workout is a better choice.
And just like I mentioned in #2 above, just because you've worked out doesn't mean you should be overeating under ANY circumstances.

Mistake #5: Protein, protein and more protein
So many people just think protein-protein-protein after working out.
While protein IS important to help recover and rebuild after exercise, so are all the other types of foods!
Fresh fruits and vegetables are also crucial, as they supply a variety of nutrients and antioxidants and are a natural source of hydration.
Fats are vital to help reduce inflammation and help your muscles heal.
And certainly, good carbs (whole grains) can help you refuel after exercise.
A variety of healthy foods is best, my friend.

Help your workouts start to show on YOUR body
Nothing can replace a healthy diet and regular exercise for creating good health and maintaining a normal body weight.
And the good news is, it's easy to eat for great health AND success in your workouts!
Here are 3 keys to help YOUR workouts start to show on your body:
1) Improve your digestion for MUCH higher energy
Nothing your body does demands more energy than digestion. So if your digestion is poor, your body is burning up lots of energy just to get the job done.
And that can mean very little energy remaining for your workout!
Plus, inadequate digestion can lead to poor nutrient absorption too, which can also leave you too pooped to pop and facing deficiencies.
Now, the key to having good digestion is to eat meals comprised of a variety of real, nutritious foods that your body can easily digest.
Unfortunately, the typical meals that most people eat could not be digested efficiently even if their GI tract was as strong as a group of power-lifters.
But the Great Taste No Pain system shows you how to structure high-energy, easy to digest meals that your taste buds will love!
When you eat combinations of foods that can be broken down efficiently by your stomach and intestines, your system doesn't NEED to use up all your energy for digestion.
That leaves LOTS more energy for your workouts!
Plus, you'll help encourage proper absorption of essential nutrients too, which will help ensure your body has what it needs to keep YOU moving 24/7!

2) Consider Omega-3 supplementation
As I mentioned above, fats are crucial to your health.
And Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the KING of great fats!
Studies have shown that people who maintain a rich supply of Omega-3 EFAs remain free of cardiovascular disease and other degenerative conditions (including arthritis and other aches and pains) far longer than those with lower Omega-3 levels.
That translates into feeling GREAT and staying active well into your golden years.
And for a great source of Omega-3 EFA's, VitalMega-3 is your ticket.
The recommended 2 gel caps a day dosage gives you 2,000 mg of pure quality fish oil, including 1,200 mg of Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
And, unlike dangerous drugs from the pharmaceutical companies, Omega-3 fish oil is natural, safe and good for you in SO many ways.

3) Consider Vitamin B12 supplementation
Vitamin B12 is an important catalyst in your metabolism that generates your body's energy from fats and sugars.
Unfortunately, it's also a very common deficiency--especially with vegetarians, people who use antacids, people who have had gastric surgery and the elderly.
When you're low in B12, your body has trouble producing energy as efficiently as it should...and you can end up quitting on your workouts as a result.
Your doctor can do a simple test to see if you're low in B12. If you are and changes to your diet aren't enough, don't just think that pills or shots are your only options. B12 pills have been shown to have limited absorbency rates and shots are painful and expensive.
Instead there is another very effective option for B12 supplementation that costs far less than shots, is convenient and has far better absorbency than pills.
It's Hydroxaden 2.5.
Hydroxaden 2.5 is a convenient vitamin B12 nano spray that gives you the 2.5 mg of B12 (in the form of hydroxocobalamin) suggested by many health experts. Just five sprays under your tongue each day is all it takes.

Put these 3 exercise-nutrient strategies in place and I'm sure you'll start to reap the benefits VERY soon (like Sandra did below)!
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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