Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The REAL IRS Scandal is that the IRS Exists

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The REAL IRS Scandal is that the IRS Exists
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Date: Wednesday, 29-May-2013 15:03:45

Congressman Louie Gohmert stands out as a real class act. Recent years have seen a severe restriction in the ability of citizens to tour Capitol Hill, limiting access to a new visitor center and vanilla-guided tours on strict paths and schedules. Gohmert will happily get you around that. Members of the House hold the privilege to escort visitors virtually anywhere, and Gohmert has become well known among his constituents and friends for his impassioned late-night tours littered with an encyclopedic knowledge of American history. He has been known to spend up to five hours with groups touring the Capitol, and clearly cares about infecting those he encounters with his love of the United States and its founding principles.
Thus it comes as no surprise when he prescribes the simplest of solutions to the ongoing scandal involving the federal targeting of Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny. “We need to be dismantling the IRS,” Gohmert told PJ Media.
Gohmert’s former colleague from the Texas congressional delegation concurs, as reported by the Washington Times:
Former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas called the recent IRS fiasco troubling — but writes that the only way Congress can protect the freedoms of Americans from a long pattern of suspected IRS abuse is to “shutter the doors” of the agency “once and for all.”

“The bipartisan tradition of using the IRS as a tool to harass political opponents suggests that the problem is deeper than just a few ‘rogue’ IRS agents — or even corruption within one, two, three or many administrations,” Dr. Paul writes in his weekly column, “Texas Straight Talk. “Instead, the problem [lies] in the extraordinary power the tax system grants the IRS.”
Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, excerpted in the video above, calls the recent scandals examples of tyrannical government. All of these men prove correct.
As the IRS scandal continues to develop, it highlights a deeper and more fundamental injustice in our social order, an ongoing First Amendment crisis fostered by the intersection of tax policy, campaign finance regulation, and civil rights law. Any response to this most recent episode which does not address the root systematic injustice will be incomplete, inadequate, and morally inexcusable.
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Anonymous said...

How can you be "Internal" if your NOT Registered in the Fifty States?
Nothing more than a collection Agency for the Federal "unFedera"l Reserve .
Charging a Fee to use "Their" monies. Not UST dollars.
Go figure!
And here's the kicker : Congress knows all about it. And do you think they'll tell you that?
Right! Unless you ARE a business, it's all illegal.
Read your Constitution, especially the part about coining money. Such a scam!

Anonymous said...

Get proactive .... insist on your congressman to do some tours ... get up and personal, and you may learn what they are really made of.


Anonymous said...