Friday, May 31, 2013


Words From the Father--Stephen Hanson


May 30, 2013

2 Thus saith the LORD; Behold, waters rise up out of the north, and shall be an overflowing flood, and shall overflow the land, and all that is therein; the city, and them that dwell therein: then the men shall cry , and all the inhabitants of the land shall howl . Jeremiah 47

*This is one of several messages I have received that speaks of a deluge coming in the form of the ocean's water filling-up a large area of our nations' land. I realize that many may not think that these things could come. However, it would be wise to prepare at least in prayer, and to be ready ahead of time, so that we would not be taken by surprise. The Lord God always shares His counsel ahead to time, so that we may be warned. I know that the Lord has also said that He would not destroy the land because of a flood, but this is but an area, and not the entire globe. This message is not meant to cause one to fear, but to be warned, and to be ready when it does come, for it will. This also is not meant to bring about speculations about when the tribulation period is and if we will be taken out or not. I for one don't believe we will be, but we will be saved "through it."

(This prophetic message began with a vision, a scene, of the figure of Christ standing upon the nation of the United States. There was water coming all the way up to his robe, about where one's calves would be. The water was filling-up the entire section of the United States from the eastern coasts to where He was standing, which was along the Mississippi River.)

"Out of the depths of my mercy I AM calling my people in this hour. For these are the hours of preparation. I have told you to prepare in some ways for the events that are to come. I have told some to prepare and get their houses in order. For the waters will rise and they will flood across your nation. All the way from the eastern coasts to the middle part of the United States, they will fill up the terrain.

For the terrain will change in an instant. The waters will recede in time. Many homes and cities will be washed away. You cannot stop these events from coming. But I stand watch. I stand watch. My people, prepare your hearts and homes for these things. For the oceans will rise up on that day. The people will be saved as they come to Me in prayer. For I have always prepared a way out for those who put their faith and trust in Me. "

Stephen Hanson

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