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Part 28
by Sherman H. Skolnick 3/21/03
The Bush/Blair Bribery Affair
What turned out to be a messy situation, all started, at least in part, to unravel on January 16, 2003. Two events were on that day, one later widely reported, the other seldom mentioned. The space shuttle "Columbia" took off on that day, later crashing, February 1, 2003. It is dealt with elsewhere in this series. On the same day in January, what some prefer to call jointly the American CIA/Bush Crime Family, conducted a "black bag" job. They did a break-in and entry into the residence of Alan Greenspan, Commissar of the Federal Reserve, America's highly secretive PRIVATE central bank.
What all were they looking for? Among other things, they sought to retrieve, and keep from ever surfacing, a series of Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing certain transactions done under the secret authorization code of Greenspan.
The dealings were several months previous. They show that George Herbert Walker Bush used the Carlyle Group to forward some sixteen Billion Dollars to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Daddy Bush has been a senior paid consultant with Carlyle to, among others, the Bin Laden Group, the Saudi Family dominating several industries in Saudi and the Middle East, including construction. They are NOT actually on the outs with family member Osama, who they finance, also with members of the Saudi Royal Family, through a major bank in Saudi, and banks and financial entities worldwide, including the Dutch money laundry, Algemene Bank Nederland, now ABN-AMRO.
Here is the circuitous route the funds took
[1] The existence of the transactions, by themselves, sufficiently prove the prior planning jointly of White House occupant and resident George W. Bush financially bending Tony Blair. The upshot of it all, was to have Blair join with Dubya (said quickly Texas style) to seize eventually the Iraqi oilfields, for two purposes.
First, to use the oil treasure as collateral to underwrite the huge U.S. deficit, soon to be out-of-control. Thus laying the way for Dubya to push a huge tax cut for the one or two percent of Americans, the wealthiest in the U.S.
Second, to seek to prop up the Bank of England caught up on the wrong side of speculations in the Kuwaiti Dinar, a currency pegged to the so-called "U.S. Dollar", actually hot-air Federal Reserve Notes. And further, to seek to bail out the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and LIFFE, the International Financial Futures and Options Exchange in London.
To understand the route of the bribe to Blair and the route, some background is necessary. [2] Starting in the late 1980s and up to 1991, the highly mysterious espionage money laundry, BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, was later implicated in a scheme to bribe more than 25 per cent of both houses of Congress. More than 28 U.S. Senators and more than 108 Congressmen.
The purpose of the scheme was to corruptly influence, by bribes or phantom transactions used as blackmail, to members of Congress who were chosen to help promote the interests of BCCI in opening numerous branches in the U.S. The lawmakers were invited to give speeches in Chicago, seldom reported in the press. While in the Windy City, they were paid their "honorarium" (lecture fees) and told they were getting as a bonus, an account with the exchanges there, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Later, some congressmen were told their Chicago accounts had a loss, but through straddles (a technical device using losses on one side of the fence, and gains on the other), they had a huge gain in London. Some Congressmen directly or through trusted aides picked up the "bonus" in London while secretly videotaped. Other Congressmen did not do so, but through phantom records, were shown, nevertheless to have "picked up" the pay-offs, in other words, blackmail. LIFFE was instrumental in all this. Why? Because they operate electronically only, and retain no paper records. Hence, the difficulty for regulatory authoririties and tax collectors to sniff out. Upon the apparent downfall of BCCI in 1991 (they continue under the name of a alter ego and successor), the Bank of England, supervising the smash up, for thirty days ONLY had the bribery list of Congress as a public record. As we told in a prior website story, a major news group refused to make public the story, and so it ended up with us. My exclusive details appeared in October, 1991, in the populist publication Spotlight, years later made defunct through a dirty court trick.
