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by Sherman H. Skolnick
A good handle on a number of details is necessary to understand this subject.
1. In 1953, British and U.S. oil interests were upset with the popular head of Iran, Premier Mossadegh, who demanded a bigger cut for his countrymen of Iran's exploited oilfields. With an elite unit of U.S. Military Intelligence, (mostly Afro-Americans from Chicago who seemed to fit in good with the people of color in Iran) together with the money and plans of British Intelligence, Mossadegh was overthrown, and Shah Pahlavi was restored to his "Peacock Throne". [The coup facilitators later became part of a Chicago law firm that included George Leighton, a dark-skinned Portugeuse, who went on in later years to be a federal district judge and then mob-mouthpiece off the bench. We have the documents from the National Archives showing this group of former assassins/government overthrowers, were the secret attorneys in 1963 for CIA patsy falsely blamed for the murder of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald.]
The press-fakers told us little of what was involved. Such as that the Shah and his elders had been pro-Nazi and caused quite a problem for the Allies in World War 2. Former intelligence spook, Kermit Roosevelt, wrote a book, "Counter Coup", about it, letting slip the involvement of British spies in the overthrow of Mossadegh. His book was withdrawn from U.S. bookstores before distribution. Only 8 copies were left and we have several of those suppressed books. Later, a sanitized version was issued.
2. The British purpose On behalf of the British Monarchy, under the Palestine Mandate, British Intelligence planned for a Jewish-dominated Palestine, to be put in position to irritate the surrounding Arab countries soaked with oil. It was the British historical method Divide and Conquer. That is, use the new State of Israel to keep the oily Arabs off-balance. A British-owned newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, steers the pot repeatedly fomenting troubles, between the Jews and the Arabs.
3. The British Monarchy financed the oil endeavors of George Herbert Walker Bush, which later became the firm of which he owns a great part, Pennzoil. See our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes the Bush Family," as to how Bush used crooked high court judges in Texas to grab onto their competitor, Texaco, whose major source of oil is Iraq. When the Queen of England visits America, she stays at the home in Texas of Bush the Elder's trusted secret money handler, William Stamps Farish III, who owns and boards the studs that mate with the Queen's mares. Also on our website are the secret documents of Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the joint account of George Herbert Walker Bush and the Queen of England, at the bank owned by the Monarchy, Coutts Bank, London. Billions and billions of dollars from the dope trafficking trade, go through that joint account, with the aid and blessing of the Czar of the Federal Reserve.
As to the Bush family and the British Monarchy, see "George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaikin.
4. For well over a hundred years, J.P. Morgan & Co. have been the Queen's agents headquartered in New York. In its simplest form, how the U.S. was lured into Europe's War in 1917, involved huge loans for munitions to Britain from Morgan. When England could not pay back, Morgan arranged to instigate events falsely dragging America into the war. This whole situation was planned prior to the war's onset in 1914. The foisting of the conspiratorial Federal Reserve onto the docile and innocent American people in 1912, was part of the scheme to consolidate America as the money cow for Great Britain's bloody adventures.[In 1934, the Federal Reserve connived in seizing the gold of ordinary Americans who were not legally permitted to own gold again until 1975.]
To show their loyalty, J.P. Morgan & Co. traditionally have flown the Britsh flag at their Wall Street location.
5. J.P. Morgan & Co. and their affiliates, such as Morgan Stanley brokerage, together with the parent holding companies of 18 money center banks have been part of a scheme to artificially force up the price of oil, starting just prior to the year 2000 Presidential election. The press whores do not mention that there is, in fact, a worldwide glut of oil. Remember the key event in December, 1998, was NOT the impeachment resolutions just on sex charges against Clinton. It was that the price of crude oil had settled down to about ten dollars per barrel.
