Thursday, May 30, 2013

DINAR INTEL --- 05/30/2013 12thman said:


12thman said:
Please pass this on...I got a call from the main HR about 10 min ago and let me just say...he was very excited. He received two calls today from inside sources saying that were gearing up for this RV to show itself. The contacts and HR's are looking for it today through the 4th of June. It fits the time they have been speaking of the past few days. If all goes to plan, the events of the next few days will be the catalyst for the final post by Okie. Friends family brothers and sisters...I haven't been this excited about where we are in many many years. I truly feel all the prays and praising the Heavenly Father has shown Him we're ready to receive His blessing. I feel we NEED to keep seeking God in this and just humble ourselves and pray some deep meaningful love prayers to the Great I AM and thank Him for all He is about to do...God is Awesome...Jesus is my Rock...who or what shall I fear...NOTHING!


Anonymous said...

if your wrong,please go away and don't come back,we are so tried of your lies,this should make you want to hide from everyone if you have any feeling for god,country,us june should leave for good.

1Luv* said...

,,,,another 'A'whole lot of negative....why when Love IS!!!