Friday, May 31, 2013

RV intel

[MarkZ] sandytob Actually there is a big reason that the USD could devalue and should. Lew and UST have a great plan to avoid it though as I understand it.

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ Hey, buddy. Glad you're hear.

 [MarkZ] Robertprofessor I thought I should visit before hitting the hay.

[mailboxmoney] MarkZ can we make money if we pay attention to the dollar falling and rising

[MarkZ] mailboxmoney yes but not a huge return.

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ At least hay is soft, even if the old expression doesn't make much sense today. lol Do you think it's a good idea after the CE to move a percentage to other currencies to protect against USD fluctuations?

[pat] MarkZ hi, i heard it's looking like tomorrow or this weekend...what have you heard
[MarkZ] pat hearing pretty close to that. Knowing what still has to be done though has me thinking monday or tuesday though. Greedy bankers have cost us another weekend if they don't get motivated asap. Everything really is going to happen though so what is a day or two in the big picture.

[FrenchTexan2] MarkZ Are these bankers going to be arrested?

 [sandytob] MarkZ hmmm....the part about the greedy bankers....that was on the nesara blog today....everyone told me not to pay attention....

 [sandytob] FrenchTexan2 I think they should be arrested and locked up in chains.

[FrenchTexan2] sandytob I would agree. But we seem to get allot of that and no arrests.

sandytob] FrenchTexan2 some might be being arrested behind the scenes imo.

 [MarkZ] FrenchTexan2 Most of the ones that face that have already been informed. This is more like when you make a big wire and the bank holds it as long as it can to maximize their dollars on it. Pretty stupid really.

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ Any comment on USD devaluation possibilities?

[MarkZ] Robertprofessor I am not worried. If you are heavily invested in paper you should have some concern but for the most part the USD will be fine I think.

 [sandytob] MarkZ at the very least they should be fired for holding up a global event!!!

[MarkZ] sandytob I think they should be tried for financial treason personally so they can be shot or hanged... :)

[FrenchTexan2] MarkZ Well that is low. So then no arrests and they just keep doing it?

[spiritfilled] MarkZ hey brother now next week again huh???

[keiji] MarkZ is there a good chance we could get the e-mails before Mon/Tues?

 [RubyRed] I always heard that Weds were good

[sandytob] RubyRed day of week no longer matters we were told.

[childofgod] MarkZ Will 401K's be affected by this reset?

[MarkZ] childofgod I think they will be hit hard. That is not what I want to tell you but I believe it to be true. If we take all the inflation from naked shorts and artificially proped up paper out the market has to reset in a major way. Our USD is actually safer because of that.

[childofgod] MarkZ That's what I thought. I have been trying to warn others, but my words fall on deaf ears!

 [bigbear] MarkZ any chance of e-mails friday?????

 [MarkZ] bigbear Late Friday I think is possible if a lot happens tonight.

WCW] Everything has been done nothing is holding this up but a date and I assure u no one know s the date are the time that this will pop we just keep the faith cause it s coming so set back and let it come

[FrenchTexan2] MarkZ Just tired of bankers, judges etc. getting away with all kinds of crime. We had a judges wife cut in line at a bank out here. Some guy told her that is not right and she should get some manners. He was arrested.

[MarkZ] Hannah I am not a financial expert and you should ask an expert. All I can say is I went to cash some time ago in other currencies because I believe the market is on a bubble to sucker the small folks while the insiders run. just look at Buffet and Soro's. They are mostly out now

[burk50] MarkZ know about an announcement in Iraq tomorrow? Yhx

 [MarkZ] burk50 I have been knee deep in family time today and am behind in world news.

sandytob] MarkZ Where will you be? Don't know if SQ will be keeping this site open post RV. How will we find you??????

 [keiji] MarkZ when you say you think maybe Mon/Tues, I assume it's about cashout and not e-mails?

 [MarkZ] sandytob I am certain Recaps in some form will be around and OOM will stick around awhile. I have many dear friends there.

[MarkZ] KajunRedBull Most will not give one hoot post RV about what happened.

[wittsend] MarkZ Heard as general scuttlebutt. Wondering why?

