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Part 27
by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/26/03
Because of a confluence of events, domestic and overseas, there is a growing possibility that the UNITED States of America will come apart. For one thing, the British have long had an interest in dividing up this continent into weak, quarreling sections . The British, for example, in part fomented the American Civil War, also called the War Between the States, in an attempt to stop the growing industrial and financial power of the U.S., and in pursuit of the London government's vow to restore this cont inent to being mere puppet colonies of the British Monarchy, and we as subjects of the crown, not citizens of a Republic.
Details that tend to point in this direction are the following
[1] Through highly concealed, super secret sources within the Bush White House, CBS News has learned that the current occupant and resident, George W. Bush , is being pressured, if not actually ordered, to possibly postpone the planned pre-emptive attac k on Iraq. Some background necessary to understand this.
In prior exclusive stories, we have long since pointed out that in 1988-89, the covert media subsidy from the American CIA, was removed from CBS News and switched, instead, to ABC News. Result, CBS had to close some of their overseas bureaus, used princ ipally not for news-gathering, but to compile intelligence and as spy-centers where journalist/intelligence agents could hang their hats. ABC News took up that role thereafter.
More currently, the American CIA media subsidy has been taken back from ABC News and restored to CBS News. Furthermore, seldom is mentioned that CBS has a division creating and testing military games strategies, such as how to control domestic or foreig n insurgencies through created terror squads, even death squads. Sharpened into a workable arrangement by CBS's late William Paley, the counter-insurgent teams were active in controlling the Civil Rights and Anti-Viet Nam War Movements, through paid CIA /FBI agent provocateurs whose purpose was to discredit such possible grassroots uprisings. [In 1972, when I butt into a live TV Program in Chicago, to identify CIA-funded provocateur, Rennie Davis, I was falsely arrested. I beat the attempt to keep me i n jail by subpoening the Chicago Station Chief of the American CIA, a person and title not supposed to exist domestically under the CIA Charter. I could fill an entire series with our run-ins, over three decades, by way of identif! ying CIA provocateurs and CIA-controlled media types.]
[2] There is a growing number of Admirals and Generals who secretly and quietly oppose the faction of the Aristocracy that installed George W. Bush in the White House using a military-style, five person, Junta-like majority of five judges on the U.S. Su preme Court.
Knowledgeable sources contend that this opposing faction has, in effect put George W. Bush, and the one actually supervising the White House, namely, Daddy Bush, under what some would call "house arrest", or some restraint similar to the same. No, it ma y not be either publicized or dramatic, and may not be played out like a scenario from the fiction book and movie, "Seven Days in May".
Called in slang military terms as "flag officers" (who have a flag flying on the fenders of their staff cars), these high command officers previously had vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason, as they are authorized under the Uniform Military Code. If he were to arrest them for mutiny, they were prepared, if they were not summarily assassinated, to defend themselves with highly well-documented details of his treason. Such as, Clinton giving to the head of the Red Chinese Se cret Police, Wang Jun, who from time to time met and ate with Clinton in the White House, U.S. industrial, financial, and yes, MILITARY secrets.
The tragic joke on the American populace, was that Kenneth W. Starr, for four years supposedly as "Independent Counsel", was running after Bill and Hillary, supposedly to eventually prosecute them. Starr spent most of his time as a PRIVATE attorney. His private law client? Why, none other than Wang Jun. Further, Starr was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government in Bejing. Thus, the Clinton Justice Department was in a position to jail Starr quicker than Starr could think of cri minally prosecuting that President and his First Lady.
Efforts by the 24 Generals and Admirals, as we have in earlier stories discussed, were, in part, blunted, when ten of them were assassinated, including General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, and Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Nava l Operations, highest ranking naval officer in uniform.
Now, however, such similarly inclined flag officers number far more than the original twenty four and have targeted, and are targetting, George W. Bush, for treason, committed pursuant to blackmail, with and for the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Visit ear lier parts of this series.]
[3] Troika is a Russian term for a wagon pulled by three horses. Some time ago I posted a story about a possible troika that may run the government. Certainly it is no great secret that we common Americans are going to be faced with tremendous possible upheavals resulting from an oncoming financial meltdown as well as the plans for Iraq.
Many ordinary Americans may be forced into a point of view that we must, by way of dealing with the growing emergency, temporarily set aside the organic law, the bedrock of our Republic, namely the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (restraining t he Central Government, as forced upon the founding fathers of this Republic).
