Friday, May 31, 2013

RV $ 5.13 X WFB multiplier for groups

Posted Today, 12:43 PM 


On a limited call last night one of the long time members said he'd not heard from his UST contact for over 3 weeks.
Then yesterday he got a call from his contact and was told:

"On Sunday the first basket was loaded successfully and the UST is on "high red alert."

We have never been on "high red alert" before!"

The contact further indicated we could expect the basket to show soon. Very possibly before the week is out.
The International rate mentioned was $5.13.

Wells Fargo says they will increase the international rate with a multiplier. A multiplier of 1 does not do anything, so
expect more than that.

Also heard that Dr. Todd (economist of Iraq Reconstruction Plan) has confirmed rumors I've heard all week about
disbursements and funds being paid out.

So the big question of why we haven't seen the RV sooner is answered. Today is May 30th, the original, traditional Memorial Day and it's my birthday. That's what we were waiting for. 

I'm off to celebrate lunch with a friend. Ya'll have a great day now, ya' hear!



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Anonymous said...

when will the bs stop,and we will hear the truth.