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by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/4/01
We were the first, earlier in this series, to mention that the Bush White House flatly refused to freeze up accounts of so-called "terrorists" such as Osama bin Laden in ABN-AMRO, the Dutch bank octopus, operating in 15 major U.S. cities, including Chicago. Why? Simply put, because the secret accounts implicated the Bush Family jointly with the so-called "terrorists".
Freezing those accounts in the billions of dollars would inevitably lead to disclosures of the huge financial tie-in between the Bush Family and the worldwide bin Laden Group business cartel and their relative Osama bin Laden. Although demonized as the head "terrorist" of the world, Osama reportedly does get huge sums, clandestinely transferred, through members of the Saudi Royal Family who are secretly, some openly, anti-American. The reputed transit point? Algemene Bank Nederland, known as ABN-AMRO. And, not everyone accepts as a fact that Osama has been cut off from heavy funding of his family members, 24 top ones having resided in the U.S. until a few days after the September 11, 2001 violence.
The Bush Family is tied financially to the Carlyle Group which, in turn, has had Daddy Bush as a heavily paid consultant to the bin Laden Group, and ultimately, to Osama, once described by Daddy and the American CIA as a "freedom fighter" when Osama carried out the Bush/CIA agenda to drive the Soviets into humiliation by stalemating them in the Afghan-Soviet War, 1979-1989. That led, in part, to the downfall of the Soviet Union, to breakaway provinces, also by way of the CIA-orchestrated attack on the Soviet Ruble currency.
The oil cartel, headed by Unocal and others, tied to the Bush Family, have instigated the whole war with Afghanistan because the Taliban/Kabul government interfered with letting the natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan and then, as planned, on to Pakistan as a link to energy-hungry India, Red China, and Japan.
In its simplest form, Osama and the Taliban wanted a bigger cut than they were offered by the oil consortium. Some of the huge joint secret accounts at ABN-AMRO linking the Bush Family to bin Laden Group and Osama bin Laden are reportedly tied to the Unocal oil consortium. Key officials of Taliban, now demonized, were honored guests in Texas by Unocal when George W. Bush was Governor. Details are tucked away in a Chicago Tribune story, 10/21/2001, "University helped U.S. Reach Out to Taliban".
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My story referring to the Bush White House flatly refusing to freeze up so-called "terrorist" accounts at ABN-AMRO, touched off a furor by being replicated on other websites worldwide. Result? The more independent-minded Internal Affairs unit of the U.S. Treasury Department, finally ordered the freeze up of those accounts, leading to an analysis of who and what and where. [The same unit investigated the 25 worldwide secret accounts of the Bush Family, used for laundering billions and billions of dollars of illicit funds from dope trafficking and such. See the secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, transfers authorized by the secret code of Alan Greenspan, attached to our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush". Experts examining the records proclaim they are authentic.]
Years ago, the late currency expert, Franz Pik, said that sooner or later, every nation gets into a crunch and has to renounce and repudiate their paper securities. Such as their bonded debt issued by or for their Treasury. Is the U.S. next? Partly a consequence of a White House treason scandal?
U.S. tax collection income has dropped drastically, recession-style. Through their purported fiscal agent, the Federal Reserve (NOT a U.S. government entity but a private, some say conspiratorial, central bank), the U.S. Treasury may have to repudiate ALL U.S. Treasury securities---an unthinkable calamity.
Nevertheless, the Treasury is proceeding toward that wreckage. They have announced, about the time of the ABN-AMRO freeze-up, that they will no longer issue long-term U.S. Bonds, called 30-year Treasury Bonds. When the present ones come due, they will not be, as in the past, subject to optional roll-over into another long-term issue. Senior citizens, pension funds, and banks and such, that rely on the coupon interest of such bonds will be cut off.
U.S. Treasury securities are part of the capital structure of banks. Several money center banks have capital way below---some below zero---the minimum approximately three cents of the fractional reserve dollar required by federal regulators. Included in this insolvent category is Bank of America, owned principally nowadays by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, and the older group of owners being the French Rothschilds and the Jesuits. Also apparently insolvent is Bank One, formerly known as First National Bank of Chicago, dominated by the Rockefellers. [See the background of the Rockefeller Banks and the human body parts business and other bloody work, in our website series, "The Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]
Another apparently insolvent bank octopus is First Union. It is little-known that it is tied to the scandal-ridden Lippo Group, ethnic Chinese and the Red Chinese Secret Police. Do you remember First Union's surrealistic television ads showing a weird blizzard of papers and people flying down Wall Street, and then one of them falls down and like a mannequin, disintegrates? [Sort of like what happened in Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001?]
By stopping the issuance of 30-year Bonds, the Treasury has only temporarily boosted the price, on the market of such bonds, thus artificially, for the moment, pumping up such failing banks as to their capital structure.
Will they next renounce and repudiate U.S. Treasury securities, such as Bills, which are short-term, and Notes, which are mid-term, like five year maturity? By halting the issuance of U.S. Treasury long-term bonds, the U.S. government is going to have to squeeze big oney out of their former enemy, Germany, to finance the U.S. recession-created debt. The budget surplus has apparently disappeared in a puff of financial smoke.
As some historians point out, a nation that loses a war soon is swept into the junk-pile and overthrown. Do we have to be reminded that we could not conquer Viet Nam, populated by a fiercely historic people. We were the ones that lost the war and departed, some say humiliated.
Outspoken activist Dick Gregory once mentioned that it cost the U.S. half a million dollars for every Viet Namese we slaughtered. It would have been cheaper, he claimed, to pay them all to leave their country and the U.S. pave it over with green cement, to match the jungle.
Some contend a perverted, certifiably crazy, satanic-dominated element in the American aristocracy has created the terror syndrome now gripping America and falsely blamed by the press whores on Moslems. If this is some kind of latter day religious crusade, supposedly "Christians" versus Moslems, have the Establishment pundits forgotten the bloody history of such movements?
Some rightfully contend that the anthrax, courtesy of the U.S. aristocracy, is actually supplied from U.S.Military and other government storage. And others assert, with scientific supporting details, that the supposedly suicide commercial planes of the 911 tragedy, were actually computer-controlled from the ground and the supposed on-board "kamikaze" Moslems thought it was just a routine hostage flight, not a suicide mission. [As to the ground-based computers used to over-ride the airplane on-board computers, put the term GLOBAL HAWK into a web search engine.]
The White House and the U.S. government may be swept away in treachery at the highest level stemming from disclosures resulting from freezing up so-called "terrorist" accounts in banks like ABN-AMRO. Also tied in, the Red Chinese Secret Police, the Chicago markets, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange reportedly handling so-called "terrorist" funds and put options with prior knowledge of the 911 violence.
The foreign press relishes attacking the highly-vulnerable Bush Family administration implicated in oil-soaked and dope-linked laundering. Siding supposedly with the Northern Alliance, the White House would like to avoid mentioning that this supposed dissident group in Afghanistan are in charge of the vast dope trafficking to Europe. U.S. soldiers are going to die to safeguard major dope traffickers?
Are common Americans facing a financial crisis brought on by disclosures of treachery and the so-called U.S. Dollar no longer backed and supported, directly or indirectly, by U.S. Treasury securities? And after U.S. Treasury Bonds are scrapped, is the next to be thrown away, being the organic law, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution?
All this is a study of the American Establishment and their treason.

Stay tuned.

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