We may suddenly find out that the faction of the Aristocracy that opposes George W. Bush and Daddy Bush, has decided to run this country through a troika, a panel of Emergency Administrators, not provided for by statute or organic law. Some savvy sorts understand that the one that actually won the popular Presidential vote in 2000, and had the election as to the Electoral College, stolen through high bribery and coercion involving fellow Democrats in Florida, and Jeb Bush, and the fi ve-person majority of the high court in Washington, namely Albert Gore, Jr.; that he may NOT have actually completely departed the stage of politics. Gore may re-emerge as one of the Emergency Administrators, to deal with the possibility that the UNITED States of America, is becoming, has become, DISUNITED, through financial and international policy blundering.
[4] As hard as it may be to understand for poorly informed and naive sorts, there are parts of the United States, like in the 1860s, that reserve the right to secede from the Union. California is such an example, beset with a huge un-manageable deficit, having sent to Washington their federal tax money and getting, in return, insufficient aid in dealing with the open-borders flood of non-citizens burdening the hospitals, schools,and facilities of California.
Who openly discusses that Texas entered the Union with a provision, reserving to itself the right of its State Legislature, to divide up the huge state into five separate states entitled to TEN U.S. Senators. The Texas State Assembly, from time to time , has to roll-over that provision.
[4] If the Bush White House plan to topple Daddy Bush's former PRIVATE business partner, Saddam Hussein, and seize the Iraq oil fields, does not work well---will George W. Bush be able to withstand the reversal? Will he go to pieces, psychologically? An swers to that may be found in earlier parts of this series. [As to Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein as private business partners, visit our website item, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]
[5] Some problems facing George W. Bush. There is the superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper currency (actually hot-air Federal Reserve notes). This bogeyman, capable of toppling the U.S. central government, is returning to the U.S. As mentioned by us, there is a secret lawsuit criminally and civilly implicating Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, the U.S. Treasury, and others, for having failed to pay the team of master counterfeiters, called "master cutters", who are sueing Bush, etc. A Federal Judge in Vi rginia is seeking to consider the blockbuster case in secret.
Somehow, a group consisting of Albert Gore, Jr., and others, have come up with a rather complete list of where the superior quality counterfeit U.S. paper money is and who all is seeking to dump it back on the U.S. via transit point Canada. The dumpers include Moscow strongman Putin as well as Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. [Visit earlier parts of this series for details.]
Furthermore, George W. Bush, Daddy Bush, and their apologists and cohorts in the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, are seeking to dirty up, for example, France, calling the French traitors and cowards. Have we common Americans forgotten the role o f the French in the formation of this nation? The French can scandalize, if they wish, Daddy Bush and Bush Jr. into oblivion. Such as, the cover up, started with Bush crony Bill Clinton, as to the missiles that blew up TWA Flight 800 in 1996. [Counter-t errorist experts, who appeared on our tv show, off-camera, told us how the central government is well aware that a submarine, bought by Iran from the former Soviets, and operated by a Russian mercenary crew, most likely fired the missiles taking down Fl ight 800. Among the dead were 60 French nationals, including 8 members of the French CIA; their team leader refused to get on board and took a later flight.]
The French, further, are in a position to destroy Daddy Bush in that they have proof, beyond question, of his role in the political assassination of President Kennedy. Furthermore, they have a secret video showing Daddy Bush, in a Paris suburb, in Octob er, 1980, bribing top Iranian officials to keep the 52 U.S. Teheran Embassy hostages captive until the Reagan/Bush ticket licked Jimmy Carter, shown as a wimp, and Reagan/Bush were inaugurated in January, 1981. Plainly, the French have the "smoking gun" of multiple instances of treason and high crimes by the Bush Crime Family.
So, will the U.S. end up into a mess wherein a panel of Emergency Administrators run the country because George W. Bush is either unable to govern, is actually but secretly under "house arrest", or similar extra-ordinary situations?
[6] To deal with a possible U.S. civil/military revolt or insurrection, there is housed and resident within the United States, some 75,000 foreign troops trained in urban counter-insurgency. Included are German troops, in New Mexico, Russian troops in L ouisiana, and, reportedly, a large contingent of Red Chinese troops such as below the Rio Grande border line. They are skilled, having been trained, for example, how to kick in doors and seize Americans in their homes---ordinary folks who believe in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. The monopoly press heavily promotes gun control but tells us nothing about these foreign troops who have no great love or understanding of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Most of them do NOT speak English and would not understand the protests of their domestic American victims. Cynics have suggested this series be re-titled, "America's Hitler".

Stay tuned....More coming.

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