[3] Instrumental in the Bush/Blair Affair was Carlyle Group, having on its Board of Directors a previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The funds for Blair went through the Chicago markets which have been heavily on the wrong side of Kuwaiti Dinar gambling, called derivatives, a sort of book-keeping hocus-pocus. They, together with the Bank of England, are leaning over the edge of the cliff in TRILLIONS of Dollars, enough to panic currency markets if completely divulged. Why was the Kuwaiti Dinar selected as part of the route to Blair? Because the currency, pegged to the Dollar, is considered more independent. In technical data, that means it has almost no limit features up or down, the "sky is the limit" betting.
The 16 Billion Dollars, in Kuwaiti Dinars, was to benefit Tony Blair through, among other places, accounts for him, in financial entities in the United Arab Emirates, a favorite money laundry site.
[4] What happened with the incriminating records in Greenspan's residence on January 16, 2003? Well, the "black bag" team did not get them. Why? His wife, Andrea Mitchell, senior Washington corrrespondent for NBC, had previous to that date moved the records to another location. The records are now in the possession of certain more independent-minded U.S. free lance journalists. A preliminary story about this, with just a few details, appeared exclusively in Canada, on a popular website linked to a Toronto radio program, Mojo Radio, "The Cloak and Dagger" Program, described as a "Talk Show for Spies". A few hours after they posted the preliminary details, their website was smashed by the "shadow government". (ca stands for a website in Canada). In a conference call, a leading website technician stated to us he had a terrible time getting their website back operating, and that he does not know of another event as troubling as the wreckage of the Cloak and Dagger website, where show host Lenny Bloom posts items on their news forum together with advance listings of upcoming guests. I participated in putting the preliminary story together for Cloak and Dagger.
[5] The Russians with the help of Commissar Putin, formerly of the Soviet Secret Police, the KGB, have details of a phone conversation recently between Bush and Blair, about the preliminary story. Blair told Bush, "You have to take down those websites who have the documents". Bush responded, "We have a constitution", a statement that Bush could make without really believing the same. "Nevermind all that, take down those websites! If they post the first of the fourteen wire transfer records, you may not find me still on Downing Street anymore."
The inside joke is that an Israeli firm, reportedly fronting for Israeli intelligence and somehow beholden to Moscow, got the U.S. contract to rewire the communications system of the White House, the FBI, and the American CIA. The firm apparently, through satellites, is able to clandestinely send, in real-time, the content of supposedly secure, secret communications of U.S. top officials.
[6] And what is the possible fall-out from the full disclosure of the Bush to Blair bribery? The possible wreckage of the Chicago markets together with LIFFE, for openers. And a successful attack on the British Pound Sterling because of disclosures that the Bank of England, having gambled away their assets on Kuwaiti Dinar Derivatives, along with those exchanges, is insolvent and cannot any longer support the Pound in world currency markets.
Further, Blair would be open to criminal bribery prosecution together with charges against Daddy Bush and Dubya, of treason, international bribery, racketeering, and sundry other federal criminal offenses.
Please note that starting three years ago, on our website,, we posted a series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush". Shown there are the 25 worldwide secret money laundry accounts of the Bush Crime Family, the proceeds of hundreds of billions of extortion loot, joint business deals with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Also, shown is the Bush Crime Family JOINT ACCOUNT with the Queen of England, at her PRIVATE bank, Coutts Bank London. In December 19, 2001, the London Financial Times reported that the Queen of England sent her top bank executive, Andrew Fisher, to be a top official of Carlyle Group. Bush/British Monarch account shows a transaction of ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. The secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, showing the secret authorization code of Alan Greenspan, are part of our website series.
So, will the latest secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records be posted? Wait and see.
[7] Furthermore, the Bush/Blair documents show that Tony Blair privately greatly profitted from arranging shipments to North Korea to enhance their nuclear capability. In that regard, he privately benefitted, as we mentioned in a previous part of this series, like Hillary Rodham Clinton, likewise implicated in privately profitting from shipments of nuclear items to North Korea. As to both Blair and Hillary, the shipments were reportedly made through Royal Jordanian Airlines. [As to Hillary and North Korea, we showed that document about a year ago on our Chicago public access Cable TV Program, "Broadsides"].

So, will the latest documents be posted? More coming. Stay tuned.

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