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Part 26
by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/22/03
[1] On January 16, 2003, Space Shuttle "Columbia" lifted off into space. On that same day, the residence of Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan was burglarized. As described by the Associated Press story, 1/22/2003, the maid had gone shopping. The residence had apparently been "cased" by the burglars for some time. According to AP, the thieves were looking for the jewelry of Greenspan's wife, Andrea Mitchell.[
[What they were really looking for is described in Part 25 of this series.]
[2] On February 1, 2003, Space shuttle "Columbia" exploded. Early reports, however, denied that it had exploded. On that afternoon, on network television, a person described as Andrea Mitchell told how the explosion of Space Shuttle "Challenger" on Janu ary 28, 1986, was a convenient disaster as to the then President Ronald Reagan. At the time, Reagan was being heckled with charges that he was implicated in the Iran-Contra situation. That funds secretly given to the Iranians were skimmed off to finance the counter-revolutionaries in Nicaragua, to evade the Boland Amendment, prohibiting the U.S. from financing the Contras as they were called.
At the time Daddy Bush, as Vice President, denied he knew anything about this. He said he was "out of the loop" and thus not told what was going on. Later facts brought out by the Independent Counsel showed otherwise. In later years, some Congressmen an d other insiders admitted that they thought about impeaching President Reagan but thought it would be a bad thing for the nation. Working on a report on the Iran-Contra mess was a commission headed by Senator John Tower (R. Texas). For short, it was cal led the Tower Commission. In 1991, when he was unfairly defamed in being rejected by the Daddy Bush Administration for Secretary of Defense, Tower began grumbling he was going to bring out some dirty secrets of the elder Bush then President. Convenient ly, Tower perished with his daughter in an apparent sabotaged plane crash in April, 1991. About the same time, Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.), heir to the Heinz Ketchup fortune was himself snuffed out when his airplane was hit fro! m below by a helicopter. Although some believed it was foul play, others contended the helicopter pilot, examining whether the Heinz plane could not lower the landing wheels, slammed into the plane. Others raised the sinister version that the whirlybir d pilot wanted somehow to commit "suicide". Heinz' widow married Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.), long connected to the American CIA. Senator Kerry in investigating the dope traffic through his subcommittee, conveniently covered up the role of the espion age agency money laundry, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, that also financed the campaigns of a group of senators including Kerry.
[3] Those close to Greenspan, were in a position to know that he was getting tired of being ordered to do certain acts to unlawfully, in violation of Anti-Trust laws, force down the price of gold, among other things he was compelled by the aristocracy t o do after being installed by them as head of their PRIVATE central bank. The "black bag" job on Greenspan's residence was the last straw. Despite negative acts Andrea Mitchell may have done prior to 2/1/2003, she did a brave and patriotic act, good for common Americans, to implicitly draw an analogy. That is, the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion was a Disaster of Convenience, just like that of "Challenger". It served to divert attention, for a period from the growing anti-war sentiment as to George W . Bush's plan to invade Iraq to remove his father's private business partner, from the 1980s, Saddam Hussein. Saddam and Daddy Bush shared billions of dollars from extortion practiced on the oil-rich weak sheikdoms of the Persian ! Gulf. The secret partnership was the subject in 1990-91, of an unpublicized federal lawsuit in Chicago. I was the only journalist at the court hearing and in the back of the courtroom interviewed the participants. [Details in our website story, "The Sec rets of Timothy McVeigh".] Like other once partnerships, these partners had a falling out.
As to how the Daddy Bush Whitehouse supplied the beginnings of Iraq's nuclear quest and that of bio-chemical weapons, see the heavily documented book "The Spider's Web" by Alan Friedman, investigative journalist for the Financial Times of London. How di d Daddy Bush escape impeachment?
[4] On September 11, 2001, for some time after being informed one and then another plane slammed into the twin towers in lower Manhattan, George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House, described by some as a usurper of presidential powers , he continued to joke with school children about stories about goats. On Black Tuesday, Bush. He did not by phone, radio, or otherwise, immediately communicate with his Generals and Admirals. There was a strange stand-down of the military, described by some as part of a foreknowledge, deliberate plan.
On February 1, 2003, on the other hand, White House occupant Bush immediately was brought from Camp David to the White House where he began giving orders what was to be done.
[5] Astute commentators and investigators, such as Michael Ruppert, have raised the question that there was prior knowledge at the highest level of 9-11. The purpose, as described by Ruppert, and others, was to sidestep and head off, by the Black Tuesd ay disaster, the expected and impending financial meltdown of the United States.