[spiritfilled] MarkZ we have heard from some that the 3 baskets will be about 2-3 weeks apart each ...can you say anything about what you have heard in that area???

[MarkZ] spiritfilled That is exactly what I have heard.

 [MarkZ] wittsend to maximize how long they can trade on it before having to share the pie.

 [RubyRed] spiritfilled wow, that would be a triple scoop!

[sandytob] MarkZ I wonder if there have really been any arrests of any bankers?

 [MarkZ] sandytob I know of a few

 [keiji] MarkZ what's to prevent the banksters to doing it again?

 [MarkZ] keiji A nice fellow up north, his hatchet man and a pissed off CL

[childofgod] MarkZ Love that answer


[burk50] MarkZ so Okie may possibly have the final post this weekend?

[MarkZ] burk50 for his sake I am really hoping he gets that priviledge

[burk50] MarkZ thx have u talked to him is he doing ok since the storm

[MarkZ] burk50 I did not talk to him directly but was told he is good.

 [Mitzi] MarkZ I want to hear the whole story too at post RV, thank you kindly

 [keiji] MarkZ just to understand...we could possibly get the e-mail anytime after Friday night? IYO

[MarkZ] Mitzi welcome. If bankers try much more though I think I would be given the green light to take of the gloves and share it all before the reset. :)

[ModelWoman] Hope everyone of them go to Jail! MarkZ

 [MarkZ] ModelWoman or get shunned from the business world

tc0043] MarkZ Why is WF stalling?

 [MarkZ] tc0043 to trade our money and make money on it.

[candy] MarkZ would there be another option for group rate if WF keeps playing games?

[MarkZ] candy yes

Hannah] MarkZ There are many of us who really want the whole story. You surely don't want all of us calling you! lol Maybe we could all meet here for a few hours and you could share the story with us. Most of us are pretty invested in this.

[MarkZ] Hannah I will share here or do a few conference calls and bring some guest speakers who were involved in the reset. Their gags will be off by then.

[tc0043] MarkZ Will wf or UST have a decent investment for us to consider?

[MarkZ] tc0043 I believe so

[keiji] MarkZ I just don't see how CL, Lew China and others would allow a few greedy bankers to hold up a global reset.

MarkZ] keiji They aren't, it has called stalls but it will not change the end of the story.

[keiji] MarkZ I do beleive that but it sure does affect when the story ends....that's what makes me wonder why CL and Lew don't put the clamps down hard on these guys

MarkZ] keiji They have not had the lattitude for very long to do that but they are doing it now. CL in my opinion is as strong a woman as MT was and will deserve a great chapter in history.

 [MarkZ] If I have missed questions I apologize.

LINK to Part 2
[gotterdone] Marks r u hearing anything on Zymbabwe currency? Thanks

 [WEW] MarkZ ... Is the currencies in each basket accurate in Eagle's post... If you can say ...

 [MarkZ] gotterdone I personally like it. Great resources but I believe it will be in the first basket.

[WEW] [WEW] MarkZ ... Is the different currencies in each basket accurate in Eagle's post... If you can say ...

[MarkZ] WEW I did not read his post but I have found his info to be pretty knowledgable.

[~healthy3] MarkZ hello and thanks for all you do. I am a little confused now with all these problems at the bank. will any of you be able to guide us as to what isn't corrupt? It seems like there are changes daily

MarkZ] ~healthy3 I will give you my opinion after this. I like CL's take on the big banks now.... Which banks are too big to NOT fail..... I like that approach.
[firenice] MarkZ how long can the admin hold last before wf is forced to turn it loose?

[MarkZ] firenice a day or so I think at this point

[superbiz] MarkZ what is this admin hold ?

[MarkZ] superbiz I am not 100% sure it is them holding it but if it swims like a fish and smells like a fish it is probably a fish..

[ttimmo01] MarkZ do you no If the other banks that are participating in the C/E will have similar rates to WF?

[MarkZ] ttimmo01 I have heard that BOA and Chase will try to be as competitive.

[~healthy3] So is it still safe to keep our miney in the bank at CE time until we get all of our people in line like tax attorneys.

