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“The Obama Administration functions like a script from Mission: Impossible. He (Obama) is the only one with clean hands.”

“The Obama Administration functions like a script from Mission: Impossible. He (Obama) is the only one with clean hands.”

- Jon Christian Ryter


This is Lois Lerner. A very complex, rabid leftwing activist who, since 1986, has been able to wear one of the largest leftwing pairs of hobnail boots in the government bureaucracy simply because Noble convinced the right that Lerner was apolitical—and his signature camouflaged her edicts. When you're the invisible enemy of the right, stealth is power.
She remained so invisible that she never ended up on anyone's radar until she crossed horns with the Tea Party in 2010. But it was during their first political convention in February, 2009 that the left realized that the Tea Partiers might well become more than a one minute distraction for the Obama Administration. Grassroots activists suddenly became a problematic political force that was not going to go away. Obama—not Lerner—realized it. And, it frightened him. Not Lerner.
Obama realized that someone with a ton of money, or a ton of someones with a little bit of money were backing this new grassroots movement. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was paid $100 thousand to make a 41-minute speech at the Tea Party Convention. The left wanted to know who was financing the gnat that grew into a giant.
When the dust settled in the aftermath of the mid-tern Election of 2010, 63 Democratic Congressmen and 6 Democratic Senators had been retired by the Tea Party voters. And, at State level, the GOP suddenly controlled 29 of the 50 governorships, and gained 690 State legislative seats. It was a good night for America, for the Republican Party—and for the Tea Party. But it wasn't a good night for Obama. In 2012 he was going to have to run the Tea Party gauntlet and he wanted to make sure it was as small and less organized on Nov. 6, 2012 than it was on Nov. 2, 2010.
The Tea Party would have gained at least one more seat—Harry Reid's US Senate seat in Nevada—had there not been a major power outage that blacked out that part of Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada on Nov. 3, 2010 where the ballots were counted. Challenger Sharron Angle was ahead of Reid by 5% when the lights went out. When they came back on, Reid was leading Angle by the same 5%. Reid has the SEIU to thank for his victory since they are the entity with the key to the voting machines. Purportedly, a car accident caused a power transformer to blow, killing electrical power at Schofield Middle School where voters from five precincts voted, leaving the school black for 45 minutes.
The mid-term election of 2010 was a devastating upset for Obama. None of the vote theft apparatus in Clark County seemed to be working that night—which had to be even more frightening for the left. There had to be some big money backing the Tea Party in order to pull of such a monumental political upset, and someone on Pennsylvania Avenue, not on K Street, in Washington, DC wanted answers.
Logic suggests that Lois Lerner didn't suddenly wake up on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2010, count the Democratic losses and decide on her own initiative that as the head of the Exempt Organizations Division she needed to begin harassing new Tea Party organizations seeking 501(c)4 tax status so she could find out who was financing their political activities and then, deny them tax exempt status…

When Obama appointed his political nemesis, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State (and agreed to pay off her unpaid campaign debts if she accepted the post), he reportedly removed from her the ability to make unilateral decisions by appointing a State Department Czar who, on paper, reported to Clinton, but who theoretically reported directly to Obama.
His name was Richard Holbrooke. Obama also appointed a second Mideast czar, Dennis Ross who handled the entire Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Asia. Obama recognized the simple reality that the Muslim world never negotiate in good faith with a woman since women, in the Islamic world, are chattel. Real negotiations in Afghanistan were conducted privately by Holbrooke until his death on Dec. 13, 2010, and with Ross after that date. I assume Hillary Clinton's primary role was playing PR puppet for the Obama Administration in Muslim photo ops and with European leaders for the folks back home. Barack Obama never trusted Hillary and it's my understanding that her campaign debts were not fully paid off until she deflected the blame for Benghazi, Libya

Obama appointed 36 czars. His auto recovery czar, Ed Montgomery, was the shortest-lived czar. In the real world, the Department of Labor or Commerce should have handled what Montgomery did. But, by having a czar that bypassed Labor Secretary Hilda Solia (or Commerce Secretary Gary Locke) Obama he also bypassed the House Committee on Education and Labor and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce—and the congressional oversight that goes with it.
You now know why Obama appointed 36 czars who did not have to be vetted by the Senate. They don't report to congressional or senatorial oversight committees, either. When Congress wants to ask questions, they get to talk to the agency heads who don't know anything because more times than not, the problem they are investigating was caused by the czar.
It's pretty much unnecessary to go through the other czars since you now have clear understanding of how the Obama Administration functions. Take it to the bank—he's the man with plausible deniability who knows everything that's going on in every department of government because he has an extra pair of eyes in each, watching and reporting—and carrying out his orders. The Obama Administration functions like a script from Mission: Impossible. He's the only one with clean hands

All of that aside, the question is: does Lois Lerner have close enough personal ties to the man I believe set the agenda for the IRS Exempt Organizations Division and/or the Determinations Unit to strengthen my argument who the person behind the discrimination of conservative who apply for 501(c)4 tax exempt status might be?
Admittedly, Lerner's personal usefulness outside of government doesn't quite stretch that far. But her husband, tax attorney Michael R. Miles, a partner in the Atlanta, Georgia law firm, Sutherland Asbil & Brennan, does. In fact, Sutherland Asbil & Brennan has close Democratic ties with both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (even though in 2012, while they were covering their bets with Obama, the law firm seemed to be cautiously betting its chips on Mitt Romney).
Bill Clinton had close ties with Sutherland Asbil & Brennan that superseded money. On February 24, 1993 Clinton picked Margaret M. Richardson, a Sutherland Asbil & Brennan partner as the Commissioner of the IRS. In a case of musical chairs, his appointment of Richardson was followed by Bill Clinton's Pentagon Industrial Affairs chief, Earl Zimmerman joining Sutherland Asbil & Brennan.
Obama received $107,574 in campaign donations from Sutherland in 2007-2008. Obama reciprocated by appointing another Sutherland Asbil & Brennan partner to a plush political post in 2010. Sutherland equity partner David Adelman was appointed US Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore. Obama nominated him in November, 2009, but Republicans held up his nomination until March 24, 2010. In 2011-12 Sutherland Asbil & Brennan donated $116,128.00 to the Obama Campaign. In both 2008 and 2012 in Georgia, Lerner's husband, Michael Miles, who sits on Sutherland's Executive Committee, headed up the company's "get-out-and-vote" effort for Obama, organizing meetings at its Atlanta office in both 2008 and 2012. They screened and hired Obama's voter registration workers.
Lerner, the "apolitical" wife of Michael Miles, may not have worked on the Obama "get-out-and-vote," but she benefited handsomely from the effort.

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