Through cryptic and little-understood derivatives, through oil futures, and other exotic gambling instruments, the Morgan interests and the linked banks and their holding firms, bet hundreds of billions of dollars that they could force up the price of oil, to their mutual corrupt benefit. In September, 2000, oil reached just short of $38.00 per barrel for crude. When the price nevertheless declined to about $31.00 per barrel, in October, 2000, Morgan and their gang and some 18 banks and their holding firms were in danger of collapse. About a trillion dollars was needed to bail them out, including reportedly Bank of America and their foreign exchange gambling units.
The Federal Reserve along with reputed brokerage swindlers Goldman Sachs & Co., were already far over-extended in committing a monstrous price-fixing conspiracy keeping the price of GOLD artificially low. [Being sarcastic, we call them Goldman SUCKS.] A high price of gold tends to discredit the paper money of the PRIVATE BANK, called the Federal Reserve, issuing basically mountains of toilet paper masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar", backed by nothing but hot air. The cost of production of gold, by the most efficient mines in Canada, is about $285.00 per ounce. This Anti-Trust cabal in September, 1999, had through schemes forced down gold to $252.00 per ounce.By the time of the big oil swindle in the fall of 2000, the price of gold hovered in the range of $272.00 per ounce, so low as to bankrupt high-cost producing gold mines in South Africa.
To divert attention from the threatened melt-down of Morgan and their oil gambling, Morgan's assets in brokerage, in the press, in government, began a concerted campaign to trigger-off old-timers, even younger types, of the possiblity of a later-day type of 1929 Crash. [In its simplest explanation, the Crash of 1929, was caused by the British withdrawing huge amounts of "call money" from Wall Street which had been financing margin accounts, Americans gambling on stocks at ten cents on the dollars. At the height of the deluge, Winston Churchil was sitting in the gallery of the New York Stock Exchange, keeping an eye on matters and personnally profitting by the instigated calamity.]
By the new century, setting the stage for a new crash, has been a Morgan stooge, The Wall Street Journal. We call them, "The House of Morgan". The Journal's faked up stories, written by high-paid scribblers, whipsaw newly-minted stock and commodity jockeys, first inflating their misguided optimism and then promoting undue and morbid pessimism.
6. Who in the monopoly press bothers to remind us The British since the War of 1812, persistently have vowed to overthrow the American government and return this continent to being a British puppet colony. Britain specializes in promoting different racial, ethnic, and geographic groups to attack each. Britain knew just how to exploit the North-South hostility to foment the American Civil War. British ships ran the Northern blockade to supply the Confederacy with weapons. Britain had a hand in the political assassination of President Abraham Lincoln just after the close of the war.
And the Brits had a hand in the assassination of two other U.S. Presidents who were against Britain dominating the financial and industrial development and future of the United States President James Garfield and President William McKinley. Yes, the press-liars told us "lone assassins" did it, and too many Americans believe the fairy tales in their high school history books.
7. Because of so-called "terrorist" attacks on U.S. facilities, such as U.S. Embassies in Africa in 1998, Clinton as President, said he would if he could find them, seize and freeze the huge bank accounts of head worldwide "terrorist" Osama bin Laden. Clinton's statement is simply a rotten joke. In October, 1998, I and an associate of mine from our TV program, Joseph Andreuccetti, without prior notice, showed up at the headquarters in Chicago of Harris Bank which had become a unit of the whiskey-soaked bosses, the Bronfmans, of Bank of Montreal. [The Bronfmans have owned the Seagrams booze octopus. A major owner of Harris Bank has been U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R.,Ill.)The Bronfmans and Fitzgerald, in turn, are major owners of the reputed dope laundry in Mexico and U.S., Grupo Financiero Bancomer, reportedly laundering for the Russian mafiya.]
