Friday, May 31, 2013

To answer the question of "why"

From: legal_reality
Subj: To answer the question of "why"
30 May A.D. 2013

"Why" would YAHUWAH [God] prevent the Founding Fathers from establishing the "constitution?"

The most concise form of the answer is found here:

The socially elite were socially obligated to participate in a "religion" that finds its origin in the worship of Nimrod, i.e., that promotes the "queen of heaven" mindset and practices.

It's "universal" that the leadership reflect (the hearts of) the people.

It's always been a spiritual issue. Via War, Famine, Pestilence (Disease, Plagues), and even this present "Beast" system, YAHUWAH has given us Notice of the need to repent, of the value in repenting. As a nation, we're still (very) committed to (addicted to) our perspectives and practices.

It's our reality that we do have a "Nineveh Alternative!"

Scripture written close to 2,000 years ago confidently asserts that even with all of the various forms of Divine Notice, Israel won't repent. See, e.g., Rev. 9:20, 16:11. Throughout the remainder of the "final approach" (a concept familiar to pilots regarding the landing sequence) of this nation's date with Judgment, there will be individuals coming to the understanding and repenting, but there's so much momentum in the ways of "queen of heaven" activities that this nation's destiny with Judgment will remain on course and on time.

It's our reality that we do have a "Nineveh Alternative!" That reality has to be sounded throughout the Kingdom (people). Only where the "Nineveh Alternative!" is announced throughout the Kingdom does the denial and refusal to take that path become relevant. YAHUWAH intends that the reality of the alternative be repeated and repeated and repeated. Where those to be reached are reached, great. Where those who are not to be reached can't be, the clock moves ever closer to this nation's date with Judgment.

The problem has existed from the foundation of this nation, and before. It's spiritual in nature.

It's fascinating to read responses to these notes and concepts from "patriots" who opt against not only Scriptural standards but also even the very existence of YAHUWAH, Himself. It may very well be that this is the spiritual perspective of "patriots" from Day One. It makes all that much more sense as to why the "patriot" perspectives on "law of man" matters have been (that far) off track for as long as they have been. It makes sense as to why everything so "freely" available for "patriots" is (that far) off track. It fully explains why the "patriot" community has been ineffective.

At this stage, there's a "peace of mind" that comes from knowing the reality (of the "law of man"), but there isn't much expectation that applications not already underway are going to be of that much (financial or Liberty) value. Law of YAHUWAH is definitely the priority from here to Judgment Day.

Rule 1: YAHUWAH is The Supreme One; there is no other mighty one [god].

Congratulations to all who are escorted from Sodom prior to it's date with its Scripturally promised destiny.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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