[MarkZ] ~healthy3 I believe it is safe

[Scotzgirl] MarkZ after CE will you share ideas of how to hedge against USD deflation?

[MarkZ] Scotzgirl yes

[gdsgrl21] MarkZ Hey there, thanks for coming by tonight! you know if the bank rate will be the same for everyone, or would it differ depending on how much your holding?

[MarkZ] gdsgrl21 I have been told all get the same rate. Knowing the real world though I expect the connected and whales will get more, maybe not a higher rate but more perks.

[wolverine7] MarkZ There's no more BOA's left in Arkansas, they were all bought out by Arvest..

[MarkZ] wolverine7 Good for Arkansas..... :)

[firenice] MarkZ your knowledge of this, as well as Jesters is incredible. for sharing and educating!

[MarkZ] firenice Jester is a nice guy to boot. He is one of the few intel guys I will call to just shoot the breeze with.

[Scotzgirl] MarkZ do you agree that WF will be offering a group rate unmatched by the other bank's street rate?..

[MarkZ] Scotzgirl We have been told that WF will have the top rate but of late I am hearing rumors that 2-3 of the other bigs will be allowed to be as competitive. I hope that is true. Competition keeps people honest. Like the 2nd admendmant keeps politicians honest...

[starbucksrules] MarkZ with it appearing that WF has allot of question marks around them at the there any reason to start considering Chase or BoA instead?

[MarkZ] starbucksrules The first day or two post will tell us all we need to know about options.

[sandytob] MarkZ How can that be? Isn't WF the only one where the dinar will be sold to a third party?

[markZ] sandytob I have no idea how they could offer as much but we will see.

[misskitty05] MarkZ are you saying Chase and Citi might have their own third   party deals with the Chinese? 

[MarkZ] misskitty05 that is the rumor and is just a rumor as I see it.

[MarkZ] jack1977 the US will be what we make it after this.

sandytob] MarkZ and I thought that Chase and BOA were shakey banks.

[MarkZ] sandytob B3 will level the playing field and make them more stable.

[Scotzgirl] MarkZ could we even say the world will be what we make it after this? Too broad a statement?

[MarkZ] Scotzgirl I think we can say that

[Robertprofessor] MarkZ Above my pay grade ... for the time being.

[MarkZ] Robertprofessor not for much longer.

sananddan24] MarkZ will there be penalities for ce some vnd at another bank while waiting for appt at WF?

[MarkZ] sananddan24 I don't think so

[keiji] MarkZ Last broke weekend coming? :) :) :)

[MarkZ] keiji God I hope so!

[ wolverine7] MarkZ Will another bank, like Arvest, answer me if I ask them if they are B3, or will soon be??

MarkZ] wolverine7 they should

[bertprofessor] MarkZ Not a date/rate question but when do you think I can afford the high priced hooch?

[MarkZ] Robertprofessor great angle....

[snowwolfsdee] MarkZ any rumors for Canadian banks

[MarkZ] snowwolfsdee RBC is what I have been told

[MarkZ] snowwolfsdee but you should move south.....

[candy] MarkZ awhile back you gave me some numbers on the IQD and VND (wont repeat inhere) do they still look to be in that vacinity?

[MarkZ] candy yes

[ttimmo01] MarkZ, let's just say I cashed a few notes prior to my appointment, will the rate I recieved at the first bank apply to the next one, due to the fincen form?

[MarkZ] ttimmo01 I do not think so. Remember they WANT and NEED your dinar for oil for gas credits. You are the customer here.

[ranger5] MarkZ any chance for this weekend?

[MarkZ] ranger5 I don't think to excahnge. For instructions it is possible

[sandytob] MarkZ well instructions and appointments....the first steps.

[MarkZ] sandytob at least then things are known and can be planned. The peace of mind will be tremendous for us all.

[firenice] MarkZ will exchanging a few notes at another bank void the group rate at wf?

[MarkZ] firenice Could but I doubt it

[tc0043] MarkZ I have heard that the group rate is a multiple of the bank rate, is that what you are hearing too?

[MarkZ] tc0043 yes

[MarkZ] tc0043 and I hope it is true.