We ended up with an impromptu meeting with top officials of Harris Bank. We confronted them as to their secret accounts of so-called "terrorists" and known embezzlers. The White House, the Justice Department, and other Federal agencies, need not look far to find Osama bin Laden's huge accounts. He has a series of secret accounts in Harris Bank jointly with the Charles Percy family that reportedly are, with bin Laden, in the multi-billion dollar construction business in the Mid-East. [Charles Percy was once U.S. Senator (R.,Ill.)] Those joint accounts include Percy's daughter, Sharon Percy ROCKEFELLER,wife of the U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller 4th(R., W.Va.). He calls himself "Jay" to be cute. She is a top honcho of the supposed "public" NPR. Since they protect the Rockefeller oil interests, we call them NATIONAL PETROLEUM RADIO.
8. In 1983, was the so-called "terrorist" bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon. Several hundred asleep young Americans died. The press either failed to report or severely down-played that the explosives used were a secret formula controlled by and exclusively used by the American CIA. Common Americans, made docile and dumb, by too much censored school textbooks, by too much emphasis on circus-like sports and porno-like entertainment, cannot bring themselves to believe that the Ruling Class would murder ordinary fellow Americans, to carry out some World Government scheme, some private financial grabbing of small properties of just ordinary Americans.
9. In the midst of the year 2000 fake oil crisis, a U.S. warship in a harbor in Yemen, at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, was bombed. The press whores said it was simply a "terrorist" bombing, most likely, they said, instigated by Osama bin Laden. Of course, if so, nothing was said about bin Laden's financial treasures interwoven jointly with the major oil crooks, the Rockefellers through Harris Bank, Chicago.
Nothing was said about this ship the U.S.S. Cole having been scheduled, after the planned refueling in Yemen, to go to Bahrain. George Bush the Elder instigated the Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-1991. [See our website for related stories.] The upshot was that Bush arranged for the weak, degenerate sheikdom of Bahrain to be a permanent U.S. Military base, to benefit his son, George W. Bush. And Bush the Younger is interwoven with the financial future of Bahrain as an oil-soaked monarchy, through Harken Energy, a reputed petroleum swindle machine. Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger, having reportedly committed or aided and abetted various frauds, using Harken Energy, should long ago have been prosecuted and imprisoned for U.S. securities and other federal crimes.
In referring to the officials of foreign lands, the U.S. press whores like to point out, "He (or she) is the former head of that nation's secret political police". At the time of the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, the younger Bush was running for President. Why does not the American press simply refer to him correctly as "The son of the former chief of the secret political police running for America's highest office" ?
Time may tell, whether the Bush family and their cronies in the secret political police had a hand in causing the murder of the U.S. sailors on the bombed U.S.S. Cole, to be blamed onto Osama bin Laden, favorite whipping-boy "terrorist" boss-man. In time, the evil purpose may become clear, at least to those willing to understand these details. Did the Elder Bush and his cronies in the American CIA, for an evil purpose, supply the CIA-exclusive explosives for bombing the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon?
Was the infamous J.P. Morgan & Co., and the British Monarchy tied to the Bush family part of a scheme to corruptly influence the year 2000 Presidential election? To get an armlock on the U.S. government and the U.S. Constitution despised and spit upon by these arrogant bigshots?
This cannot be dismissed simply as a "conspiracy theory". We are NOT conspiracy theorists, as shown by the numerous state and federal corrupt judges over four decades sent to prison by our investigations. These are just the everyday events of the immoral aristocracy that owns and operates most everything in America. Condoned by a venal and lackey press and a highly corrupt judiciary and law industry. And approved of by the American Parliament, the so-called "Representatives" of the people, in Congress assembled.
A few references for further reading On the subject of Bush/Saddam Private Oil Deals and Harken Energy- by Tom Flocco, 2/18/2000,

The very heavily documented book "Treason-The New World Order" by Gurudas, Cassandra Press, P.O. Box 150868, San Rafael, CA 94915. "The Unseen Hand-An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History" by A. Ralph Epperson, Publius Press, 3100 South Philamena Place, Suite B, Tucson, Arizona 85730. And scroll on our website to find the FBI document of George Herbert Walker Bush being part of a cover-up in the political assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And "George Bush, the Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaikin.

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