Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Google and the NSA Connection

Google and the NSA Connection
Posted By: SARTRE
Date: Wednesday, 29-May-2013 05:29:42
The data mining technology that is integral to the Google AdWords experience is a power tool in creating an individual profile for anyone who surfs the web. The amazing capacity to target specific ads to personal search topics, geographic locations and web history is the harbinger of a total recall on your personality. If the benefits of getting relevant advertisement that maximize sales opportunities were the only purpose of the process, the relatively benign intrusion of a materialistic message might be tolerable to most internet users. However, the bull in the china shop is not merely in the business of making a commercial profit. Google is a wonder creation of the calculate surveillance society.
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Anonymous said...

Go to the internet and look up " Ghostery." It's free, it updates constantly, and when new adware shows up you can make it block it manually if that adware is not in it's database. I use it and it blocks all that crap ( I don't know if it's blocked totally ) all I know is those adds went away. The NSA can spy on you whenever it wants, this Ghostery appears to be a blocker for google for now. TYE