By the disaster of convenience, the explosion of "Challenger", the Reagan/Elder Bush White House evaded the consequences of their treasonous acts and doings in the Iran-Contra Affair leading back to the treachery of the "October Surprise", where incumbe nt Jimmy Carter was shown to be a wimp because he could not get the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by the Iranians. Daddy Bush, in a Paris suburb, secretly taped by the French CIA, paid off the Iranians to keep the hostages until the Reagan/Bush t icket won the election and were inaugurated. The hostages were released at the very moment Reagan was sworn in as the new President, January, 1981. By multiple gunmen shooting at him, however, a few weeks later, Reagan was warned he has to follow ORDERS . The failed assassination taught Reagan a lesson.
[6] A flood of misleading and contradictory reports by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press covered up any possible foul play in the disaster in 1986 of "Challenger". No official U.S. investigation was made of the high-tech Soviet ship located rig ht near where "Challenger" lifted off and then very shortly thereafter exploded and the capsule fell into the ocean. The explosion was explained away, conveniently, by a possible failing of a retaining ring in the Space Shuttle, referred to as an "O rin g". Naturally, the public beat on the brain repeatedly with that explanation, more or less accepted that. That was before widespread talk radio, before Internet, before more alternate ews reports now available.
[7] As to the explosion of "Columbia" Space Shuttle, Americans will no doubt be beat on the head again by the pressfakers. That some tiles came loose causing the disaster.
As to a split in the Aristocracy that would explain several strange events, the "Liars and Whores of the Press", as we see fit to call them, will not point to various happenings as possibly part of the same scenario. Black Tuesday and the growing unders tanding by careful investigators that there was prior knowledge. Such as counter-terror expert, FBI top official John P. O'Neill, who resigned just prior to 9-11, because the Bush White House ordered him to stop investigating Osama bin Laden. Why? Becau se of the Bush Crime Family being in partnership with the bin Laden Family that has NOT been on the outs with Osama. O'Neill became the new security chief of the World Trade Center, and although originally safe outside the buildings, was somehow lured i nside to his death. [Visit earlier parts of this series for related details.]
Such as top officials of both the current Bush Administration being criminally implicated with the downfall of Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Andersen. Such as top officials of both the Republic National Committee and the Democrat National Committee being likewise criminally implicated.
Such as George W. Bush being blackmailed by the Red Chinese Secret Police to get U.S. military secrets out of him. Why? Because they and others, otherwise, may publicize the no longer secret cavorting of Bush with his male sex-mate. It is not, as we car efully have descibed, a PRIVATE matter, but a matter of national security. [See prior parts of this series.] [8] Lawyers know how to split hairs to fudge on the truth. Bill Clinton's understanding of sex is when the male penetrates the female. Hence, Monica Lewinsky performing oral sex with him, was not, according to Clinton, "sex with that woman". In the "Col umbia" disaster, NASA said it was too early to know what happened. Despite that, a spokesman for the newly created Homeland Security, boldly stated that no ground-to-air missile brought down the Space Shuttle at 207,000 feet above Earth. What about a Wa ter-to-Air projectile? Conveniently left unsaid was any discussion of Star Wars, laser or particle beams possibly aimed at the Space Shuttle from satellite. Some reports contend a satellite mysteriously changed course just before the explosion of "Colum bia".
And what about HAARP, the super-beam technology particularly good at putting many million watt scorching particularly at the level above earth that the "Columbia" was reportedly at when it exploded. The U.S. Military has bragged that they are always te n years ahead in technology where the ordinary people think the military is at. Savvy sorts contend particle beam technology is old hat. That there is a so far publicly un-named technology that can through electromagnetic or other pulsing, bring down ai rplanes (such as that of Wellstone where a witness said there was a strange flash near the plane's tail just as it dived into a crash).
[9] When there is a political assassination, the monopoly press NEVER raises the obvious question WHO BENEFITS. If there is a disaster, and possible foul play is not ruled out, WHO BENEFITS.
Research note In Part 25 of this series, I left out the fact that most all the details contained in that Part 25 story, were in a highly detailed petition, prepared by me, and submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, shortly after 1992. We a sked that Channel 38 TV have its broadcast license revoked for having assisted in the coverup of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her business partners, including Diane Lewis, who was in September, 1992, arrested, of sending missile parts to known worldwide t errorists. And that the higher ups at Channel 38 aided and abetted these offenses in violation of federal criminal provisions as to exports. Highly political under the Clinton Administration, and long known as corrupt, the FCC refused us a hearing on ou r highly detailed petition asking for Channel 38 TV Chicago to be appropriately punished as a licensed tv broadcaster.
More coming....Stay tuned.

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