[bandit] MarkZ So a $ 3.00 w/b 9?????

[MarkZ] bandit are you trying to sucker me in...?

[tc0043] MarkZ I have heard as high as 4 to 5 times. Have you heard that too?

[MarkZ] tc0043 I shouldn't comment

[MarkZ] ezmuny I think the PTB would be on my doorstep. Bad enough I have to watch my calls and emails. We gave away too much of our own freedom post 911

[mynewt] Mark Z maybe we should tell wf.we are not going to use them now for holding this up

[MarkZ] mynewt if they stall any longer that is exactly what we should tell them.


Anonymous said...

"Everything really is going to happen though so what is a day or two in the big picture."

A day or two? Sure, that's not much... But how about a year or two, or three... Because I remember reading the same thing in 2011.

Anonymous said...

MarkZ does not know what in the world is going on for a global reset just like all of the other guru egos in a popularity contest reporting left brain news about the Dinar. They are all hyperfocused in one area because of their own greed and do not know what is about to happen concerning what a reset means..

Gold is to be re-indexed to $50 an ounce. Pricing on all goods will be adjusted down 90%. Global Reset means just what it says. Resetting and Recalibrating EVERYTHING. Not just money alone, it applies to everything.

You are not going to have a bunch of Dinar holders who just cashed in running loose on the streets with millions of dollars who never had it before still operating with their same careless and reckless irresponsible behavior with a lottery mentality. It's not gonna happen and it will not be allowed, because of the tremendous amount of greed and they don't understand it.

No one in the public is going to tell you that information, because the dynamics of a change-over is waiting for BIG announcements to notify everyone so they will understand what just happened, though it will not be what they have been led to believe all along because the Dinar intel gurus have a one track mind and do not know

Everything you need to know will be out front and done ethical and in integrity, so that no one feels tricked or slighted for some nefarious unknown purposes.

You will be fully informed, though the resetting just won't turn out how anyone thought by the information that has been reported carrying them along the entire time. That is why the reset details are kept secret until the very last minute, because you won't initially understand and agree with what has just happened.

The sensitive nature of such tremendous changes is designed to effect the way you view and think about "everything" in your life.

The amount of change is far too mind blowing for what everyone is going to be faced with to explain to anyone in advance, for what the words "Global Reset" really involves. Business as usual will be a thing of the past.

The orchestrators do not have time to answer everyone's questions with fast easy answers you can easily digest in order to satisfy people's inquisitive nature in advance, with delivering a very lot of information people are not ready to assimilate for having a thorough understanding necessary to go along with a new way of operating.

There is no time available until the very last minute, when the bread is ready to come out of the oven, because of everyone's busy schedules where they are far too occupied with, where they won't hold still because they know most everyone is distracted only after the money.

So that means in order to get everyone's attention in order to turn the ship of state around, they have to be surprised and literally shocked by their inability to comprehend the gravity and magnitude from what they have been originally led to believe.

You might as well face the fact that you are going to be caught totally off guard and find yourselves unprepared and astonished from what you had originally thought this is really about. What you know on the surface, is how it can be kept secret in plain sight.

The misinformation is disinformation, that is actually the only way of giving you the information right now.You will need every ounce of breath you can muster up to keep yourself standing. It is the only way it works. The element of surprise is needed to change everyone's mind, because they refuse to change it on their own. Unless the American people are shocked into a new way, everything would stay the same and only to get worse.

It's all good and for the better of course, but you have to understand the psychology, because that is what it is about, changing it. The idea of money is the tool to get the attention needed to accomplish that great feat. Nothing else would work, since it has been used as the main device for controlling the planet in the negative direction..

Anonymous said...

I just have a difficult time taking the word on someone who cannot differentiate hear from here, their from there, and many of the other misspellings or misswordings going on. (Immigrants and foreign exchange forgiven) Any educated person who has spent time in any English course from jr. high on up in America can. I see it over and over in Guru Speak, and we are supposed to put our belief and faith into these ones?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all 3 above comments....
I suspect there are many like me who check in on "the gurus"
and shake our heads in dismay.