Friday, May 31, 2013

anonymous to Ben Fulford - To a world Champion of Freedom and Justice

anonymous to Ben Fulford -  To a world Champion of Freedom and Justice 


I remember that when you were a young man , that you sequestered yourself in a jungle like environment TO TEST ALL YOUR SKILLS, ACUMEN, THE DEPTHS OF YOUR DISCERNMENT, AND INSTINCTS, PREPARING FOR SURVIVAL IN THE EVER INCREASING MAYHEM DEVELOPING ON THIS PLANET EARTH. . At the end of that journey, you knew yourself, and you were equipped to do battle for what you knew was right and just , upon the face of the earth. Spiritually , I surmise that you felt the CREATOR was with you, as you proceeded to do ‘ the right thing’, take the right course of action, despite personal risks. HE just observed. HE is proud of you. like Job, you did not disappoint him when you were tested , many times . Yet the Nobility of Purpose did not succumb to much hardship and you brought forth , and continue with noble work and deeds .
CONGRATULATIONS ! – You have done well, and have become a champion of humanity and have aided it’s struggle for ascension, despite the efforts of ” The Prince and Power of The Air” That is, SATAN , THAT GREAT WINDBAG, THE POSER, THE ANTI-CHRIST.
Sooooooo ! – Let me dedicate this powerful song to extol your efforts on behalf of We here @ The BFC.


Unknown said...

I respect your admiration for Ben comparing him to Job is far fetched. Mr. Fulford appears to have lead a rather comfortable life unless I missed the era where he was stripped of all material possessions health and family.

I take offence that any being be held in higher esteem than other. The truth be told if God/Creator is proud of Ben that extends to each of us.

If the reference is to divinity we are equal ALWAYS. Each being on this planet has a path they have chosen that is theirs alone and NO more or NO less than anyone else. The paths may be individual but the destination is the same back to unconditional love of self and others.

Just because Mr. Fulford has the ability to be in the mainstream media does not make his efforts worth more.

Personally I find the fact that he is so in the know and is able to get so much media attention a bit suspicious not to mention the company that he keeps.

If Mr. Fulford is such an endearing friend why not send the letter? person to person. Should you feel the need to go public with your praise why the anonymity ?

It's not for me to judge his being however based on my own research he's a far cry from Job and being more worthy than any of us.

When all is said and done if I have been wrong about Mr. Fulfords intentions I will say so and move on.

Love to every and all beings who are special and magnificent beings in their own right no exceptions

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed that. It was uplifting and well done.